Thanks for the Transparency, Tomorrow Mag!

The dudes and dudettes at Tomorrow Mag have published exactly how all the dollars they collected to make their magazine were spent, including how much they paid themselves. This is revolutionary! AND WONDERFUL! Look at this excellent spreadsheet that they have shared with us.  My one QUIBBLE is that I wish there was a breakdown of “Snaxxx, $68.09″ (WHAT KIND OF SNAXXX) but other than that, it’s pretty great.


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Brunhilde (#78)

I got mine in the mail last week and it’s great!

EM (#1,012)

This just reminded me that I ordered Tomorrow Mag and it has not yet arrived!

Scritti Politti did this in 1978, as did a bunch of other punk bands, I think.

Markham (#1,862)

I don’t get the kick starter piece though.

To me profitability means:

All investors are at least paid back enough to break even
You pay everyone that worked for you
You have cash left over

That’s how the start-up world I’ve worked in operated.

With this, well, I feel like they basically used kick starter money to fund a magazine’s production, paid contributors a piece and the founders kept the rest.

I’d feel better if the kick starter folks got a piece of that money even if it was $0.25 rather than a tote bag, otherwise it seems like a transfer payment/donation to the founder rather than investing in something.

But maybe I just don’t get Kick Starter/have my consultant hat on?

Meaghano (#529)

@Markham Yep: backing a project is not an investment. You’re simply giving money to say, “Yes I want this to exist in the world!” In return, they give you a reward (like the magazine, in this case). Your money enabled them to make the thing, and in return you get to follow along with the creative process and in most cases, get a copy of the thing your money helped make. And that’s it! No strings attached.

Markham (#1,862)

@Meaghan O’Connell@facebook well…

I work in a very for profit industry (Management Consulting – don’t ask what I do, I don’t actually know)….

and I’m the CFO for a non profit, so I have a view of both sides.


…I’m not comfortable with this concept sometimes.

If we did a kick starter for our non profit to get funds to say hire staff, run more programs to help people, etc., I think that fits the mode because as board members and/or founders we don’t see any money.

But I see kick starters run by say writers and cartoonists to raise money to be able to take the time off to write a book, produce a book of cartoons that they’ll sell.

I’m not comfortable with that at all.

It’s why I’ve never donated money to a kick starter.

I need to see more than “Give me money to produce my art”

If it was a charity and I know all the cash goes to helping run that charity or community organization, I’m down with that, but this makes me uncomfortable.

I was always wary of kick starter and this “transparency” makes it worse.

These are the former writers for, no? Well, pay the writers and artists and give the founder’s money to a charity. I know it’s a small amount and probably comes out to the founders making $0.25/hour, but…

…if it’s not an investment, then you don’t get to profit.

It’s no different from a Cartoonist I saw raise funds for some books, he’s going to make money from the books, he’s not selling them to raise money for cancer research.

Makes me very uncomfortable.

But to each his own, if the people donating money are aware of how it works then it’s okay I guess, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving money to anything with any type of profit activity no matter how small.

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