Cheap Eats: Asparagus Lasagna

So, a few of you guys asked me how I make my favorite asparagus lasagna, and ask and you shall receive!

When I cook, I do it by taste, so I’m not going to have exact measurements for everything, but the great thing about lasagna is that it’s an easy dish, and you’d have to try really hard to mess it up. The second greatest thing about lasagna is that you can make a lot of it and heat and eat it for dinner for the rest of the week, paired with a salad (or use it for lunches), which makes it a great “cheap eats” meal.

You’ll need:
• Three or four cloves of garlic
• One bunch of asparagus
• 12 sheets of lasagna (I use the one from Barilla)
• Grated parmesan (as much as you like, I like a lot)
• Olive oil
• Your favorite bechamel sauce
• Salt and pepper

Snap off the ends of your asparagus. Start a big pot of boiling water (big enough to boil the sheets of lasagna), and once the water is boiling, salt the water, and add the garlic cloves (smashed), and add the ends of the asparagus. Lower the heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes or so. Basically, you’re getting some of the garlic and asparagus flavor into the water. Remove the ends, and smashed garlic cloves, and boil the asparagus for five minutes or so before using some tongs to transfer them into some ice water. Ladle half a cup of the pot of water into a bowl, so you can add some of it into your béchamel sauce. Boil your sheets of lasagna in the asparagus/garlic/salt water until it’s pliable, but not fully cooked (it’s going into the oven), and while the sheets are cooking, make your béchamel sauce (I usually use Ina Garten’s béchamel, which is here, or this olive oil béchamel recipe from The Times. Chop the asparagus into bite-sized pieces.

Now, it’s just layering everything into a baking dish: three sheets of lasagna, and then spread some béchamel on top, and scatter some of the asparagus pieces and as much parmesan cheese as you want. Sometimes I’ll add chopped spinach or arugula if I want some more greens (it’s up to you! Maybe you want mushrooms—do what your heart wants). Do two more layers, and add the last sheets of lasagna on top. Drizzle olive oil on top, more parmesan cheese if you want, and sprinkle on some black pepper. Wrap the dish in foil, and bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove from oven, divide, and eat. The photo above is what mine looks like.


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craygirl (#63)

Bless you, Mike Dang.

Tatiana (#194)

Tooootally making this next week (but with mushrooms and spinach!). Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Needs some side-view pics.

swirrlygrrl (#2,398)


Keck (#2,466)

I wonder how it would go with some winter veggie substitutions. Kale? Squash? Leeks??? Otherwise, I gotta wait ’til spring :(

MissMushkila (#1,044)

@Keck I make a white lasagna with squash sometimes and it is delicious. I put nuts (walnuts or pecans, whatever I have) in that lasagna, so it is decidedly unusual, but in an amazing way. I bet leeks would be good with it as well.

Keck (#2,466)

@MissMushkila I’m doing it! Leek lasagna for dinner! The nut idea kind of blew my mind BTW, I’m totally trying that too.


Love lasagne, but am far too lazy to ever actually make it.

themegnapkin (#444)

Thank you thank you!

ThatJenn (#916)

Did you know that you can replace the noodles in basically any lasagna with about 1/4-inch thick, longwise slices of zucchini? (I use a cheese slicer, there’s one on my cheese grater.) Now you do! I make it this way all the time now. It actually holds together even better than the noodley lasagna, and is gluten-free, if that’s a thing you or anyone you cook for cares about. Plus you don’t have to boil noodles, use the stovetop at all, or buy that weird no-boil lasagna noodle stuff (I don’t trust it on instinct alone).

Sorry, I guess it might be rude to jump in on a recipe with “here’s a way I would do it differently” depending on your feelings. I just always love new cooking ideas, myself, and was so excited when I discovered that one.

wearitcounts (#772)

@ThatJenn i LOVE this idea. thank you!

la_di_da (#1,425)

@ThatJenn Win! I feel like I eat so many carbs all the time–cause they’re super cheap. I’m always looking for a way to replace noodles and bread.

ThatJenn (#916)

@la_di_da Me too – this is exactly why I do this. (Well, that and I have a CSA box full of SO MANY VEGGIES every week and I have to use them somehow.) I’ve tried it with eggplant, too, with mixed results – my eggplants were a little mushy so it didn’t stay together as well, but fresher eggplant might work and I intend to find out.

thenotestaken (#542)

DO WHAT YOUR HEART WANTS needs to be in more recipes

faustbanana (#2,376)

I made a similar lasagna with morels once… I often stare into space and dream about that lasagna.

swirrlygrrl (#2,398)

I was thinking of this recipe last night while grocery shopping, and then – BAM! – asparagus was on sale. I will be making this soon.

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