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Nickelback Not Loved, But Very Rich

A Nickelback show costs around $230,000 to produce, according to UEG, about average for a touring group. A seat goes for about $61, a fraction of Gaga’s prices. At that price, venues usually sell out. The group averages about 11,000 fans a stop: That’s $671,000 a show. According to UEG, ticket sales for about 80 shows in North America and Europe should gross about $53 million in 2012.

In Noblesville, two sales tents are packed throughout the night. Stand operator Brittany Baker, 22, says some of Nickelback’s logo-adorned offerings, such as $10 beer cozies and $40 T-shirts, are standard for most groups that roll through. They’ve also got $4 collectible cups, a $30 set of drum sticks, and $20 red panties with “Rockstar” on them. UEG confirms that one stand alone can take in about $100,000 for the night. That could add up to as much as $200,000 per venue or an additional $16 million over the course of the tour.

I’m not the sort of person who shows disdain for musical acts that I don’t like (listen to whatever you want! Life is too short to be embarrassed about something that is pleasing to you). Nickelback’s music is not for me, but I find their ability to make tons of money while being one of the most hated bands in the world awe-inspiring. (“Right now it’s become trendy to hate Nickelback, and no one even knows why,” tour manager Kevin Zaruk says.) I don’t know why either—somebody (lots of somebodies!) are buying those $40 T-shirts.


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Dancercise (#94)

Literally the only Nickelback lyric I can think of is surprisingly apt: “How the hell’d we wind up like this?”

probs (#296)

One of the challenges of my life has been extricating myself from the hyper-critical, elitist mindset that I developed as an insecure teenager. In college, within minutes of meeting people, if they mentioned some band I didn’t like, I’d immediately say “ugh, they suck.” Who asked me!?
I still hate Nickelback and Olive Garden and a lot of other stuff, but other people’s tastes don’t hurt me, and I try to keep my douchey opinions to myself these days.

pearl (#153)

@probs Is Olive Garden a band? Or just a restaurant?

selenana (#673)

@probs Totally this.

sunflowernut (#1,638)

People hate Nickelback because the lead singer looks like the douchest douche to ever live. He hurts the eyes.

deepomega (#22)

No, people hate Nickelback because every Nickelback song sounds exactly the same. They just randomly generate new lyrics for each one using the NCKLBCK, their in-house AI.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I know why.

blair (#1,962)

Is this a good time to mention my favorite site-of-the-moment? Because it’s http://www.look-at-this-photograph.com and it makes every picture ever better

Except this one :(

There’s a Kiwi band called the Feelers whom I would say is our equivalent of Nickelback. They write to a formula; every song is a variation of the same, reasonably foot-tappy type.

I admire Nickelback for churning out catchy songs and making buttloads of money. I sing along when they come on the radio, though I wouldn’t go to their concerts. But as they said in a recent interview, LOTS of people do – they pack out stadiums. I wonder how many of those concert goers are closet fans who wouldn’t admit to it in real life?

Scorn vs riches…

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