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Ramen Gnocchi

One of the things I miss about having cable is watching The Food Network, which was probably my go-to channel whenever I felt like zoning out. I especially loved the shows where chefs took viewers to their favorite places to eat in various cities.

This is why I’ve been so happy to watch The Mind of the Chef on PBS, and that the episodes are available online for streaming. The first season follows David Chang of Momofuku fame, and the first episode covers ramen, which I also ate raw as a snack when I was a kid. I love that Chang can take such a common, cheap food item and turn it into gnocchi. It’s so brilliant.


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Megano! (#124)

How the Food Network has not made a console/computer app kinda like Netflix I have no idea. People would definitely pay for it. It’s also the channel I always watched when I had cable (and usually watch when I’m at my family’s up north).

RosemaryF (#345)

Real talk – uncooked ramen is absolutely DELICIOUS! I don’t even bother with the flavor packet.

selenana (#673)

I didn’t eat it raw but always liked it barely cooked, still kind of chewy/crunchy. Like as soon as the noodles could be pulled out of their block shape. I still eat it like that.

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