Unions and Snackcakes


Sarah Jaffe is a great resource for more on the Hostess mess and how it’s actually part of THE CLASS WAR. Here’s a link to a Storify she created of smart Tweets on the subject, and here’s a statement from AFL-CIO that she linked to. Her own must-read post starts: “The closing of Hostess is union-busting, pure and simple.”


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How is this union-busting? There is literally no benefit to the owners to close the company, except not fall into deeper debt. Additionally, the largest debt Hostess held was to the union members pensions, so any profits from the sales of its assets is going to go to the union workers anyways. There is no “bottom-line” when the Hostess owners will probably come out of this liquidation with a loss.

She literally made no point about how this was union busting except that Hostess claimed it couldn’t pay the workers high wages so it shut down. Apparently she thinks once you declare bankruptcy, you have nothing to lose? That’s not really how it works. I don’t follow any of it.

WaityKatie (#1,696)

@Alex Shepard@facebook Companies can discharge their union contracts in bankruptcy. They come out of bankruptcy: voila, no more union. How is that not union busting?

pisze (#6,199)

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