Australian Benefits

“An Australian judge ruled that workers who are injured while having sex on the job — if not on the clock — should be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.”

Australians don’t worry about student debt, and now this. Not that I’d ever be eligible in my life for such a thing, but it’s always good to have options.


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BornSecular (#2,245)


Ti:Sapph (#2,050)

It was only very recently that my Australian employer stopped covering you for worker’s comp from the second you stepped out of your house on the way to work until you got back home in the evening. Now it’s only when you’re actually on campus are you covered.

deepomega (#22)

I was about to ask about the rationalization – then saw that it happened on a business trip. That sounds more reasonable! Like, it’s reasonable to expect you to stop fucking during office hours (which is what I imagined) but kind of not reasonable to expect that for the duration of an overnight business trip. Fair!

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