Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s do our estimations.

It’s the last weekend before Christmas—how many of you guys are last-minute shoppers? Maybe making last-minute travel plans? I have no idea what I’ll be spending this weekend, actually, because Logan and I are both on assignment for an outlet that is not our own! So I’ll be out reporting tonight and tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll read this thing we’re writing in the next few days. Who knows.

What our your estimations this weekend?


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annecara (#1,914)

It’s going to be a spendy weekend. I won’t bother attempting to estimate dollar amounts, but money will be spent on: dinner and drinks for me and my best friend; pre-Christmas haircuts for me and my husband; a Christmas tree; a few bottles of wine and champagne (some for gifts, some for me); assorted other non-alcoholic Christmas gifts, because evidently this year I’m doing everything last-minute.

Oh, and last night I had to go out and spend an unexpected $90 because evidently my office has a gift-exchange today that nobody told me about. (Next year I’ll have time to bargain-hunt. Yesterday I was panicking.)

probs (#296)

I will probably get a few more presents for my fam tonight or tomorrow, and then my girlfriend and I are going down to Richmond to stay with my family – we’re going to do Christmas morning with my family and then drive up to Delaware for the rest of the day with hers. Gas costs and presents will ding me, and today I’ll buy breakfast and lunch, which I don’t normally do. Won’t get groceries. I’m thinking $175 this weekend

Megano! (#124)

I will probably not spend anything, because I am going to my relatives and they feed me/live in the country and I can’t go anywhere anyway!

megsy (#1,565)

@Megano! My parents live in the middle of nowhere (ok, a very small town in rural NS) and there is nothing to buy here either except some Tim Hortons.

Megano! (#124)

@megsy Yeah, there is only like one place I would want to go, but I don’t drive so I am pretty much housebound. It’s OK for a few days.

this is my first estimate! i just started a new job where office culture dictates people bring their lunch almost every day (which is AWESOME for my budget! they also provide coffee!! and today my new boss brought me a sausage biscuit from mcdonalds for breakfast. score.)

anyway, saturday morning i’m going to cook up a bunch of freezer-friendly things so i always have lunch. that means tonight will be a big grocery haul, i’m guessing $75. that’s probably it, because the rest of the weekend will be pre-christmas with my boyfriend, and my brothers are coming home from their exciting out-of-town lives, so there will be lots of eating at my parents’ house. yay!

alpacasloth (#108)

I’m leaving for a week in Paris tomorrow so the weekend probably won’t be that spendy since I’ll spend half of it in airports/on a plane. But once I get there… I will spend all the money. All of it.

LizF (#1,399)

I am planning on braving the mall this weekend because I’m hoping to find these reusable bags that they used to sell at H&M. They cost a dollar and I use mine every day and I want to restock and give some as gifts! So probably 10$ if I can find them.(Please H&M make them again!) Then maybe a bit on food and drinks for a game night I’m hosting on Saturday. $20 my share. Sunday I intend to luxuriate and watch some Christmas movies and pack because Monday morning I am headed to the familial homestead (really just my mom’s condo a few towns away) for Christmas. I anticipate 0$ after ensconcing myself there. I’ll stay through Tuesday evening and then I’m back at work Wednesday.

Since we have basically no food in the house and my boyfriend (who cooks most of our food) is under the weather, I am budgeting in another 30$ for takeout tonight.

wearitcounts (#772)

at 11:30 today, i depart for holiday break that is imposed by my employer until january 2.

as for the weekend: for the love of all that is holy, please let it be less than $100. amen.

A long weekend full of Christmas stuff! I’ll be leaving work early and picking up the very last birth control refill I’ll ever have to pay a copay on ($12). Then dinner in tonight, with maybe a bottle of Gruet to split with my fiance as we exchange gifts ($15ish). Heading to my parents’ tomorrow afternoon, and maybe seeing Zero Dark Thirty at some point ($12). A grocery run for vegetarian food with protein and fiber in it (my family lives on pasta and frozen chicken strips, mostly) ($25). Followed by a weekend of family togetherness (free, hopefully). So I’m estimating $64.

selenana (#673)

This is a money hemorrhaging weekend. Friday (it’s already Friday midnight here): bought a six month supply of contact lenses; 15,000 yen. Some fancy chocolates for gifts for the ladies I hung out with tonight 1,500 yen. I paid for the bar tab at the fancy hotel for the ladies because it’s the same lady who bought me a hotel room and a fancy dinner two weeks ago; 19,000 yen. Saturday, cats to vet, but free to me because they are rescues and the vet doesn’t make me pay. Saturday night, early Xmas with the bf, probably will get a few last minute gifts and groceries, maybe 3,000 yen. Sunday, airport for flight to PDX, 2000 for train fare.
Around 40,000 yen, or $500. When I arrive in PDX, it will still be Sunday morning, so might do some shopping or brunching. One million dollarrrrrrrs.

joyballz (#2,000)

I have various dinners and brunches and birthday outings this weekend and I have no idea what they’re each going to break down to, but I’m going to be optimistic and estimate $150 since I’ve already finished most of my Christmas shopping too.

lizil (#2,780)

Tonight I have some last minute shopping to do before I head to Tennessee for a week. I have no idea how much any of this will cost, but I need: dog treats for all 5 dogs that will be there, a box of chocolates for my aunt and uncle who are hosting us, and travel shampoo/conditioner bottles. Tomorrow I’ll pay for a cab to the airport, and maybe a coffee at the airport. Then I’m home free because I’ll be with family and they think I’m poor (which I sort of am…YAY AMERICORPS!), so they’ll pay for everything else. As always, I’d just like to keep it under $100.

Potentially dinner out tonight: $20
Airport misc: $20 (I’m flying through SFO, it’s practically mandatory I stop at Ghiradelli’s)
Saturday night bartimes with my sister/friends: $20
Hopefully nothing on Sunday, I’m going to see if we can move furniture around my parents’ house and maybe get a Christmas tree? We’ll budget $20 anyway, I might have brunch plans…

We’ll round up and say no more than $100.

orangezest (#317)

Congrats on the assignment, both of you! That sounds interesting and exciting and I hope it pays well.

I have some last-minute shopping to do, plus making homemade gifts for lots of other people.
-$40 each for my mom and sister = $80
-$20 for supplies for homemade candy for everyone else
-About $15 for food tonight and tomorrow.
-And probably $25 for some vacation reading, because even though I can’t afford it, I’m spending several days in the middle of nowhere with family and sanity is priceless.

Total: $140, but I’ll round up and say $150.

ThatJenn (#916)

Friday: Heading over to my partner’s mom’s house for our only family obligation of the season. I don’t anticipate spending money.
Saturday: We are going to my partner’s high school reunion at a local restaurant. It will cost us $30 each for a buffet and open bar. I kind of hope he will pay, honestly, but if I need to I’ll pay my part of $30.
Sunday: Going to a local-business-highlighting event and I am sure I will find a way to spend $40 here.

So… $70? More, perhaps, if I find out what I can bring to my friend’s house for either Christmas Eve dinner or our planned Christmas Day Mimosa Party.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

No idea.

Tonight I know I will spend $30 for two prescriptions and probably another $5-$10 on a gift bag and a bit of wrapping paper. Then the rest of the evening will be spent at home with my boyfriend doing presents, baking cookies, and watching It’s a Wonderful Life. He’s cooking me dinner even so no $$ spent on food!

Tomorrow I fly out at 6pm. I have a layover in Chicago from 8-9:30, so I’ll probably grab some food then but nothing fancy. Probably McDonalds or the like. So $10 for that plus another $5-$10 on misc. snacks and water.

Then from Sunday to Sunday I’m with my parents, so I have no idea. I don’t anticipate spending anything on Sunday.

So. $60 or so for the weekend. We’ll see how that stacks up.

I’m lucky enough to be headed home for the holidays ($786 for the plane tickets), where my parents will pick up the tab for nearly everything.

Friday – no expenses
Saturday – maybe $100, if my mother lets me pick up the tab for the tea house my sister and I are visiting with her that morning. I have a feeling she’ll cover it, but since I’m the one who made the reservation I feel I should at least offer.
Sunday – perhaps $2 on frozen yogurt

amirite (#2,677)

New scratching post so that kitty doesn’t destroy the apartment while I’m away and she only has the catsitter to play with once a day: $30
Season 1 of Girls on iTunes for the plane ride: $23
Gum and other essentials for the plane: $10
Food at the airport $30 (breakfast and lunch)

Edited to add: Transport to the airport: either $3.25 or $60 depending on whether I have to take a bus or a cab. I am going to do everything possible to get the bus, but it is somewhat unreliable and only runs once an hour, and if the weather’s bad I’ll have a better chance of getting there in a cab so I had to budget for it just in case.

And then off to the country where I won’t be able to spend any money until after Christmas!

Blondsak (#2,299)

Spending a long weekend at my partner’s parent’s home. I anticipate:

– $20 for my half of the gas and tolls there and back
– $40 for snack, breakfast and lunch groceries during the 4 days we are there (supper is usually the only daily group event)
– $60 for my half of his parent’s holiday gift, which is that we take them out to eat at a restaurant of their choosing
– $15 on booze for visiting partner’s high school friends on Saturday night

Total: $135.

Worker Parasite (#2,292)

All of the money. All of it. Sorry everyone, there’ll be none left. Picking up a new to me Jaguar XJ8 tomorrow, so $20ish for the transportation to it, plus whatever it costs to insure said car for a year (I’m guessing around $1000, hopefully a bit less). $30ish on beer for the weekend, $120 or so to fill up the Jag’s ginormous gas tank, plus the ELEVENTY BILLION DOLLARS it will cost to fix the first time it breaks, probably at some point Sunday.

Happy Festivus everyone!

Yesterday (Friday) was my anniversary. We went to a fancy restaurant (which we never do) – damage $104 (SO GOOD). Originally meant to go to another fancy restaurant for which I had a $100 voucher but then I realised it had expired four days prior. HEADDESK x 10000.

Dinner out tonight with friends (a party thrown by her parents – they MIGHT pay but presuming not just to be safe). Potluck tomorrow. And we’ll probably go a bit silly with grocery shopping because it’s Christmas this week, so I anticipate a spendy week.

sockhopbop (#764)

Hmm I’m guessing $25 for stocking stuffer odds and ends, and how much do stamps cost? Maybe $10 for a boatload of stamps? This is my first year doing holiday cards so I’m new to the ins and outs of mass stamp purchasing. Probably $30 on groceries for my contribution to Christmas dinner, $20 for lunch in NYC… I’ll cross my fingers and hope to get in under a hundred.

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