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More Than Yelp for Golden Girls

Silver Living is a sick new startup that provides unbiased and well-researched reviews of senior living facilities. Their team does multiple site visits, interviews employees and residents, takes pictures, and then presents it all online for free. They also include pricing, which is never advertised for these facilities. If you book a facility visit through their site and then join, that’s when they get their commission.

This is super smart. A startup that provides a MUCH NEEDED service ay yi yi. Check plus. Right now they’re covering facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with plans to expand.


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P.J. Morse (#665)

Many virtual hugs to these people. They are going to have their hands full when they start reviewing the facilities of Florida, don’t you think?

The pricing is such helpful information. I didn’t realize the services cost so much. Time to start saving now!

TARDIStime (#1,633)

We need this worldwide, already!
Seriously, I find it weird that this is only a Thing as of now – doesn’t it feel like this should always have been on offer as an enterprise/service?

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