All Airlines Will Be Equally Terrible Someday

Whenever I fly to Los Angeles to visit my folks, I usually go with Virgin America. I’ve never experienced delays (or ones that I can recall with a shudder), the inflight experience and service is solid, the Wi-Fi usually works, but most importantly, the flights are affordable. My ticket from New York to Los Angeles during the week before Christmas was $131, but cost $2.50, because I was able to exchange flyer points for it. I’ve also had a great experience flying on Virgin Atlantic, which is a completely separate company owned by Richard Branson who has a 51 percent stake, and by Singapore Airlines, which has a 49 percent stake.

But as Kevin Roose (whose writing I adore, read all his stuff!) explains over at Daily Intel, Delta is making a move to acquire Singapore Airlines’ stake in Virgin Atlantic, which may result in a deterioration of the airline’s service (consider American Airlines today after all those mergers and acquisitions), and is probably part of a larger tactic for Delta to get into more airport hubs.

Branson intends to keep his majority stake in Virgin Atlantic, but I’m waiting for the day when every airline is equally terrible and every airport has a room specifically where people go to cry out their frustrations.


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ThatJenn (#916)


So true.

Megano! (#124)

Um, guess how much it costs me to fly across country? I will tell you one thing, it is NOT anywhere near $131.

@Megano! Jesus God, no kidding. If it cost me #131 to fly across the country I’d be so gleeful I wouldn’t be able to contain it.

swirrlygrrl (#2,398)

@Megano! I will now be looking into heading to NY and then flying to LA next time a friend is down there, given the price difference between flying from Canada. My flight to Edmonton, from Ottawa, the week before Christmas (even if I had stayed till after New Years), would have been a minimum of $800, and closer to $950 with direct flights when I wanted to fly. *gah*

pocket-witch (#1,576)

Not related but: Kevin Roose! He is indeed great. Mike Dang is always right, read everything Kevin Roose has written. Especially Sinner’s Semester.

theotherginger (#1,304)

there is a room. it is called the chapel. not that I have ever cried in one, mind.

I actually really like American Airlines. I have flown a lot of other airlines and I always come back to them because they have never really done me wrong. Of course now I will probably be forced to eat my words the next time I fly with them and something awful happens.

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