Our Woman in the Senate Banking Committee

Elizabeth Warren will be appointed to the Senate banking committee, reports HuffPo. This is GREAT AND SENSIBLE NEWS. Warren is a champion of the people and a outspoken critic of Wall Street, and on the committee her “bully pulpit [will] be replaced with real power.” Last week NY Mag’s Kevin Roose talked to some banking dudes about Sen-Elect Warren and why she stalks their nightmares: “What scares Wall Street most is that, unlike many industry detractors, Warren can stand toe-to-toe with industry lobbyists on the nuances of regulation and the nature of complex financial products. She is also skilled at boiling esoteric points about Wall Street’s excesses down to a pure, potent narrative of intentional malpractice.” AND SHE’S ON OUR TEAM.


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bgprincipessa (#699)

I’m not sure if this was fixed or I just misread, but when I started to read this earlier I saw it as “baking committee” and I was very many levels of confused.

@bgprincipessa Yeah you don’t get on the senate baking committee without mad seniority.

WaityKatie (#1,696)

@bgprincipessa That’s the one they shunt all the women senators to.

louisb@twitter (#2,795)

Our team? Not everyone on the internet is an Orthodox Democrat.

DON (#706)

@louisb@twitter If you are a person, rather than a financial institution, Warren is on your/our team.

WaityKatie (#1,696)

@DON Banks are [corporate persons] too….!!!

@louisb@twitter You’re right, some of us only support tax-and-spend policies and free gay abortions on Easter and Christmas.

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