Psychology Says No One is Going Anywhere

“… In a matter of weeks Republicans who promised to decamp to Canada if Barack Obama won a second term will go back to living the same lives in the same country they inhabited before the calamity of a Democratic victory in the 2012 Presidential election.” —The Atlantic on why people threaten—and maybe even believe—that they’ll move to Canada or Costa Rica or whatever country if their candidate loses, and why they won’t.


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As someone who did immigrate to Canada for apolitical reasons, I would also like to point out that it is huge pain in the ass to immigrate to another country.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@Bethany Murray@twitter Tell us more of your story?! It’s relevant to my interests…

@Bethany Murray@twitter Yes: I ended up not moving to Canada, for a job, because of various visa-related things (which included having the job offer rescinded and being offered to a–much less qualified– Canadian citizen because they just didn’t want to deal with paying for the immigration stuff.)

It was really easy to move to Germany, though.

Nick (#1,548)

@angry little raincloud How did you deal with the language barrier?

@Nick No barried for me; I speak German!

(But, seriously. Plenty of people don’t. I taught English for a while, and I was shocked how few of my colleagues spoke even rudimentary German and how little interest they had in learning. They were language teachers! My sense was, you can totally get by. I know several non-German speaking artists who live in Berlin, too.)

jacqueline (#653)

Message to all Romney supporters: Canada doesn’t want you.

I immigrated under the family class, so I married a Canadian citizen and he sponsored my application (we talked about him moving the states, but after weighing pros and cons, gut feelings, money etc, we decided that I would go Canada). I was one of those people who never really wanted to get married so I looked at immigrating under some of the other categories but that is quite hard unless you have a lot of cash on hand as well as a job offer.
So we got married, hired an immigration lawyer and started filling out forms.

The process is pretty nerve wracking, you have to prove that your relationship is genuine and figure out all kinds of dates when things happened (when did your spouse meet you parents? your close friends? etc) and like, skype call and chat records, copies of letters and phone bills and emails, pictures, just as much stuff as possible. You need to send your finger prints to the FBI and get any records they have on you. You have to find an approved doctor and get a medical exam done which includes an HIV test and a chest x-ray for TB. The application fees themselves are over $1,000 plus you have to pay for the medicals and everything yourself. And you have to time it right because the FBI documents are only good for three months and medical for a year I think? Anyway, we forgot to sign a declaration on one page so they sent the whole things back and I signed it and resubmitted and then waited.

We actually got approved pretty quickly (yay) but then you have make a record of everything you own that you are bringing and actually get it across the border (more $$$). And I have had a really hard time finding work (we are out in Atlantic Canada which has high unemployment and no one wants to call my awesome American references). So yeah, moving to Canada takes quite a bit of time and money and is pretty hard to pull off on a whim.

@Bethany Murray@twitter Wow, I believe Immigration Canada is actually making these laws more strenuous because they think too many people take advantage. I had no idea there was that much involved to start!

ghechr (#596)

I remember when W was elected and then re-elected liberals said the same thing- they were going to flee to Canada en masse. I don’t know a single person who actually did it, maybe because of the reasons Bethany Murray listed above.

lindseykai (#1,544)


lololol LINDSEY you have won today’s TYPO FINDER prize. i’m not sure what it is exactly. “feeling of smugness,” maybe?

lindseykai (#1,544)

@Logan Sachon I’ll wear it with pride. :)

Fig. 1 (#632)

@Logan Sachon “psychologanogy”

LHOOQ (#1,634)

I did this, I guess. I jokingly threatened to leave the country if Bush won in 2000, and then I did actually leave the US in 2001 and have never lived there on a permanent basis since. But it had nothing to do with the election.

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