Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let’s check in.

On Friday night, I stayed in and caught up on some TV, but ended up dropping by the grocery store on the way home for some snacks ($12). On Saturday, I rushed to the movie theater downtown to meet some friends to watch Lincoln only to discover that it was sold out.

“Are there standby tickets?” I asked, knowing that I made that up.

“There’s nothing I can sell to you,” the ticket seller said.

I was walking out the revolving doors and texting my friends to apologize when a stranger in a beige coat called out to me, “Hey guy, what are you looking for? Lincoln?”


“I have that. How many tickets do you need?”

“Just one.”

“Here. It’s $14. Face value.”

“Let me see the ticket so I know that it’s real.”

“It’s real. Do you need candy? I have all kinds.”

“No, just the ticket.”

Two of my friends fell asleep during the movie, but I ended up liking it a lot, though I think I would have liked it better as an eight-hour HBO miniseries. After, we went out for pizza ($8), and I picked up a bottle of something to take with me to a holiday party in the evening ($13). On Sunday, I spent $32 at the grocery store. Total: $79.

And how were your weekends?


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wearitcounts (#772)

out with friends friday night: $20
hosted a hanukkah thing on saturday: $14 for mini menorah set, $6 for latkes, $7 for doughnuts (food fried in oil is traditional for hanukkah – we jews love to clog our arteries and also get really sauced on holidays), $23 for bourbon to make cocktails (others contributed wine and beer so i have lots of booze leftover), $30 for bar hopping after the party. hmm. that turned into quite the expensive evening.
groceries on sunday $35
i also spent $15 on a new cable thing to attach my iphone to my car’s stereo system.
total: $150

Pumpkin (#2,153)

@wearitcounts oh snap you were the first reply and I had a note to you about your car in mine.

Have your mechanic check your ignition switch (I think that’s what it’s called.) something about the cold temps and the lube on it not agreeing.

wearitcounts (#772)

@Pumpkin got it! thank you x 1000000

aetataureate (#1,310)

YESSSS Lincoln! I loled at “though I think I would have liked it better as an eight-hour HBO miniseries” — Have you seen Ken Burns’ Civil War? I hope so!

Um, oops, I guessed $200 but spend more like $300. Forgot I had to fill up the car, and then had an exceptionally good clothes-shopping weekend, which is an utter fluke.

Mike Dang (#2)

@aetataureate Many moons ago, I dressed up as Tad Lincoln for Halloween … so that pretty much explains everything!

aetataureate (#1,310)

@Mike Dang AHHH too cute to bear!

eagerber (#1,958)

Scalped movie tickets! Wow. I wish that had happened to me the first time I attempted to see Lincoln, too (it was sold out). I’m glad I finally got to see it, though, and also agree it would have been better as a mini-series.

Friday: Christmas party in my apartment building (our landlords’ hosted and told us not to bring anything) and then I crawled back upstairs to do some ironing and chores.

Saturday: Went to the coffee shop my boyfriend works for now, and he got us a really good discount on brunch–he treated and wound up paying only $6 for everything! I got a feta, egg, and spinach breakfast croissant–so good! Then I worked my part-time job, and paid $4 for my coffee break and then bought $55 worth of Christmas gifts (which were discounted because of my employee discount). Then I met back up with my boyfriend to try out the asparagus lasagna recipe Mike Dang posted a week or so ago–it turned out amazing! And I was surprised at how quickly I could make it. Really simple recipe. I already bought my ingredients earlier in the week, so I paid $0 new towards the meal. My boyfriend picked up beer and grilled some sausage to eat alongside the lasagna. The meal was fantastic.

Sunday: Thoroughly cleaned my apartment, top to bottom, and then met up with an old friend for coffee, $3. Later my boyfriend and I saw Cloud Atlas, which was really, really good. $12 plus $11 snacks.

Total: $85, not bad, considering $55 of that was towards Christmas gifts.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

My boyfriend bought groceries this week :) (we’ve had back and forths about money and who pays for what. It’s not fixed, but it was nice to have it taken care of.)

So $55!

Also this is probably against the rules but I hope the user will look at this thread but WEARITCOUNTS ABOUT YO CAR…have your mechanic look at your ignition switch (I think that’s what it’s called.) There’s something about the lubricant on it reacting to cold temps. It might not be an electrical or security problem after all. :)

wearitcounts (#772)

@Pumpkin hahahahahahaha “this is probably against the rules” no, this is the best way to comment! thank you so much for the tip, that will be my next question. i didn’t go this weekend because i got all depressed about it but i will take it in asap and ask them to check what you said. you’re awesome!

ThatJenn (#916)

I spent $3 on breakfast Saturday morning as expected, and then my friends generously bought me brunch so that was $0 for me. We didn’t end up spending any money on treats for the game that evening, either (I brought over the last of my stash of Diet Coke instead, which I quit drinking back in May, and others drank it). My grocery trip was less than expected, $45 instead of $75. However, my partner and I went out and bought some Legos, because we just promised a bunch of people we’d have Legos at our NYE party and it was a good excuse to get a couple of sets we’ve had our eyes on ($54). So my total was $102 instead of $103, except I bought totally different things than I expected!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@ThatJenn You have made good choices! Lego parties are the best parties.

ThatJenn (#916)

@sparrow303 I agree! And so, apparently, do all of my friends (the “yes” RSVPs skyrocketed after I added the Lego information – I originally intended this to be an enticement to my friends with kids to bring their kids, but it mostly got the adults excited).

thenotestaken (#542)

Friday: $9 for Chinese take-out
Saturday: $13 for breakfast items, $50 for groceries to host a Hanukkah party that night. It went great!
Sunday: This is where my estimate gets totally thrown off because I wanted to get some holiday shopping done. $25 for a poster and $50 on books for members of my family. Had to happen sooner or later, I suppose.
Total: about $150, which is $60 more than I was planning to spend but I hadn’t counted on holiday shopping!

ThatJenn (#916)

P.S. I know this is silly and lazy of me to say, but Mike, I love it when you provide a link, even just subtly somewhere in the text, to the Friday estimate post in the Monday check-in so I don’t have to go digging for it. (Plus, then I can remind myself of what you predicted and feel better when I’m not the only one who went over.) Maybe it’s there and I just missed it today.

msafiri (#2,202)

Saturday: $4.55 coffee, $8.50 more coffee beans, $16.50 train ticket, $10 to refill my metrocard, $16 dinner and a margarita, $11.50 six pack to bring to a party.

Sunday: $1.50 coffee, $14.50 train ticket, $8.95 dinner, $8 tea and dessert.

Total:$100, just about what I estimated.

annecara (#1,914)

It was a low-key, rainy, stay inside weekend. We did not buy a Christmas tree, but we got takeout yesterday from my favorite Thai place ($26). But I’m eating half of mine for lunch, which in my head moves that amount of money over to the workweek, so the in-my-head weekend total is $20.

Oh, and I spent $85 (including shipping) on a wine-and-snacks basket for my brother and his family for Christmas. But whatever, that money would’ve gotten spent at some point anyway; I just happened to make the purchase on a weekend.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Saturday: $12 yarn, $12 groceries
Sunday: $0

Alas, I spent a good amount of money during the week (running shoes ($$), haircut, groceries, etc.) so it cancels the weekend out. Although I managed to get a good deal on the dress sneakers…

calamity (#2,577)

Friday: $20 for dinner.

Saturday: $9 for takeout in the afternoon (my only real meal of the day …) and $50 going out with friends. Cabs and covers add up!!

Sunday: $30 for brunch. Total = $109. I estimated $130, but that included groceries and a Target visit, neither of which I actually did …

KingCash (#2,095)

VERY spendy weekend, mostly because I finally got around to buying late Hanukkah/hopefully-on-time Christmas presents.

Friday: Went out for dinner with my boyfriend at DGS Deli, which I was hoping would finally be a good Jewish deli in DC but turned out to be overly pricey and had a weird trying-too-hard vibe ($25 for a Reuben, half a cup of matzah ball soup and a beer). Spent the rest of the night in watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix, which was excellent.

Saturday: Got bagels and coffee for me and BF ($10) and then biked over to Old Town ($6 in bikeshare fees) and got dinner at Pizzeria Paradiso ($23). Did my first round of present shopping on Amazon ($78) and threw in a bottle opener for me ($10). Also got some groceries at Safeway ($36).

Sunday: More online present shopping ($100) and more grocery shopping at Whole Food’s ($29)

Total: $317. Yikes. But. I did get all my presents covered for my parents, grandparents, brother and boyfriend, so maybe not that bad?

amirite (#2,677)

Groceries/baking supplies: $91 (I guessed $75, ugh, but at least most of my holiday baking is done)
Going out dancing: $17 (I guessed $10 but ended up going to a place with more expensive cover on Friday night)
Farmer’s market: $27.25 (I guessed $30)
Pizza for dinner Saturday/breakfast Sunday: $17.50
Laundry: $4
Post office: $22.50

Slightly more expensive weekend than I thought, but I’m still on track for the month.

breakfast (#633)

Spendy Friday, followed by clamping it down for the rest of the weekend.
Friday: about $65 at a bar and restaurant. I covered my boyfriend after he covered me earlier this week, but it ended up being more expensive than anticipated. I did have a delicious lunch saturday from the leftovers, so not AS bad.
Saturday: $10 at the Farmer’s market, and enough staples left over from my grocery store trip earlier this week so I am set on food.
Sunday: $2 on coffee after a long dog walk. $1.99 on an ebook, $0 on Christmas gifts, but scouted some prices online for later.
Total: $80, could be worse.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Let’s try to remember what I did this weekend and what I spent!

Friday I bought the super pretty sparkly silver dress from the Hairpin’s Bargain Bin post. Which if it fits and I keep, will have cost me $60. Then that night I went to the ICA’s First Friday 80s party with my boyfriend and some other friends and it was an enormous amount of fun. The tickets were free because my boyfriend is a member and they came with a free drink apiece. And my boyfriend gave me his because it was some 80s themed gin-based concoction that he didn’t even want to attempt. So I spent $2 on tips there. Then we went out to dinner after and got a pile of fried crap covered in cheese. Mmmm…cheese. That cost me $25 in total. So Friday’s total was: $87

Saturday afternoon was the older of the two Little Sister’s holiday concert. Tickets were long since bought and taking her out after for fancy pizza cost me $40. Then I spent just under $5 at the 7-11 on some juice and goldfish crackers as nourishment to power my way through a Downton Abby marathon with my boyfriend. So $45 spent on Saturday.

Sunday I had planned to spend doing nothing but then wound up going for a run with my boyfriend and getting a post-run burrito and soda. So that was $10. Then we went to his parent’s for dinner to celebrate his dad’s birthday, which was lovely and free. So Sunday I spent $10.

All total: $142, which is less than my original estimate.

I predicted $185…

Friday was less boisterous than expected. Paid $7 (including tip) for a bourbon and ginger ale. and was home before 11.

Saturday I spent $6 at the food court for my second job, plus $1.25 for a soda from the vending machine. Then I added $75 to a pre-pay card to buy my mom a coffee maker, which cost roughly $99…I’ll get 20% back on the purchase, plus there’s a $20 rebate, but it did cost $99 out of pocket. Stopped at Trader Joe’s ($15) and the drugstore ($6) on the way home. $110.

Yesterday I split the cost of a Christmas tree with my roommate ($15), plus spent $48 on baking/gift supplies and $35 on a tree stand and ornaments…then promptly found my old tree stand. Oops.

Weekend total: $215, thirty bucks over budget. I am always over budget! :(

lizil (#2,780)

Didn’t end up going out on Friday because I had a headache, so I spent 0 dollars, which is always nice. Saturday I got my weekly waffle sandwich from the food truck and a root beer ($9), then went to a craft fair and got part one of my sister’s Christmas present ($26). Later that evening I paid $19.50 for the BEST vegan pizza I’ve ever had and a Christmas ale from a local brewery that was better than Great Lakes. Sunday I went on a coffee date, but he paid, and then I came home and bought the second half of my sister’s present for $28.50. Weekend total: $83. My goal was just to keep it under $100.

lhorntx (#2,302)

@lizil this waffle sandwich sounds amazing. Somebody needs to start making these on a food truck in Austin.

I saw Lincoln in a theater full of elderly white people in a deep-red county in central Florida and they clapped when the amendment passed. So that’s something.

(Or maybe they were just excited the heroes were Republicans?)

Blondsak (#2,299)

@stuffisthings I too saw the film in similar circumstances, and I’m pretty sure it was the latter.

Blondsak (#2,299)

This was the cheapest weekend in a loooong time, probably because this is the last weekend before finals and I simply had no time to do anything!

On Friday: Nothing – worked on my 40-page essay after work, went to bed.

On Saturday: spent most of the day at the library working on the essay, then went home and ordered pizza ($18) and opened my finals-box-o’-wine(because everyone needs one of those) ($21).

Sunday: worked on the essay some more and watched 4 episodes of “Freaks and Geeks” with my boyfriend, because he’s never seen it and that is simply not right. Spent nothing.

Total: $39 (!!!!) But next weekend we have two holiday parties, so I will probably be making up for it in spades.

bgprincipessa (#699)

@LO Your weekends are eerily similar to mine – final papers,pizza, wine, and watching F&G with boyfriend who hasn’t seen it all included. And I have 2 parties next weekend. What?

wearitcounts (#772)

@bgprincipessa @LO i haven’t seen f&g either i’m guessing this is A Thing I Should Do?

Blondsak (#2,299)

@bgprincipessa That is creepy! But also kinda awesome? I mean, you’ve just validated all my favorite weekend life choices in one fell swoop!

@wearitcounts Yes! Do This Thing! And then come back so we can talk about its GREATNESS.

Maladydee (#909)

Coffee and a muffin at work on Sunday, $2. That’s it. Of course, that’s because I spent all my free time this weekend at home with a cold. Now if I could just manage to have cheap weekends without being sick@

sparrow303 (#1,641)

-Haircut before weekend festivities, plus fancy conditioner as estimated: $35
-Lactaid so I could fully enjoy dinner parties: $15
(ALMOST derailed the train here with a non-planned blush purchase but walked RIGHT OUT of that Ulta and never looked back! $0, whew)
-Boyfriend’s work party: $0

-Brunch with bro and sister-in-law: $36 (less than estimated!)
-Dinner party guest $0
-Wine for friends hosting second party: $10
-Cab there: $20
-Party! $0
-Home $0 (bf’s turn for the cab)

-Coffee and sausage sandwiches: $0 (bf paid)
-Trip to the ‘burbs to see his dad $0
-Pizza for dinner $25

Total= $141, about $15 below my estimate**

(Note 1: This never happens)
(Note 2: I have barely started my Christmas shopping… gulp)

Dancercise (#94)

Friday was our work Christmas party, so free booze and food! Then I walked over to Barnes and Noble and got some books to donate to a toy drive I participate in every year ($31).

Saturday was my brother’s local wedding reception (he had a destination wedding in September, so this was for the people who couldn’t be there), so I spent $0 eating and drinking lots of delicious things.

Sunday I stayed home and cleaned the whole apartment and used my new slow cooker for the first time.

So I had a really cheap weekend, but the Christmas shopping hasn’t really started yet. *ominous music*

Friday we watched the first few episodes of Season 3 of Southland (finally!), and I did some holiday baking. I ended up just baking with the ingredients I had on hand, so no extra money there. We didn’t go out with friends like I thought we might, so saved $75 there.

Saturday we stayed in and made calzones; continued Southland watching and also watched Election on netflix (I forgot how dark that movie is!!! Still hilarious though.)

Sunday I brought the cookies I made to a cookie exchange party and then had a Girl Scout meeting; we stopped for tea but paid for it with the troop account.

I spent $25 on gas and $85 on groceries, which is a bit more and a bit less, respectively, than I anticipated, so I only spent $110.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

tooooo much. $50 train tickets for boyfriend and me to hike in the not-so-free nature (when you live in Manhattan). $100 dollars in groceries (stocked up on sauces), $3 ice for a party, $25 for burger and beer after hike, $60 for fancy dinner with friends. Total: too much.

faustbanana (#2,376)

Went waaayyy over again, which was only partially my own doing.

Friday: went to the art show as planned, but it was a very cheap evening: $5 entry. However, before the show, I was stuck downtown and before I knew it I was at Target and trying on a dress, then deciding to buy it cause I didn’t want to wear my work outfit to the art show, then I also had to buy tights, cuz I’m not one of those weird ladies who doesn’t wear tights in the winter. However, I got three compliments on the dress within a 24-hour period so maybe it was worth it. I also bought a sale t-shirt that is covered with a close-up of a leopard’s face. Definitely worth it. Friday total: about $50.

Saturday: Brought cat to the vet, as with every vet visit it was maddeningly expensive. $200 for that. $75 on groceries that will cover me for the week. $15 on brunch, after two women stole my table by claiming they were me when the hostess called my name (bad, bad karma ladies.) $12 at the first bar and $30 at the second bar that evening. Oh, and a cab ride home which I believe was $12. Saturday total: $144 (not including the vet)

Sunday: $10 on breakfast, $10 on a top at a vintage store. I was hanging out with an out-of-town work friend and she expensed lunch AND dinner for us, huzzah! Sunday total: $20

Weekend total: $214-ish. My high prediction was $120. Curses!

selenana (#673)

I think I estimated $150?
Friday was $0, tired, stayed in.
Saturday I attended a basketball game, but my friend’s husband is on the team so we got free tickets. Spent 400 yen on snacks.
After that, I went to dinner at the fancy hotel. My friend and her husband insisted on paying for dinner and the hotel room. She invited us, and is always so generous, but I still feel bad. So have to take her out to a fancy dinner and get her a nice Xmas gift. So $0.
Saturday, I got out of my plush hotel bed and went downstairs for coffee and a scone ($6.50 including a tip). Walked to my workshop, since the university is close to the hotel. Spent about 500 yen on lunch from the convenience store. And spent about 1000 yen all weekend on trains.
About 2500 yen or $30.

$16 Friday – $10 ticket to a friend’s band’s show and $6 for a drink + tip
Yet unbilled huuge amounts for the crown I stupidly forgot I would get charged for having seated at the dentist on Saturday – WHYYYYYY didn’t I wait until January, when my insurance deductible reset?? The temporary crown was doing FINE! :(
$40 Sunday for this week’s groceries. I used my mini crock pot for the first time, and my Monday work lunch was delicious.

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