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Five Most Miserable People at the Apple Genius Bar Last Night

1. The guy who waited for an hour before someone checked in with him to tell him he had to check in. His original appointment had be cancelled for failure to check-in, but  the Genius was HAPPY to book him the next available appointment. He was still there when I left.

2. The guy who was picking up his repaired monitor for the second time and insisted the Genius make copious notes on his account including: That he was extremely upset; that he believes he has been sold a faulty product; that he demands an apology for being sold a faulty product; that he is not trying to get his money back; that he is never buying an Apple product ever again.

3. The woman who came in with a cracked iPhone 4 screen who thought she could get an iPhone 5 for $100. Nope! She could get another iPhone 4 for $200, or she could get an iPhone 5 for $650.

4. The guy who had to call and wake up his mom to get the cellphone carrier password so he could set up his new iPhone.

5. Me, when the Genius told me my grey screen of death meant I needed a new hard drive. But NOT ME after he told me I was still under warranty (SOMEHOW?!) and that it would be free and that it would take him 10 minutes. Then I became the LEAST MISERABLE person at the Genius Bar.


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deepomega (#22)

“It! Just! Works!”

I wonder if Logan mentioned she wrote for the Awl family of sites.

@Brian Calandra@facebook right after i slipped him a $20

Ooh I temporarily moved into the Genius Bar for a few weeks in October, and people-problem-watching was definitely the best part. One girl had a poltergeist in her Macbook moving the cursor around, opening and shutting windows mysteriously. It turned out that her bangle bracelets were messing with the magnet in the mouse pad, so she agreed not to wear them anymore. Which was sad, because girl had style.

Bill Fostex (#573)

Logan! Were you able to recover your data from the bad hard drive?

@Bill Fostex NOPE. but, as i told the dude, that’s FINE. i only use the internet. (I had several text docs of blathering but it was all about me and i think i have enough of that recorded for posterity that it’s fine.)

Bill Fostex (#573)


sony_b (#225)

@Logan Sachon Dropbox is your friend, and it’s free. Save your blatherings for posterity. I just save everything there, and it magically appears on my other laptop when I travel, and on my new machine when I upgrade.

OllyOlly (#669)

One time my computer was shutting down everytime I launched Netflix (which was a big problem obviously) and then it eventually would no longer start. I went in and they replaced my motherboard for free because of some videocard defect. So I was pretty happy then.

The worst part was having to write down my password for when they were able to restart my computer. A password that I made up in 7th grade and was a band name plus the number 69.

Sooooo make your lock screen password something not embarassing, my advice for the day.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

I think every person at the Genius Bar is the most miserable person at the Genius Bar. That place is where happiness goes to die.

lrodrigue (#1,315)

clutch melancholia pic GF

Worker Parasite (#2,292)

You’d think the “Geniuses” would be able to make a computer with a working hard drive. I’ve had to replace 3 Macbook hard drives recently, back up EVERYTHING on your Apple product!

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