Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let’s check in and see how we did this weekend.

On Friday, I picked up dessert and spent a little more than I intended ($26), which was fine, because the dinner party was lovely and delicious and ended at the perfect time of 10:30 p.m. (I move at a slower speed these days). I woke up on Saturday and had one of those moments in the mirror when I’ve realized I haven’t had a haircut in two months or more (I typically get one every five weeks), so I ran out and got one ($55), and then in the evening, I grabbed a few beers and a slice of pizza at a birthday party in Brooklyn ($27). Sunday was spent mostly indoors, and at the grocery store ($49.21) Total: $157.21 — above my estimate because of the haircut, but I’m okay with that because I’m looking pretty spiffy today.

How were your weekends?


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thatgirl (#1,965)

Saturday I spent $25 on takeout for myself and my boyfriend, which evened out because he bought me tacos and paid for the movies we rented on Amazon for our Bruce Willis movie marathon.

Sunday I spend $4 on a fancy hot chocolate while I was on a sort-of-date. So, $30, which is what happens when you have a super lazy weekend in.

However, my account is totally wonky because my dad accidentally deposited $12,800 into MY account instead of his (my checking account is still nominally attached to his because I get some perks for free that way).

I will enjoy looking at that very large number in my account this morning, until he transfers it out.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Friday: $5 takeout
Saturday: $0!
Sunday: Yarn – $13, Friend date – $2.50, Food – $10.

This coming weekend is going to be “interesting” (need to get shoes).

annecara (#1,914)

Friday: $16 on wine
Saturday: $8.50 for a movie ticket + $15 for dinner
Sunday: $35 on groceries, because I went to the store to buy bagels and ended up buying some other things, too.

Total: $74.50, which is right about what I budgeted!

I spent: $105 on food, including a grocery run, breakfast at the migas place around the corner, and birthday dinner for my fiance.
$65 on gifts for my cousin’s baby shower & my best friend’s Christmas gift, plus expedited shipping on Amazon.
$350 at J. Crew on a new case for my phone and a wedding dress (!!!)

probs (#296)

@cuminafterall wedding dress, congrats! And, uh, you wouldn’t happen to live in DC, would you? ‘Cause I want migas.

@probs Actually I do! I get my migas fix from Don Jaime in Mount Pleasant (order it with the green salsa, it’s way better than the red). Probably not the most Tex-Mex-y of migas, but super delicious.

thenotestaken (#542)

Friday: $10 for a concert which I had budgeted for, plus another $10 there buying beers for myself and a friend, and I think I threw in like $3 for more beers later, though we were at a hilarious bar where the bartender was so drunk that he kept giving us back too much change/not taking our money and waving us away when we tried to correct him.
Saturday I spent probably $24 at the grocery store, though I didn’t even have my friends over for dinner like I was planning. I went climbing (free) and brewed beer (free) and instead of going to another concert I went to a house party later where my friend gave me a beer (free).
Sunday I spent the whole day inside playing board games and working on grad apps and didn’t spend anything.
So total for the weekend: $23 which is insanely under budget. Thoughhhh that’s not counting the $240 I spent submitting grad applications (AUGH) but that’s coming out of a different account than my day-to-day one so I’m just not gonna count it here.

probs (#296)

Friday- nada!
Saturday- $27.84 for christmas lights, star for tree, and light-anywhere matches at Fragers Hardware. $45 for a haircut, including tip.
Sunday- nada!

$72.84 total, pretty good for me, especially since I got a haircut. Didn’t get groceries, but I should have enough to last me the week.

amirite (#2,677)

This weekend was more expensive than anticipated:
-cat has fleas, which means my vet bill was way more than I anticipated ($166), I had to buy a vacuum ($179, and yes I probably should already have owned a vacuum, but I don’t have carpets and I was getting by on swiffering), and spend a lot of time at the laundromat washing everything in the apartment that my cat sleeps on, so everything in my apartment ($46)
-then I bought a poutine for dinner because I couldn’t handle making dinner ($8.40)
-craft fair: $106 (twice what I hoped, but at least I got a few Christmas presents)
-farmer’s market $27.75
-advance ticket for a christmas show that I since found out I won’t be able to attend, boo: $15
-giant chocolate chip cookie: $4


Maladydee (#909)

I spent $125.59, a little over my estimate of $100, but not too shabby. This is much closer than my other estimates. I went a little over on groceries, but that’s ok because my fridge is stocked. And I took a cab home from the party I went to on Saturday, instead of a bus. But I spent less on alcohol than I thought I would, so it mostly evened out!

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Went to the Georgetown-Tennessee game with my boyfriend (bought the tickets earlier this week), which had a final score of 37-36 and was pretty much the most painful game you can have with your team still coming out with a win. Met up with friends afterwards for drinks and dinner at Vapiano’s ($27).

Saturday: Lazy/boozy lunch with BF at Comet Ping Pong ($22). Picked up various household stuff — batteries, TP, flowers — at Safeway ($21). Drinks with friends at the Big Board ($21).

Sunday: Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to restock on dust cloths and ended up picking up some nail polish too ($17. I also bought new tweezers for $21 because I thought I’d lost mine while traveling for Thanksgiving… and of course I found them like the minute I got home from shopping. So returning those today after work). Small grocery run ($9)

Total: $117 — went out a lot, but not too painful.

As a side-note: this weekend I also got a card in with my newspaper delivery wishing my a happy holidays and giving me an envelope for sending money to my delivery person. This is pretty much my first year doing adult stuff like getting regular newspaper delivery… anyone know what the standard holiday gift amount is for this kind of thing?

probs (#296)

@KingCash last year I sent ten bucks my WaPo man and/or lady’s way, but I dunno what’s typical. I also need to figure out an amount for the maintenance and engineering staff at the condo building where I rent.

faustbanana (#2,376)

Now that it’s a new month it’s time to start being meticulous about my budget again, which also means facing up to my weekend overspending:

Friday: Dinner at a BYOB restaurant – $21 for quite a feast, $10 for a bottle of wine that I still have.
Saturday: err… $145 for some home entertaining supplies, $14 for lunch with my sister, $15 for a comedy show, $10 for another bottle of wine to bring to said show (so much bringing my own B places), then at least $25 at the bar afterwards – I didn’t keep count but my hangover told me this was so.
Sunday: Did some Christmas shopping: $35 for Smitten Kitchen cookbook for mom, $20-ish for a doll, coloring book and washable crayons for my two little cousins… $7 for mexican takeout cause I was too tired to cook.

Total: $302. Not acceptable, even with the gifts accounted for. Can you get hypnotized to not want to spend money? Maybe to stay at home and clean your flophouse apartment instead?

faustbanana (#2,376)

@faustbanana Oh! And I forgot I bought an ostrich feather duster on Amazon for $16. (See above re: flophouse)

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

So I had pre-spent $60 on my SIL bday and spent nothing more Friday night.

Saturday we did go to Christmas at Fenway (so scenic with the snow!), which was free but then I spent $30 on two hoodies for my dad and niece for Christmas. I also spent $6 on coffee for my boyfriend and myself beforehand. Then we went to brunch (he paid) and for a run in the snow (free since I managed to not slip at all and break any part of me).

Then we went to the opening of Estelle’s in the South End (GO. SO GOOD. GET THE BACON HUSHPUPPIES!). And I spent $50 that night.

Sunday I hung out, then had the children over to put up my tree (tree cost $30, pizza lunch was $20, child labor was free (as it should be)).

So $196. Not bad.

eagerber (#1,958)

Friday: $0. Stayed in and reorganized my filing cabinet. I’m a weirdo!

Saturday: TEDx talk in Adams Morgan. Tickets were already purchased a while ago. The talk was meh. Got jumbo slice ($5.50) and, like many others who have already posted, I, too, went to get my haircut this weekend. I went to Aveda, with this awesome stylist I’ve had twice before. Unfortunately, she’s graduating in two weeks, so I won’t have her again. She gave me a complimentary deep conditioner, and my hair feels SO soft. So, $23 for the cut, $10 to tip for her amazing work on my hairs. Then I met up with my boyfriend in Georgetown to check out the grand opening of the ice rink on the waterfront–pretty awesome. We got drinks at the Tombs later ($12).

Sunday: Met up with some friends visiting from out of town. We went to the Hirshhorn for the Ai Weiwei exhibit, got some apple cider at Pound ($3.58), and walked around Eastern Market. Later my boyfriend and I wanted to try out Jaleo, this tapas place on E St; we weren’t that impressed. $20.60 including tip.

TOTAL: $74.68. Not bad, but I still need to get groceries. Safeway is having a deal today: buy $75 worth, get $10 coupon off next order. So I’m going to shoot for $75.

ThatJenn (#916)

I unexpectedly went out to lunch on Friday, but only spent $3. I spent $30 as planned Friday night on pizza for friends. I spent $18 on quinoa, daikon/carrot pickles, and radishes at the farm stand (predicted $20). My meeting on Sunday was cancelled, so I didn’t spend that money, and I ran a bit further than usual before getting gas this morning so it cost $36 (predicted $30). We did a quick grocery run but my partner paid.

All told: $87. I estimated $96. That’s a win! This morning I also managed to do a switcheroo on my car license plates for $8 that will save me either $85 or $300, depending on whether the state gives me a refund or a credit on my license plate I surrendered. Awesome.

ThatJenn (#916)

@ThatJenn I forgot I also bought nightcrawlers to feed to my turtle! That was only $6 though, so I still came in at $93.

calamity (#2,577)

Friday I spent $8 to see a show, $30 on drinks once there, and I think $5 on a shared cab ride home.

Saturday I went to brunch with a friend – it was pretty cheap, maybe $12. We ordered pizza later that night – $8 more. And I bought $23 of liquor for the party I hosted that night (but I feel like I got most of that back in the leftover alcohol that guests brought …).

Sunday I stayed in, except for grabbing dinner at Cava, which was $11.

Total: $94. Considering I cooked 0 of my meals and got pretty drunk both nights … that’s not really too bad.

kellyography (#250)

I didn’t end up getting any Christmas presents, clothes for myself, or the new glasses I wanted, so I saved a few hundred there. I did go to that karaoke party on Friday night ($10), and stayed in Brooklyn because of the stupid PATH not running past 10pm ($5). I ordered pizza on Saturday night because I was lazy ($20) and bought a book on Sunday morning ($0.50). I don’t remember what else. Mainly I just froze to death and watched a bunch of Doctor Who.

lizil (#2,780)

Friday: work meeting over coffee, paid for by coworker
Date at the botanic gardens, paid for by date.
I really lucked out on Friday!

Saturday: waffle sandwich from food truck ($6) and pear soda ($2.25)
Christmas present for mom from a craft fair ($32.29) and a hand drawn map of the city to hang on my wall ($12)

Sunday: another food truck breakfast ($7) and apple juice ($2)
REALLY strong iced green tea from the place near my apartment ($2.50)

Total: ~$64…not bad, but maybe I should lay off my food truck addiction.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Friday: $15 on a new fleece zip-up because we won’t be turning on our heat again this winter to save money (we did this last winter and it never got below 57). Also $10 on pizza dinner with my boyfriend.
Saturday: $4 on lunch and $18 on dinner takeout.
Sunday: Nothing because I was lazy! But I will be doing laundry ($3.50) and groceries ($60) tonight instead, so I will include them here.
Total: $110.50. I budgeted $81.50 – the fleece zip up and the take out are what did me in. The fleece is more of a cost-saving measure though, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I do need to eat out less though.

Well when doing my budget I COMPLETELY forgot I had plans to go into San Francisco for the day on Saturday, so I kind of blew my written-at-the-Billfold budget but did OK otherwise.

$33 on gas
I took out $100 in cash on Saturday as my “budget” for the day and spent it entirely at: the pharmacy, my SF activities, dinner on the way home (BF took care of the tolls), and Trader Joe’s.
$130 on groceries, but we stocked up on a few things
I didn’t end up getting any Christmas presents (but probably will during the week). So $260 total.

@polka dots vs stripes There’s at least two other people who posted about going to craft fairs; I’m starting to wonder if we were all at the same one! Or if it’s just holiday-craft-fair season.

kellyography (#250)

@polka dots vs stripes It is totally holiday craft fair season. They’re everywhere!

aetataureate (#1,310)

Okay, so I ended up about $50 in the hole after my party, which exceeded my expectations completely!

But also, I spontaneously ordered a silly item of clothing on clearance so I ended up spending probably closer to $100 instead of the $50 I was shooting for. OH WELL. I forgive myself.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

Spent around $80 total, mostly on going out Friday night (drinks, tickets, food after.) but it was fun! :)

breakfast (#633)

Friday: $10 on beer to take to a friend’s house to play omniana which I’d never played before but you basically argue the entire time so, right up my alley.

Saturday: $10 at the farmer’s market. I will grab a couple other groceries at the store later this week. Around $20 on a pitcher of beer and some fries for a friend’s bday at the bar with pool tables.

Sunday: $70 on paint and mediums at the art store, $? on whatever my boyfriend spent on snacks at RiteAid when he realized he brought his cancelled card and borrowed mine (probly around 5 bucks).

Total: $115ish. Not bad, but not great, since I have to get more groceries still (will try to keep it around $25, but I’m going to Trader Joes so it will be hard–land of snacks!)

wearitcounts (#772)


in a series of ridiculously unfortunate events that would only happen to me, as i am the unluckiest person you’ll ever meet when it comes to all things financial, this weekend cost me $1000+ in actual money plus unspecified costs to my feelings of self-worth.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Pretty nearly stuck to my budget for once!

Friday night stayed in and was lazy; played video games and caught up with a friend ($0)

Sat am: Took incredibly hungover boyfriend out for brunch (as planned) ($36- I forgot tip in my estimate)
afternoon– naps, movies, laziness.

Sun: Brunch leftovers for breakfast; pm grocery run ($40) and sushi ($22).

So a total of $96– over my estimate but with groceries for the week. Not bad!

selenana (#673)

Friday I stayed home and spent 0.
Saturday was more than I planned – went with a friend shopping and got groceries ($50) and a few Xmas presents ($35 earrings and a stick blender) and lunch ($12 for two)- $97. Later that night was a movie (1000 yen) and snacks (900).
Sunday I had a test and spent a bit on food (400 yen) and train fare for the day (740) and dinner at book club (1500).
Weekend total was around $152, though I estimated around $100. I got a couple of prezzies and groceries that I wasn’t planning on, which I would have bought some time anyway, so I am fine with that.

Annifest Destiny (#2,700)

Friday $0.
Saturday grocery shopping $13, Target trip $10, lunch with myself $13.
Sunday more grocery shopping $22.40, tea with a friend $4, toiletries $6.
Total: $74.40.
Under budget, but also I did not buy any of the Christmas gifts I was planning to get and I went over my grocery budget. I had a great time by myself on Saturday, but it was a meh weekend of spending overall.

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