Women use “xoxo” and men do not, write Jessica Bennett and Rachel Simmons, and those women are using it IN WORK EMAILS. They try to suss out whether it’s a good or bad thing, but my thought is: I love loving everyone and I love everyone loving me. SMOOCHES. KISSES. HUGZ. XOXOX. CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT? (IT’S IN THIS EMAIL.)

I tried to look up how many of my emails use xo or a variation but it was impossible without looking up every combo (x, xo, xox, xxo, xoxxo, xoxox, xxoxoxoxoxox, AND SO ON), so my best guess is “all of them.”


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karenb (#2,685)

i did a gmail search for “xoxo”, and got: my sister, my parents, my boyfriend. and zappos.com. i feel pretty good about never telling work contacts “xoxo”, seeing as they are often electricians and contractors.

I am almost positive that every email I end with xoxo is either followed by “Gossip Girl” or “BEEG KEES LEETLE KEES”

WaityKatie (#1,696)

But I know several (straight!) guys who do this? Not in work emails, though.

ThatJenn (#916)

Based on my gmail search for “xo,” I have never done this and neither has almost anyone else in my life (one girl I dated in high school used it in a Facebook post on my wall a couple of years ago, and my stepsister with whom I did not grow up used it in an email to the whole family).

But I do talk about how much I love my OXO-brand kitchen gadgets and I have a number of papers from college & grad school that reference oxo compounds.

@ThatJenn “oxo brand kitchen gadgets” lololol

OhMarie (#299)

@ThatJenn My search for “XO” is the only thing that reminded me that I used to work with a drug that has a real weird name starting with “Xo.”

After updating to “xoxo,” the only thing I found was a joke email from my husband. Success!

KatNotCat (#766)

@ThatJenn Apparently I have a friend who does this a lot, both in emails and in Facebook wall posts. A lot, but I only noticed because I searched. I almost wish I didn’t know…

A search for “xo” and “xoxo” mostly yields conversations with my sister, my mom, boyfriend, and some misc female friends – about 200 total. No work emails. Hopefully that trend continues.

selenana (#673)

Some of my British dude friends end their mails/texts with “x.” And they’re pretty laddish.

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