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My Colombian Bread Secret

Live in Elizabeth, Union City, N.J. or in Queens, N.Y. Or take a road trip, because these are the best places (that I can vouch for) to get Colombian bread within the U.S.

Once you’re there, look around for a panederia AKA bakery, and rejoice in carb and sugar heaven. Some of the bread has little surprises of arequipe (dulce de leche), or guava paste. The most important ingredient is CHEESE. Yes. Cheese. Pandebono, buenelos, almojabanas and the like have some type of cheese baked in them. Pure deliciousness.

Or you can just find a Colombian grandmother, be her friend, and she would gladly bake for you and feed you until you feel like a busted can of Pillsbury biscuits.


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Photo: DannySan


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sea ermine (#122)

You can also get good Colombian food (and bread) in NOVA (but not D.C.). Also sometimes grocery stores have pandebono mix (I’ve seen buñuelo mix too but imho pandebono is way tastier than buñuelos), it’s not as good as from scratch but still pretty tasty. Don’t bother with the pandebono that comes in a box and then you microwave it, those are always dry and soggy all at once for some reason.

Also, for bread bread (as opposed to cheese bread) german bakeries are the best places. Especially Bretzel Brötchen which are the delicious pretzel rolls that you can cut open and put cheese or lunch meats inside. I like to slice them open, spread some brie inside, toast it so the brie melts, and then put the top of the bread back on top.

oiseau (#1,830)

Would just like to say… have been staring at the photo of Colombian bread for quite a few minutes and it is all I can think about. Come to me, sweet little morsels, come to me now.

theotherginger (#1,304)

@oiseau leap out of the computer at me, please, can you?

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