Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Let’s check-in.

On Friday morning, I went to JFK airport by taking the LIRR to the AirTrain ($11.25), and bought a coffee while waiting for my flight ($3). I paid $24 for Wi-Fi access during my flight, which I used to do some work and learn about the Newtown tragedy, and gave $25 to the Brady Campaign.

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with my family and eating the food I missed: $5 for a burrito, $5 for a burger and fries from In-N-Out, $16 at the grocery store while browsing its wide aisles. Total: $89.25

And how was your weekend?


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Vesna@twitter (#2,738)

*Sigh* My credit card is over limit. I completely forgot about some purchases (despite logging everything in my Google spreadsheet…) and now it’s over. But I think they know that I give them a payment every two weeks (on payday) so they let some pre-authorized payments go through instead of being rejected. Which is worse for my credit, I wonder? Rejection or over limit?

Blondsak (#2,299)

On Friday I estimated around $90 for the weekend, with the hopes I could keep it around $70. And I actually did it!

On Friday, ordered takeout ($15) but otherwise stayed in.

On Saturday, I went to work for a few hours and managed NOT to buy myself lunch as I predicted I would. I also sold back some textbooks (yay for “free” money!). We had two holiday parties that evening but managed to spend very little, only $3 for transportation.

Sunday, I did laundry ($3.50) and also bought a 2013 calendar ($16) and over 200 gold star stickers ($8) to track my workouts for the coming year – an idea I got from the Hairpin. Then last night we went out for dinner ($8) and to see the Hobbit in 3D ($20 – worth every penny!).

Total: $72.50.

KingCash (#2,095)

Spent kind of a lot of money this weekend. Ah well.

Friday: Spent $18 on fajitas and margaritas with my boyfriend at Cactus Cantina and then stayed in and watched the first episode of the MTV Catfish show — maybe the most perfect 40 minutes of reality TV I’ve ever seen

Saturday: Paid $23 for pizza and a beer for brunch with my boyfriend at Comet Ping Pong then spent $29 on various snacks at Union Market. Got a $3 ATM fee to pay for stuff at Union Market and also picked up whiskey stones as a gift for my mom for $20. Also got a nice pair of black loafers for me on sale at for $40.

Sunday: Bought two shirts on sale at the Gap for $21 and spent $47 on grocery shopping. Also went to CVS and spent $8 on wrapping paper and nail glue to hold together a fucked up fingernail (this nail glue turns out to be the Chekhov’s gun of the day…). Spent most of the day doing chores, added $10 to my laundry card. But then I noticed that the fucked up fingernail was turning green after the gluing experiment, which a friendly Kaiser advice nurse said definitely means I should go get it checked out by a doctor. Ended up having no copay but paid $12 for antibiotics.

Total: $231. Didn’t really need to be that expensive, but tis the season I guess…

breakfast (#633)

Friday $13 on a burger and part of a pitcher to celebrate the end of the semester. $50 at Home Depot buying wood to restretch some canvases.
Saturday $16 at a bar for a friend’s birthday
Sunday $40 on amazon buying board games for Christmas gifts.
No grocery shopping, because I am trying to eat up old food before I go out of town, though I will probably end up stopping in to pick up a couple things before I go.
Total $119

Blondsak (#2,299)

@breakfast I’m trying to do the same thing re:grocery shopping, which is the only reason I managed to keep my weekend total as low as it is. My milk is almost gone though and I’m not sure I can hold out until Friday…

MuffyStJohn (#280)


Groceries, $30
Cigarettes, $7
Last minute Christmas gift: $10


New iPhone to replace the one I dropped in the toilet: $800
Emergency pack of cigarettes to chainsmoke while contemplating actually spending that much on a damned phone: $7
Screen protectors because I should pretend I won’t damage this one: $15
Insurance: $0, because thank god my mom paid for that


$0, because fuuuuuck man how much did I just spend on a damned phone??

probs (#296)

@MuffyStJohn is that how much an iPhone costs oh my daaaaaaamn I am having a minor heart attack on your behalf, condolences.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

@probs For a 32g 5, yes. Yes that is how much it costs. And I had no idea either until they were like “ohey, you are not upgrade eligible at all!”

Clearly I have drunk the water because in the end I was like MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME. I know that if I’d been more patient I could have ordered one online or found a refurb somewhere, but I’d been without a phone for a week and I was going utterly insane so . . . yeah. Haste makes waste, but this thing is fast and shiny so whatever.

probs (#296)

@MuffyStJohn yeah, I don’t blame you. I would have done the same.

probs (#296)

This weekend I stayed in on Friday, and went down to Richmond Saturday for the engagement party of two of my best friends.

Friday- nada
Saturday- $1.50 for parking; my girlfriend got lunch.
Sunday- $65.31 for an oil change and Tire rotation at Jiffy Lube. ~$25 for gas at Sheetz, it hasn’t shown up on my card yet.

Total:~$91.81, not bad considering most of that was unavoidable car stuff. Lucked out by getting several free meals, and eating the rest from my pantry. Low on groceries, though.

probs (#296)

@probs also this isn’t directly related since I don’t pay for utilities, but my girlfriend got me a bacon press as a pilón for Christmas since we are mostly not exchanging gifts, and when I was seasoning it I forgot about it, and left a burner on low allllll night long. Sorry, environment!

kellyography (#250)

Friday I donated to the National MS Society as a gift for my uncle ($50), and went to my company holiday party ($0, as I couldn’t catch a cab and had to walk to my train).

Saturday I went to dinner in Sunnyside with some friends for a gift exchange ($25 for dinner, $5 for the train).

Sunday, I did nothing. Made cookies with stuff I already had and lounged around.

So, $80 total. Not terrible.

amirite (#2,677)

I estimated $165 and didn’t quite make it. Total was $196.50, but I have no more Christmas expenses left and I got some errands out of the way on the weekend that mean I won’t have to spend much this week.

Groceries $58 (I guessed $20, yikes, but I ended up buying things like cat food for next week when I’m away so that the catsitter doesn’t run out, so really that’s not so bad).

Farmer’s market: $33 (I guessed $30)

Gifts ($30, perfect guess) and postage $50 ($20 more than expected due to a few additional international cards and having to express something I didn’t think I would have to).

Flea treatment: $23 (I guessed $30)

I managed not to drink or have to take a taxi home from my holiday party though, so that only cost me $2.50 for a pop (I guessed $20).

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Was planning on a “stay in and watch movies” weekend, which we had, but it also turned into a “we are too lazy and/or sick to cook” weekend, SO,

-Groceries $80 (which is a lot before Christmas, but my food was GONE and I also bought the ingredients for the homemade fabric refresher Jane linked to on the Hairpin last week and NOW my formerly stinky chair smells like cloves and SUCCESS. My satisfaction over this is worth every penny).

-Dinner at a friend’s house, to cuddle his new baby and eat chicken: $free! Ah, cheap thrills. (did contribute a box of truffles from said grocery run)

-Brunch at our favorite place before it closes for Christmas: $40

-Chocolate coffee vegan cookie: $3

-Burgers, beers, and fries in mayo (!!!) at a charming English pub near his place: $0 (bf’s turn)

-Brunch at home made of leftover pub fries and bf’s AMAZING scrambled eggs: $0

-Napping/movies/etc: $free.99

-Walk in the Square to book store, record store, Starbucks: $6 TOTAL at Sbux. My self-control knew no bounds yesterday.

-Dinner at the wee Thai place: $29.

Total= $158, mostly on food out as usual. Am I sorry? Nope. Maybe I should just increase my weekend budget.

Maladydee (#909)

I came in under budget this weekend! I did spend $40 on Saturday while I was out, between beer and hot chocolate and cab fare. But then I only ended up spending $20 on groceries, for a total of $60. Not too shabby.

Friday the boyf and I stayed in and finished Parenthood and Southland.

Saturday we got haircuts ($75 – $5 more than I expected) and got lunch with friends who live in the area ($25 for both of us). We spent the rest of the night at home, there was actually halfway decent movies on TV (Toy Story 2!).

Sunday was the grocery store – $65. I got ingredients to make a quiche for my work potluck, which was more expensive than I anticipated.

I estimated $10 for dinner on Friday but I have no idea what we ended up doing that night…Oh! Pizza and garlic bread. $20.

So $185. I was nicer than I anticipated this weekend and sprung for all our meals, so I don’t feel that bad about going over budget.

Tatiana (#194)

I spent way too much money this weekend, and I have my company’s holiday party and Christmas present-buying to blame (but it’s still my own fault!) :P

Friday – $0 (stayed in, ate leftover orange chicken from trader joe’s, watched a documentary & Downton Abbey)
Saturday – $266 at Ambiance, $5 at Starbucks, $8 at Whole Foods
Sunday – $148 at Renegade Craft Fair (SF), $14 lunch at Source, $32 for Burning Love Sketchfest ticket

My budget for this week is ZERO dollars. :P We’ll see what happens.

heatherosej (#2,711)

I spent $27 on Christmas Gift supplies, $20 on Christmas gifts, $25 for lunch at Mandu, $36 on groceries, $58 at the NPR warehouse sale, and $365 on a rental car to drive from DC to Indiana for the holiday this next weekend/week. Mother in Law is buying us the rental car, but I am fronting the money (yay for credit card points?). Total $531, but really, $166 and twice the amount I budgeted.

questingbeast (#2,409)

£14 for two tickets to The Hobbit, £23 on groceries (which are basically gone, it was a very staying-in-and-eating weekend), £4 on the Sat/Sun newspaper, £7 on cigarettes (bad), £3 on a pint, £4 on laundry, £10 on the electric meter. Total: £65. 3 times my estimate and two spendy weeks ahead :S

Let’s see.
$24 for sushi on Friday night.
$30 for Saturday brunch, including a fantastically delicious cocktail with blood orange puree.
$5 for salted caramel apple pie that was eaten later at a friend’s house.
$8 for a copy of Possession at the used bookstore on Sunday.
$4 for a loaf of bread to eat cheese with.

So that’s $71, which is not bad except I didn’t buy any presents (because I found nothing to buy) and forgot to pay my credit card bill. Win some, lose some.

Dancercise (#94)

Estimated $90 for gas and groceries and ended up spending $99 on gas and groceries. I also got almost all of my groceries on sale and saved $16! Hooray!

Tea'nWineBeMine (#2,441)

Forgot to do a Friday estimate (dope!). But, here we go:
$25 pre-party dinner/drinks with a friend.
About $50 on last minute gifts/cards for the holidays.
$2.50 on the subway because I’m an idiot and forgot both at home.
$11 on Burger King on the way home from volunteering.
*About $89. Not bad, me.

selenana (#673)

I also didn’t get around to doing an estimate, but:
Friday after work I was invited to a party at the Aussie embassy, and spent about 2000 yen at the bar.
Saturday, I had a fancy dinner party in Shibuya followed by karaoke. 4000 yen for dinner, 3000 yen karaoke.
Sunday, got together with a few friends. Brought hummus made by stuff I already had in the cabinet (0 yen) and picked up some gifts and drinks, 5000 yen.
Plus around 2000 yen in train fare, for a slightly high weekend total of 16000 yen, or around $190.

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