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Live Like a Dowager Countess by Buying Some Stuff

Downton Abbey production people are planning to sell cookware and candlesticks and other home goods inspired by the show and we’re all going to buy it because that is what we do. Personally I would like to buy all of the hats and all of the clothes and also 1 Cousin Matthew to live happily ever after with, but I don’t want to pay for him because: love.


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Megano! (#124)

I don’t want to buy Downton Abbey cookware this is a terrible idea!

Aristocrats don’t pay for their things, don’t be vulgar.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@stuffisthings I would inherit the hell out of that website, though.

Bill Fostex (#573)

Has anyone ever in all the history of the Billfolds shared an article via that LinkedIn button?

Fig. 1 (#632)


norbert (#6,193)

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