Averting the Crisis

STEP ONE: Eliminate school breakfast and lunch programs, Medicaid, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, Medicare, PBS, New Mexico, elk, the Coast Guard, and all dams.

STEP TWO: Eliminate all nonessential public school programs entirely and offer only three courses: Corn Farming, Nuclear Weaponry, and Print Journalism.

STEP THREE: Eliminate federal prison system by converting U.S. territory of Guam into an unsupervised penal colony known as “The Gauntlet.”

If you think these steps sound like how The Onion would solve the fiscal cliff crisis, you’d be thinking correctly!


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Megano! (#124)

If Step 3 happened it would turn into Dead Island SO FAST probably

AmandaA (#936)

I keep forgetting about The Onion’s new paywall. Sad. :(

Someone at the RNC is gonnna be SO PISSED that their 2014 platform was leaked.

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