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One Way to Get Out of That Town

There is one solution for growing up in a small town with no money and very little hope for the future, and you will find it at the end of this Washington Post piece, about a girl in a small town with no money and very little hope for the future.


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aetataureate (#1,310)

Oh my gosh. When the woman steals her purse. MY GOSH.

josefinastrummer (#1,850)

When she has to dump her boyfriend for her mother? UGHHHH
I know some people from this area. This article is so sad and so true. Maybe the Navy will be good to her.

Budget for Pell Grants: $30 billion
Budget for Department of the Navy: $173 billion

National Priorities!

deepomega (#22)

@stuffisthings To be fair, the Navy is not actively contributing to increasing the cost of higher education!

@deepomega Since they pay for their veterans to go to school, I imagine they’re just as much a contributor as any other Federal government program that pays college costs without any serious efforts at cost control (i.e. all of them).

@deepomega But when Pell Grants and other family/child/student aid are on the chopping block and the defense budget **cannot be touched,** and in fact increases even more than the Pentagon requests, yeah, we have some wacky national priorities.

JollyRoger (#2,837)

@polka dots vs stripes Except the military has already made large cuts and will likely be taking more significant cuts regardless of how the fiscal cliff situation works out. Having worked with alot of military folks, we get a ton more out of them per capita than your garden variety college grad.

blueblazes (#1,798)

What a shock to click through and see what town they were talking about. One whole side of my family is from there. I have spent summers and Christmases there since forever. And yeah, the bad parts of town are REAL BAD.

An entire side of my family is from Johnstown, PA; about 2 hours drive on the other side of Pittsburgh. This article is so on-point, and had me crying halfway through.

@Jake Reinhardt With roots in that area, did the “wow look how the other side lives” tone strike you as grating given that the paper in question is based in a city where several times the population of New Castle, PA, also struggles in poverty?

No, not really. Western, PA *is* a different kind of poverty than an urban poverty. It IS an ‘other side’, and I don’t care about the journalistic tone as long as it’s getting some attention.

P.J. Morse (#665)

After reading this, I’m more grateful for my parents than ever. We were poor, but they never once called me a snob for wanting to go to college and they never expected me to deal with their drama. Money makes a huge difference, but having parents who have their shit together makes another big difference, too.

Also, I noted that the girl’s mom had her first kid in 8th grade. That happened to some people where I grew up, too, and as a society we need to do a much better job of keeping kids from getting knocked up that young. ‘Cause, folks, it’s scary to think of, but kids as young as 12 are having sex, and we have to deal with it.

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