Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! It’s time to do our estimations.

I’m hopping on a flight to California today, where I’ll be spending the holidays, and I have nothing planned yet because I’ve been busy running around the city and tying up all my loose ends before I leave. One of the first things I do when I go to California is get a burrito—so that will happen. I’m estimating no more than $100 this weekend.

What are your estimates?


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I heartily approve. I grew up in San Diego, and I’m living on the east coast now. The first thing I do EVERY SINGLE TIME I go home is get a burrito.

Anyway, I have to mail my gifts this afternoon, so I’m going to put aside $15 for that. Otherwise, I’m trying to have a money-free weekend!

Brunhilde (#78)

@the electric mayhem I went to UCSD and I miss the burritos SO MUCH. I’ve given up trying to find mexican food in Seattle because it’s so depressing.

sandwiches (#1,688)

@the electric mayhem Oh dear. This bodes ill for my plan to eventually move to the PNW (from Central Ca). I can make great Mexican food at home, but sometimes a woman just needs to pick up a burrito on her way to the library, you know?

Brunhilde (#78)

@sandwiches There is good Mexican food around, just not the SoCal taco shop variety. You shouldn’t take my word for it :)

Also, there’s incredible food here in general. And, there are enough CA transplants that hopefully someone will open a good place.

questingbeast (#2,409)

I had quite a spendy week (friend visiting/lots of Xmas meals & drinks), so going to try and be good to my money this weekend (and to my liver). I’m going to say £15, for Hobbit ticket and miscellaneous snacks.

questingbeast (#2,409)

@questingbeast ALTHOUGH that stratchcard post made me buy one for the first time, out of curiosity, and I won £40! So when I’ve collected that it might actually be a profit weekend.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

need to stop spending moneyyyy. this weekend is holiday party time. i already have wine to bring to these, i think. i’m planning on staying in tonight. tomorrow’s parties (and heels) will require two cabs between boyfriend and i. sunday will be loafy, so maybe some groceries. $40 dollars?

wearitcounts (#772)

i just had to buy contact lenses and bills are coming up so tryyyying to keep it thrifty this weekend and stay under $100. fingers crossed.

i’m ignoring my car issue for now because i’ve only got one more week of work before i have a week and a half off, most of which i’ll spend in boston without my car at all. car, i’ll deal with you in 2013.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@wearitcounts You won’t need a car on Ikaria anyway

wearitcounts (#772)

@EvanDeSimone we can sell it for wine money

Blondsak (#2,299)

@wearitcounts I completely approve of this plan. Selling my barely-used car right now would easily buy 1,000 bottles of (very cheap) wine. Hmmm….

wearitcounts (#772)

@LO yup. plus if you have lots of wine but no car, you are being very responsible re: drunk driving. this plan smacks of sheer excellence.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@wearitcounts Genius.

annecara (#1,914)

Probably more than usual on groceries tonight ($75-100?), because we’re about a week behind on our weekly grocery shopping due to a family emergency on the day that I was intending to shop…which leads into the funeral we’re attending tomorrow and the money we’re contributing for a casket spray; I don’t know the exact cost, but given the size of the flower arrangement, I expect that’ll be another $100 or so. And Sunday I may shop for Christmas gifts, who knows. It’s gonna be big spendy weekend.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

@annecara I am so sorry for your loss. Take care.

annecara (#1,914)

@ATF@twitter thanks :)

ATF@twitter (#1,471)


Tonight I must go to Target to get baking stuff. I need oven mitts, disposable pastry bags, gingerbread makings, and some glittery Christmas wear for Sunday’s activity. And a new pair of gloves as I have lost the left glove on two pairs in the same week. I am flabbergasted by this as I almost never lose gloves! And now two in one week! I am estimating $50 for this because I can not set foot in Target and spend less than that.

Saturday is baking gingerbread houses and doing presents with the girls I”m a Big Sister for with my sister’s family. All the gifts are already bought, the Zipcar is paid for with my monthly membership, and they’re getting pizza, so I should spend $0 on Saturday.

Sunday is the Jingle Bell run! One of my favorite holiday traditions! Race fee has already been paid but I’d like something Christmasy and sparkly to wear, so that’s built into the Target estimate. Then we’re doing a brunch after, which will be on the spendier side. I’ll estimate $40 on Sunday.

So $90-$100 for the weekend.

kellyography (#250)

@ATF@twitter For the first time ever, I went into Target and spent $12. Probably because I had just spent $145 the day before…but still!

Today is a $50 gift to the National MS Society for my uncle, whose wife is currently in deep with the disease.

Going to Brooklyn again tomorrow, this time for present exchange and a celebratory dinner for a friend. $5 for the train, $30 or so for dinner.

Sunday is hopefully the last day for present shopping, at least in this city. I have promised my grandparents gifts from their local bakery, so I’m not entirely finished shopping, but very close. Godiva pretzels for three people: $12, dark chocolate for dad and stepdad: $10, and some $25 something for my little brother. What do fitness-obsessed juniors in high school actually want for Christmas, anyway?

Probably about $140 for the weekend, spendy spendy for me.

amirite (#2,677)

This weekend I am mostly going to be busy working on making Christmas gifts, but I still anticipate a few expenses:

1) $30 to get an extra can of flea treatment spray for my apartment since I ran out while I was spraying last time and I really, really don’t want my cat to get fleas again.

2) Groceries. I’m going to say no more than $20 because all I can think that I need right now is sour cream and a few extra plastic containers.

3) Farmer’s market for produce and breakfast: $30

4) The few last remaining store-bought gifts ($30), plus postage ($30).

5) Photocopying for the zine that comprises one of my Christmas presents: $5

6) I have a holiday party on Sunday, which I am going to try not to drink at, because Sunday, but it’s with my friends who always bring out the drinker in me, plus I might need to take a cab home, so I’m gonna say $20 for that.

So $165. Still kind of a spendy weekend, but after that all of my Christmas stuff will be taken care of and at the end of next week I’ll be on my way to the country where I will not spend any money for an week.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I’m trying to be super thrifty this weekend because Christmas shopping hit me hard. I’m going to a posh Thai dinner tomorrow and shopping for very minimal groceries. Other than that I’m staying in to finally watch Homeland. I’m estimating $75 unless I need to put gas in my car.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Known expenses for the weekend:

1) Laundry tonight ($3.50)
2) Lunch tomorrow, since I am going into work on a weekend and that always makes me feel entitled to cheap Chinese food ($8)
3) We have two holiday parties this weekend. One is a work party at a bar; I think food is being bought for us but drinks are not included, so I estimate $10 metro costs and a drink. The second one is a party hosted by friends, so will probably bring over a bottle of wine ($10).
4) Grocery shopping on Sunday ($40 – lower than usual because we are leaving town a week from today)
5) $20 for things I’m forgetting/spontaneous spending

Total: $91.50. But I’m going to shoot for $70 because next weekend will probably be even worse.

PrettyNicola (#692)

I already spent $30 on beer and Burger King last night.
Tonight I anticipate $20 on beer and fries while finally meeting up with a friend–we have rescheduled two weeks in a row now.
Tomorrow I will probably spend $20-50 on Christmas gifts–mostly Starbucks gift cards I anticipate.
So hopefully about $100 all weekend?

sparrow303 (#1,641)

I am perma-hungover from too many holiday parties and drinking with a broken-up friend, so this weekend (aside from Christmas shopping) shouldn’t be crazy.

Groceries: $60
A meal out at some point: $40
Coffee/etc: $5
Ticket for It’s A Wonderful Life screening: $15

So probably about $120 discretionary spending + $100 Christmas shopping, cuz that’s gotta happen, and then Netflix and naptime for the rest of the weekend.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@sparrow303 Groceries have already been $80– I am already off my budget! Oy vey.

Ugh, I still have to buy some presents, so WHO KNOWS. I plan to take $100 out of the bank tonight; that should cover the holiday fair I’m going to, brunch tomorrow morning, and a couple of grocery-related things so I can make potato-leek soup. Probably also $20 for sushi delivery tonight because it’s been a long week and I brought my lunch every single day. Aaaand $100 to the credit card bill too. So $220.

Dancercise (#94)

I spent $190 yesterday on Christmas gifts, so my goal is to spend as little as possible this weekend. I have to get gas today, so that’ll be about $65, and I may spend about $25 on groceries on Sunday, depending on how long I can make the leftovers in my fridge last.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

I almost always say this, but as little as possible hopefully! I need to pick up some baking supplies, my father’s Christmas gift and I’ll probably take lunch to my boyfriend at work at some point, plus there’s a charity show on Sunday so I’m estimating about $100 total, hopefully less. Bills are due.

I am so bad at these, I inevitable forget something big we had planned to do, but we’re gonna keep trying, right??

$70 on haircuts for me and the BF
$40 groceries? I’m hoping to keep this low since we’re both going out of town for Christmas next Saturday
$10 for dinner tonight

We’re going to a party on Saturday night, to which we may or may not bring something. I honestly know almost nothing about this shindig, so I’ll leave it up to my boyfriend to figure out what we’re supposed to bring, if anything, and to purchase it.

So $120.

Maladydee (#909)

I’m going to guess $7-$10 for lunch today, since it’s payday and I feel like buying lunch for once. (the secret reason is that I can’t cook until I do the dishes, and I’ve been putting those off for daaaaays. That should have been my 1 Thing.) $40-$50 at the bar on Saturday for my sister’s bachelorette shindig, and probably another $40-50 grocery shopping on Sunday.

So figure anywhere from $80-$110.

heatherosej (#2,711)

I’m going to estimate about $75 to cover Christmas presents, lunch out today, groceries until Wednesday, and perhaps a movie. Hubby is fixing the car today and that might run another $2-300.

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