Here’s what happens when you send three Billfold reporters to Macy’s at 3 a.m. the weekend before Christmas.


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AnnieW (#2,913)

This made me laugh because I work at Macy’s, the one in downtown Minneapolis.

I only stayed until midnight on Friday, I managed to avoid the rest of it. I expected it to be dead after 10pm, but there were people milling about! It seemed sort of hilarious and ridiculous to me that we were open though. Downtown Minneapolis is NOT Harold Square, I’m sure in the middle of the night there was no one there!

We went to Macy’s (marshall fields) on State Street in Chicago on Saturday because we happened to be there anyway, and it was busy but not terrible. We went to IKEA in the suburbs the next day and stopped at a couple of stores out there and they were absolutely dead. The traffic was light, the stores were nearly empty. It was odd.

Hmm dunno what style guide Bloomberg uses but in mine, next to “The O.C.” it says “Don’t call it that.”

florabora (#123)

“Festive-yet-sexy hunting lodge”
That’s something I didn’t realise I wanted for Christmas.

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