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Turkey Planning

Do you know where you’re going to get your Turkey or Tofurkey or Turkducken or whatever big thing you’re planning on eating on Thanksgiving? I’m already seeing a bunch of turkey pieces floating around.

Logan and I are discussing our Thanksgiving plans this morning, which we’re still unsure about, but last year, I spent it alone, singing carols softly to myself while roasting a single turkey breast in the oven (it was delicious—the trick is brining it).

Okay, that sounded sad (especially considering my previous post), but I actually had a fine time (scout’s honor!).

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RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I am eternally grateful for my parents’ continued policy of “we want you home for this holiday, so we will pay for your travel.” Mostly because when I booked my Amtrak tickets from NYC to DC for Thanksgiving back at the end of July, they were already $275. I think my brother’s flight home from college in Michigan was less.

So. I will work a half day on Wednesday, and I’m on a 2pm train to DC. Wednesday night I’m going out with my brother and cousins, because my brother just turned 21. Thursday I will cook with my mom, and we’ll stuff our faces. And then I get to hang out with the family through Sunday afternoon!

wearitcounts (#772)

“i’m already seeing a bunch of turkey pieces floating around” translated to an entirely different mental image in my head.

oiseau (#1,830)

Aw, Mike. Glad it was ok anyway.

This year my boyfriend had 1 beer too many when we ate dinner with his family and grandiosely promised everyone that this year, he will make the turkey. He is currently regretting this a little, but is conjuring a plot to get a ready-made one from a fancy grocery store, then warm it up in the oven and pretend he cooked it from scratch.

emilies (#956)

I host a friend Thanksgiving every year and it’s the best! It usually ends up being all people from the Midwest because we’re just far enough that you have to fly and its SO EXPENSIVE. Especially since Christmas is four weeks later and those flights are also SO EXPENSIVE.

But really I just use not being able to afford the ticket as an excuse to have a super fun Thanksgiving with friends.

annecara (#1,914)

This will probably be our (=my parents, my husband, and I) last Thanksgiving at a fancy restaurant. Next year I might get coerced into hosting.

I procured one turkey (via Whole Foods) for fake-thanksgiving with friends this coming weekend, and then another via my CSA to arrive on the 17th for real Thanksgiving which I am in charge of for the first time. Turkeys are expensive! The CSA one was the more expensive, probably because it had a happier life. I’m cool with that.

professionalmess (#1,478)

The past few years I’ve done something different each time. One time I hosted, last year I went to a friend’s, and this year a friend invited me to her parents’. But on Black Friday, my boyfriend and I are going to have second Thanksgiving so that we have all our favorites and all the good leftovers.

I have a fun tradition of celebrating Tgiving with my best girl friends from high school (we made a funny pact that we would celebrate throughout college because we went to high school abroad and most of our families at the time were still overseas). We’re doing it in my apartment and I already ordered the turkey off of Freshdirect!

Slutface (#53)

I’m going to the movies by myself. I can’t fucking WAITTTT!!! Seriously, I already know what pair of sweatpants I’m wearing.

We are going to Miami for kosher Thanksgiving with my fiance’s parents and their Orthodox Jewish extended-family-of-choice. Since he and I and his brother are vegetarian, I’d like to make something vegetarian to share, but I don’t think they could eat it unless we made it in their kitchen, which seems like an imposition. Diet etiquette, it is complicated!

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

@cuminafterall This is somewhere I can give advice! First, ask if you can use their kitchen, because they will probably be touched that you want to help. But in general, you can do things like: use disposable or brand new everything in the preparation of your dish, wrap your counters in two layers of tinfoil before you start cooking, and make your oven kosher by running the self-cleaning cycle if it has one, or otherwise turning it up to the highest temperature for about 45 minutes. Run all this by them, but it’s probably easier than you would think if you can keep it to mostly oven-based cooking. Stove top would probably require a new pan and new utensils, which is harder.

@RachelG8489 I had no idea you could kosherize a goy kitchen! Will definitely have to talk to our hosts– thanks for the info!

OhMarie (#299)

I am going to an Aunt’s for actual thanksgiving, but my husband and I are hosting a friend thanksgiving called Fakesgiving. We will drink all of the wine! Should be great!

OhMarie (#299)

@OhMarie Oh, but my husband messed up the Facebook invite and my mom saw it and accepted, so now I have to uninvite her. Boooo.

Marzipan (#1,194)

I will be going home to see my family, who I love with the strength of a thousand suns. My parents, my five siblings, and their significant others, and my 7 nieces and nephews, and I cannot wait. CAN NOT WAIT. I don’t know, I just really miss them, you guys.

honey cowl (#1,510)


hellonheels (#1,407)

My boyfriend and I are flying from San Francisco to Boston next Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving break with my family in New Hampshire. The tickets cost an arm and a leg even though I bought them in August, but on the bright side, his family quite considerately lives in LA so we can drive there for Christmas.

I’m sure my grandma, who hosts, just bought the largest turkey available at her preferred local supermarket to feed the 20 or so people attending. Also my cousin recently shot a moose so I am guessing the adventurous among us will be dining on moose as well – just like the pilgrims!

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