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You Turn Me On I’m a Public Radio Station on The Internet

THE CURRENT is Minneapolis Public Radio’s rock station, and it’s a really good music-listening option for people who don’t like making decisions and do like good music. Also, I think it still qualifies as a regular radio station even though you can listen to it streaming and therefore pays better royalties than Spotify and Pandora, but I could be reading this chart wrong, that is a possibility. Anyway I’ve been listening to it for two weeks and it’s great. 


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wallrock (#1,003)

The Current really is wonderful. I listen to it whenever I get in range of the Twin Cities, which is quite often with my job.

readyornot (#816)

I concur and humbly submit KCRW as an additional source of good tunes. http://www.kcrw.com. They have a 24 hour all music streaming channel or you can listen to what is on the air live. Take your $10 Spotify subscription and turn it into a public radio monthly donation.

selenana (#673)

@readyornot I love KCRW so much! Warren Olney is my favorite. I wanna marry him, I don’t even care that he’s 70.

Also your handle puts the ‘Fugees song in my head.

Yes thank you!! I was looking for a good public radio music station (I don’t listen to KCRW or I get sad about not living in LA anymore) last week, I’ll add this to my playlist.

readyornot (#816)

(side note: I was totally expecting the alt-text on Meg Ryan to say, “harses harses harses harses.”)

elizabeast (#629)

I love The Current with my whole heart. I live nowhere near Minneapolis and I still donate money to them every year.

But real talk: who is your favorite DJ?! Do you ever get annoyed when Mary Lucia talks about her cats and her appliances breaking? Do you LOVE Steve Seel?!

@elizabeast Mark Wheat and Bill Deville are my guys.

highjump (#39)

Minnesota Public Radio (News/Current/Classical) is the MOST wonderful. I love my home state so much.

thx all! Someone spotted this posting and forwarded it to us… Thx for supporting public music radio! Much love and music from The Current! – Jim McGuinn, Program Director, The Current

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