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Some yacht owners in Newport Beach are STINKING MAD that their dock access, which now costs $100/year, will be raised to $250 to $3,200/year (based on size) … so that the harbor can be dredged and sea walls can be repaired. What’s going on here!? Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum has an idea: “No matter how well they do—and the rich have done very, very well over the past few decades—their blood boils at the thought of contributing so much as an extra dime to public coffers, even if the money is specifically earmarked to improve their own communities.”


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Yes, let’s have an honest talk about entitlements.

Also someone needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

There was a similar situation in my hometown when a sinkhole swallowed up a lake surrounded by ritzy homes. They came begging to the city/county to fix their lake, but unfortunately they had all voted to make it a private lake in the late 1970s. The tried for a while to raise $1,000 from each homeowner but I think eventually the hole just filled up with dead alligators and mud. (CAN YOU GUESS THE STATE?)

josefinastrummer (#1,850)

@stuffisthings Sounds like the Johnstown Flood, only the richies didn’t ask for help with their lake, they just built it over a city and let it flood. So maybe not the same thing. I just wanted to bring up richies and their lakes.

deepomega (#22)

Not sure this is a “rich people” thing so much as a “all people hate new costs” thing. Which all comes back to DeepOmega’s Golden Law of Finances. Even the SUPER RICH feel like they are making 5-10% less than they need to be comfortable, and that extra fee eats into it.

josefinastrummer (#1,850)

@deepomega I don’t hate new costs if it actually goes towards something useful. I would love for my very high city wage tax to go towards the city schools or roads or anything that wasn’t crap. I would also gladly pay more taxes if it meant everyone had health insurance and I know a lot of people feel the same.

@deepomega I think it’s both. We almost universally hate paying more for something we used to get for less or for free, but not all of us are as incapable as these people are of telling the difference between a necessity (seawalls) and a luxury (yachts).

deepomega (#22)

@SarcasticFringehead Using the word “luxury” is letting them win. Everything can be framed as a luxury – see people who want to ban people with SNAP cards from getting any food that isn’t beans and rice. Prescribing moral value to expenses is a sucker’s game.

Fig. 1 (#632)

Hi hello, come to my town. “Budget-conscious” councillors refused to vote in an increase to the mill rate to pay for residential snow clearing in order to keep the tax increase under 5%. After more snow this year so far than all of last year, people are hopping mad and hiring private contractors to clear out their crescents. But pay an extra 6 bucks a month on your taxes? No way!

Sometimes I think I should move to a nice, properly socialist country. Don’t fool yourselves, Canada is just a SINO now.

jason (#1,335)

@Fig. 1
There’s a great This American Life episode about this:

Specifically the segment about Colorado Springs, where they were LITERALLY turning off street lights to save taxpayer money. The residents of individual streets could pool together to have their lights turned back on, but obviously it cost a lot more per person than just raising taxes slightly to pay for a basic municipal service.

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