Must Have Skills for Getting Must Have Jobs In Our Trying Economic Times

The WSJ has a quick list of FOUR MUST-HAVE JOB SKILLS to land a job in 2013! My favorite must have job skill for landing a job in 2013: PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT. Writes the WSJ: “In 2013, workers should find new ways to increase productivity, experts say. Executives are looking for a 20% improvement in employee performance next year from current levels.”

SO BASICALLY, if you want 1 job, you need to be prepared to do 2-3 jobs (but don’t expect to get paid for more than the 1, actually expect to get paid for probably less than the 1). Ahhhh.

The actual most-important skill for getting a job—”Knowing someone who can get you a job”—isn’t on the list, but maybe it’s just so obvious as to be implied.


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wearitcounts (#772)

haha this is SO TRUE. my colleague just got laid off, and my job just got “restructured” to include both jobs. pay raise? nope. i’m just supposed to be grateful that i’m still here.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@wearitcounts I’m dealing with a similar issue at my job. Still in negotiation period, but my hopes are rather dim that there will be a raise at the end of the tunnel. It would make me sad to leave because I love the work I do and my colleagues, but I may not have a choice :/

wearitcounts (#772)

@LO bummer. i did not get a “negotiations period.” i just got a, “here’s your new job description!” three-minute meeting.

julebsorry (#1,572)

@wearitcounts I got one of those. Literally a two or three minute stop-and-chat: “Oh, coworker so-and-so is leaving – can you sit with her and learn her job? Document all of it where possible, too…thanks!” Magically, I now have the duties of two people. Def planning on bringing it up at my year-end review, though…

wearitcounts (#772)

@julebsorry haha aren’t they the best? yeah, that’s kinda my plan too. in the absence of leverage, i’m going to do my best to generally kick ass for the next 7 months and in june be all, “sooo about that yearly increase…”

Worker Parasite (#2,292)

@julebsorry Good luck! I tried that route. After 3 months on the job I was given a second job with no increase. When I brought it up six months later I was given a promotion, small increase in pay, and a third job. In the two yearly reviews since then (in which I brought up that I was doing tasks that used to take 3 people to do) I’ve been given 2-3% increases with “THE ECONOMY” and “THE GOVERNMENT” being blamed for why there wasn’t more available.

keaton (#2,721)

What about your contract though? Wouldn’t you be able to point to that/point out the need to renegotiate it if you are taking on a new role? Or am I just living in a fantasyland where such things are actually take seriously by employers :/

Keck (#2,466)

Really WSJ? This is a completely useless list, perhaps meant to draw me to the site (which it did, it totally worked). So, basically I should develop the “skills” of mind-reading, shit-eating and “communicating” (whatever that means). Whatever happened to actual, tangible skills like touch-typing and spreadsheet construction. Come on WSJ, give me something I can work with!

littleoaks (#1,801)

@Keck Wellll, there is my favorite line from the article: “Ms. Haberfeld has a client whose employee recently posted on her personal Facebook page about eating Chinese food and smoking ‘reefer.’” Apparently you are not supposed to do this! Thanks WSJ.

keaton (#2,721)

The WSJ’s “article” is so banal as to be insulting. Communication, productivity, flexibility, online savvy/professionalism, mmm-hmm.

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