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Economic Factors Driving Gun Violence

While one would think gun violence would be higher in states with higher levels of economic anxiety related to unemployment or inequality, we found no association to either at the state level. My colleagues and I did, however, find gun deaths to be higher in states with higher levels of poverty and lower incomes, as well as in red states and those with more blue-collar working class economies. Conversely, we found gun deaths to be less likely in states with more college graduates and stronger knowledge-based economies.

Poverty, education, and socioeconomic disadvantages all play a role in moderating gun deaths, according to this story in Atlantic Cities. These are things we should also consider (in addition to the discussion about mental health that’s already taking place), as the president prepares his proposals on gun control in the coming weeks. (Thanks to Jon Custer for the pointer.)


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deepomega (#22)

This is the second proposal for gun-death-prevention that I’ve approved of. (The first is gun owner’s insurance.)

@deepomega You didn’t like Chris Rock’s proposal that all bullets should cost $5,000?

Brucewayne (#6,096)

The government should pay more attention to this situation. They don’t understand the seriousness of the matter. The half educated people may not understand the consequences of a fight and might use a gun in a fight which may lead to disaster.
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