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Guns and Scant Mental Healthcare, But Also a Culture of Violence

Science hasn’t found a link between violent video games and violent crimes, but here’s John Herrman, a player of violent video games, on why he thinks violent video games DO need to be part of the discussion about violence in this country: “It’s not crazy to feel uneasy that young men’s most influential entertainment products, the cultural touchstones they do and will reminisce about in adulthood, are built around the premise of empathizing with a man with a gun in his hand, who kills not in the crudely symmetrical and grim manner of war but gleefully commits mass slaughter.”


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deepomega (#22)

It’s just weird how nobody would use watching, say, Tarantino movies, as proof of someone being a powder keg of violence.

P.J. Morse (#665)

@deepomega Totally! Maybe it depends on the game console and whether or not trigger-squeezing is involved, as opposed to taking in a movie.

Regardless, I think the issue is mental care and how people either a) don’t know where to go if they need help or b) are afraid they’ll be judged if they get themselves (or a loved one) some help. I’ve known way too many people who need help but who won’t get it — even if it is offered — because someone out there might perceive them as “weak.”

selenana (#673)

@deepomega But we as a society talk about violence on TV and movies all the time, don’t we?

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