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Monday Check-In: Team Rubicon

Happy Monday! Let’s check-in.

On Friday, I spent $59.13 at The Home Depot on my volunteer supplies (push broom, shovel, work gloves, headlamp, masks, goggles) to help out in The Rockaways, and I spent my Saturday out in Rockaway Beach at the Surf Club under the supervision of Team Rubicon, a two-year nonprofit made up of military veterans and medical professionals who got together to help out in Haiti after discovering that it takes large organizations like the Red Cross weeks to get on the ground because of all the bureaucracy they have to work through (the Red Cross has received a lot of criticism for moving too slowly after Sandy, and my own experience volunteering with the Red Cross in the last few weeks have been not so great). I worked with a great group of volunteers to help homeowners clean out and demo their flooded basements, and the residents appeared to be happy to have us there to help out. I’ll definitely be going back out.

I grabbed a burger after returning to my apartment ($8.55) and did a grocery store run on Sunday ($28.18). Edit: I also gave $30 to the organization I was with to help pay for the bus to get out to The Rockaways. Total this weekend: $125.86

And how were your weekends?


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Blondsak (#2,299)

Friday: I spent $70 on a haircut and updo for a special event, and $30 on perfume and makeup as well.

Saturday and Sunday: Nothing! But only because I became quite ill and couldn’t leave the apartment. Today I am at work and sucking it up because I need the money. Wish I was a blogger so I could just stay at home and work from bed if need be! ;)

Total: $100

wearitcounts (#772)

i spent so much money this weekend i can’t even bear to add it up.

i regret nothing.

breakfast (#633)

Friday: basically free. Had drinks and snacks at a friend’s house, then went to some openings where I freeloaded beers because another friend was barkeeping.

Saturday: Left my wallet, phone, and gloves at my friend’s house from the night before, so I was pretty cheap. Did spend $25 that was sitting in my sock drawer on Thanksgiving produce from the Farmer’s market. Saturday night, party at the BMA which was also free, because I didn’t feel like dealing with the drink lines. Then, $11 at a bar after.

Sunday: Boyfriend bought us bagel sandwiches to eat while walking the dog, then later big shopping trips: $35 at IKEA (+$8 on IKEA snacks), $20 at home depot, $25 at Trader Joes. $5 to do laundry.
TOTAL: $130.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@breakfast Haha, I love (and am jealous!) that those are “big shopping trips” for you. When it comes to IKEA, etc., I would LOVE to walk in and only spend $35! Or only $50, for that matter.

breakfast (#633)

@LO More big shopping trips in the sense that we had to drive to the ‘burbs and go to three stores. I’ve definitely been known to do much more damage at IKEA!

I’m impressed by your commitment to volunteerism, Mike!

Instead of giving of my time and talents this weekend, I watched a bunch of movies. Friday I ate dinner at home instead of buying food out, so my predicted $10 wasn’t spent. (Plus I made $28 for babysitting two sweet kids).

Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some stuff to make Christmas presents. I picked up some buttons and a little sewing kit, and some beads to put on my holiday packages ($11). I also got some cloth napkins at Target ($10), but I think I’m returning those because I found more appropriate ones at Crate & Barrel ($20) (so -$10 for the Target ones). (This is the project: http://www.marthastewart.com/271473/fruity-button-embroidery-napkins) (And the finished project, if anyone cares: (http://instagram.com/p/SMXjTzHbje/)

Saturday I also went to the fancy cinema, CineBistro, where I sat in a leather armchair with a tray table for my crab dip and bourbon & ginger, while I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2. Ahhhmazing. And I was right on the money with my $40 prediction for that outing (ticket and food).

Sunday I had lunch with a friend ($13, not worth it in hindsight but the company was good) and then we went to see Twilight again because I’m dumb and couldn’t tell her I’d already seen it. $8 for the matinee ticket plus $5 for a soda. Then I went to Target for lotion and cokes and a soap dispenser and a new compact, and also bought these little hedgehog candles that I’d been wanting forever (they were marked down to $2 each so I finally caved). ($25)

So my total was nearly twice as high as expected: $91, not counting the $31 for the gift supplies. Blah.

dotcommie (#662)

Friday: $30 buying dinner for me and my dude, $8 on snacks at a “trapped in the closet” sing along, $10 at a bar, $20 on cabs
Saturday: $9 on lunch, $17 on dinner
Sunday: $10 on brunch, $10 on coffeeshop snacks for studying, boyfriend treated me to a delish dinner of filipino food (i chipped in $5 for wine)

total: $119

maebyfunke (#292)

@dotcommie please tell me more about the “trapped in the closet” sing along. Is it exactly what it sounds like?

joyballz (#2,000)

@dotcommie Was this at music box? How was it?

amirite (#2,677)

My estimate was pretty accurate!
Grocery store: $36.75
Farmer’s market: $26.25
Going out dancing: $6
Coffee/cookie: $5.15
Laundry: $6

Maladydee (#909)

My estimate was pretty accurate:
Friday – $90 on groceries, $70 on a new hoodie, $10 on a bottle of wine
saturday – $2 for coffee and a muffin
sunday – $2 for coffee and a muffin, $5 for lunch.
Total : $179
Sadly, I did not get a dishwasher this weekend. Still doing dishes by hand, boo.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I spent so much money this weekend. Ugh.

Friday I spent $36 on craft beer for my brother for his birthday and $9 on assorted card, tissue paper, bow. I also spent $22 on dessert to bring to our family dinner.

Saturday I spent $6 at Dunks on breakfast and then I got a haircut and color (planned expense, built into the budget). But my lady was super busy, so she farmed me out to someone else for the blow dry, which meant an extra person to tip. So that came to $180 instead of my usual $170.

Sunday I did dinner at friend’s house and she cooked dinner and I brought fancy cupcakes ($15). I got a latte at Starbucks ($5) and bought my boyfriend and myself pizza for lunch ($11). I also did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. I’m cooking five dishes (app, 2 sides, 2 desserts) and needed some basics like flour and sugar, plus I had to get stuff for my mom, so that came to a wincing $157.

So all said and done, $441. This is why I always feel like I have no money.

I didn’t do as badly as I thought I might!
$129 on boots (I have been researching riding boots for a month or so, and finally found a great pair at DSW that, while a little more than I wanted to spend, are more than worth in terms of style and quality. I love them so much I nearly slept in them last night, but that would be gross/weird.)
$90 at the hanes outlet, but my mom owed me $60 so I really paid $30 here
$50 at Marshall’s on some more wool sweaters and fleece lined tights because my office is frah-eez-ing
$6.37 lunch with a friend on Saturday
Friday I also spent $20 or so on various airport food/drinks, but I had taken that cash out of my checking account almost two weeks ago so I counted it as spent already

So $215.

charmcity (#1,091)

$35 on dinner Friday, $15 on coffeeshop brunch for two Sunday, $20 for Sunday dinner fixings (which will also be Monday dinner). $5ish for Metro fares overall. This was a real lying-low weekend but I still spent $75! I need to be better about the Friday planning part of the check-in, methinks.

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Picked up the Left Hand of Darkness at Barnes & Noble for book club/Thanksgiving plane rides ($17); Mexican dinner with my boyfriend ($13)

Saturday: Bagels with BF for breakfast ($8); groceries ($20); a new pair of corduroy pants on sale at J Crew ($45); tacos for lunch ($7); monthly Netflix fee ($8)

Sunday: Nada! Stayed in and did work/cleaning/TV watching

Total: $118. Not bad!

heatherosej (#2,711)

Friday: $5 at grocery store, $1.27 at Redbox for Safety Not Guaranteed (which I feel asleep during and have not yet returned- so $5.08 so far), $5 tip for pizza delivery

Saturday: $100 on boots. Went to the inlaws for dinner in the suburbs.

Sunday $40 at gamestop for the Husband’s birthday and $30 for a shirt at Macy’s with a gift card, so that was free. $8.50 for lunch.

Total: $163.58- felt like a pretty cheap weekend. Doesn’t count the $55 my husband spent on groceries.

lhorntx (#2,302)

$11 on Skyfall movie ticket (loved the movie). $25 on cajun mac and cheese (which was blah) and fried pickles (pretty good) to eat during the movie. $4 at Walgreens on miscellaneous. Total spent $40.

I spent $11 on two everything bagels with egg and cheese, coffee and OJ at So’s Your Mom (best deli within walking distance of my house, best deli name in the world).
$33 at Target for a picture frame and groceries.
$6.20 for vegan cupcakes because hormones.
$1.30 Redbox rental of Magic Mikes, also because hormones.
$5 donation to a local charity in exchange for delicious Thanksgiving carbs at my fiance’s office’s annual dinner.

$56.50! Probably my cheapest weekend in a while, and for a while to come since the holidays are fast approaching.

wallrock (#1,003)

Well I kind of blew well past my planned amount and I’m going to straight up blame my sister for it. She got tickets to the UW-OSU game on Saturday and decided to come up and stay with me on Friday night. I left work early and met her at my place where we split a bomber of Pumking I’d been saving for her. Then we went out for dinner, stopping for gas along the way ($37). She felt like sushi since the small town where she teaches doesn’t have much aside from Friday night fish fry, so we went to her favorite place and ordered four rolls between us ($63 inc. tip). After dinner we decided to go out and see Joe Pug. I let my sister pay for parking and since we had a bit of time before the show started we grabbed a cocktail at a bar downtown, where again I graciously let my sister pay. I insisted on paying for both our covers ($24) and a couple of beers ($10 inc. tip) and we enjoyed the show very much. After the show wrapped up my sister indicated she was a mite peckish so I stopped to get her a slice ($7 for both of us) and then a burrito ($8) as she still wasn’t quite sated.

Saturday morning I took her out for breakfast ($25 inc. tip) and dropped her off with her friends. I met up with my buddies and we hit up a free tailgate before the game. After the OT heartbreak we hiked downtown for a consolation dinner and a couple pitchers ($25). On the way there a man randomly gave me a couple of free tickets to the UW – Cornell basketball game on Sunday, as he was going to be out of town and didn’t want to bother with selling them.

Sunday AM I drove down to my parents’ to help with a bit of yard work, buying bulk coffee ($33) and the Sunday Trib ($3) on the way. After having lunch with them I met up with my friend and went to the basketball game. I paid for parking ($5) and he bought two rounds at the bar. After the game we stopped for dinner at a new restaurant by his place and I got him back for earlier ($43).

thenotestaken (#542)

I’m chiming in with those who went over budget this weekend.
Friday was my worst day, I think I reached at least $60 between wine and cheese to bring to a friend’s house and beers out, but my memory is foggy due to two of those three items.
Saturday I spent $3 at a cafe then I think around $15 for dinner? I also owe my roommate $20 for a concert we unexpectedly went to where she covered my entry and drinks due to my not having cash.
Sunday I spent $3 at a cafe, $30 at the pharmacy, and $2 on groceries.
So 60 + 48 + 35 = $143, more than twice my projection! The concert was an unexpected expense and I had maybe thought I would be reimbursed a bit by my friend for Friday’s wine and cheese stuff but she didn’t mention it and I didn’t want to push it since she made dessert and since I see her often I figure everything evens out in the end. And I hadn’t planned on getting pharmacy stuff even though I was running low on several necessities.

@thenotestaken cheese makes me super forgetful too

annecara (#1,914)

The bill for our cat’s vet appointment ended up being about $190. Add in some groceries and pizza, and I think we probably hit about $250 for the weekend.

eagerber (#1,958)

Friday: $7.55 on Mansfield Park (never read it before), then $11 on Anna Karenina plus $8 for the popcorn/soda combo. $10.60 for beers at our favorite local bar.

Saturday: $21.89 for ethiopian food with my friend from out of town, plus $27.80 on drinks at Dodge City.

Sunday: Worked most of the day at my part-time job, then spent $69.11 on groceries. Which was not far off my estimate of $60, but–I found and bought Chocovine, as inspired by the recipe on the Hairpin: http://thehairpin.com/2012/11/the-chocovine-chocolate-red-wine-cake#more. Chocovine cost $10.99, so without it, I would have stayed within my $60 estimate.

We’re having a Thanksgiving brunch here today at work, so I cooked up some more applesauce-raisin muffins and also made some lemon drop breakfast cookies last night. Good end to the weekend. Yumm.

TOTAL: $155.95, which is higher than my $128 estimate. I wasn’t anticipating getting drinks after dinner with my friend, so that (and the chocovine) made my expenses higher!

Megano! (#124)

I had a pretty spendy weekend, though not as spendy as it could have been.
Friday – I think I spent $20 on like, cookies and stuff. Oh, and a prescription refill. Maybe it was $25.
Saturday – met an old friend at Yorkdale Mall, and we hung out and had lunch. I think I spent about $50 on lunch and Bioshock 2 (IT WAS 15 DOLLARS), and Inglourious Basterds (IT WAS 8 DOLLARS) and body oil (I AM SO DRY AND ITCHY).
Sunday — $54 on groceries. I had not been for a proper grocery shop in…a while.

sockhopbop (#764)

So many dollars! Friday wasn’t so bad: $7 on mochi and tea followed by $5 for a meditation-yoga class.

But Saturday: $4 on latte + tip, $104 for cut-and-color + tip, $3 in ATM fees (emergency because the salon is cash-only for tips), $40 gas to drive out to Natick to see my friend, her sister, and her sister’s new baby, about $5 worth of tolls, and $35 on groceries at Trader Joe’s.

Then I had a friend passing through town on Sunday, so we grabbed lunch at a farm-to-table place ($14 including tip)and thankfully spent the rest of the day on free activities like hiking, cooking, and a Girls marathon with her HBO Go account.

Total: $217. But a fun time!

kellyography (#250)

Instead of going to a show on Friday, I went to Trader Joe’s, spent $26, and made a bunch of food. Saturday, I spent $2.50 to get to Brooklyn, $5 cover for a show, $15 on two drinks + tip (ripoff), and walked to a friend’s where I spent the night. Sunday morning I got a bagel ($2) and got a ride back to NJ (free!) where I saw Skyfall ($6, pretty good) and walked home where I napped and ate cookies and put up Christmas lights (also free).

Total: $54, more than I’ve spent on a weekend in a long time.

kellyography (#250)

@kellyography Oh I forgot, I spent $4 on eyeliner which I have yet to understand how to use. $58 total!

ThatJenn (#916)

I spent $20.13 at the grocery store Saturday on a few supplemental supplies, got $50 cash back for traveling this week (haven’t spent any yet), and posted my utility payment of $80.80 on Friday (I had $106 worth of credit – my utility bill would never be under $100 total). I didn’t do an estimate but I bet I would have estimated higher – no eating out, and my partner paid when we went to the movies, my groceries were on sale, and I did my business meeting at my business partner’s house so no need to buy coffee somewhere. Good thing, as I’m about to drive up to Maryland for the holiday and also go to the Container Store and maybe REI while I am there and go to my high school reunion at some restaurant/bar and that will all cost $$.

josefinastrummer (#1,850)

I feel like everytime I tried to pay for something this weekend, someone else was paying for it. At karaoke on Friday night, my boyfriend and another friend paid for my drinks, on Saturday another friend paid my way into a show and on Sunday night, my boyfriend paid for snacks and had a gift certificate for a bar. Lucky me!

But I did spend some money! On Saturday I went to the best ice cream parlor in Philadelphia and happily spent $7.50 on a Ladies Choice, which is peach ice cream, some kind of phosphate, and whipped cream. That night I spent $25 on dinner out with friends. On Sunday I did a charity bike ride and spent $20 on canned goods to donate, and then $10 for dinner afterwards and $2 for the subway because my bike broke at the end of the race. So $64.50 for a really full, fun weekend? Not bad!

joyballz (#2,000)

Friday: $24.08 at Trader Joe’s and $48 for the Milwaukee train tickets.

Saturday: $3.50 on parking because I always feel obligated to pay for parking when someone picks me up. $4.25 for the Metra to the burbs to see my brother for his birthday. $15.18 on a gift and a toothbrush at Target.

Sunday: $2 for a friend and I to buy scratch-off lotto tickets from the machine at the car wash. (It was my mom’s car that I took so she paid for the wash.) She didn’t win, but I won $5. Plus $3!!
Parents drove me home and took me to lunch and I paid for parking, $1.50.

I also bought various Starbucks drinks throughout the weekend, but I had giftcards so I’m not counting that.

Estimated: $130
Spent: $93.51 first time under budget!!!

inspector_tiger (#2,651)

well, I wound up spending nearly nothing. Gas to the garden was 5 € split, and then the birthdaycakeingridients for his mom & groceries for a feast of filled pumpkins was 8 € also split with the boyfriend. We stayed in as he was working and I was cooking a big weekend dinner and on sunday I visited my family and played super mario for freee :)
so 13€ total, that’s about 18-20 Dollar.

Tatiana (#194)

This was my first weekend in a while without visitors and without any big (read: expensive) plans, so I was estimating spending around $25. Instead, I somehow ended up at Target on Friday night and went way over my estimate:

Chipotle: $10
Target: $54 (I did need flannel sheets… and that $11 candle)
Lunch in Oakland + Bart fare: $30
Total: $94

@Tatiana Target is the bane of my Friday estimate

megsy (#1,565)

$65 this week. $20 each on two meals, $19 on a growler ($5 refundable deposit) and $5.26 on a mcdonald’s breakfast (after drinking the growler the night before)

questingbeast (#2,409)

Friday night- pints (£7), cigarettes (£3.50)
Saturday- lunch from sandwich shop (£4.50), Guardian (£2.20). Grocery bits (£6)
Sunday- Diet Coke and sweets for cinema (£2), two tickets for Skyfall (owed my boyfriend money; £12.20), MacDonalds x 2 after cinema (ditto; £9).
Total: £46.40. Pretty good! (Mostly because I didn’t drink much)

LizF (#1,399)

I went overboard this weekend. Friday I spent 20$ on sushi and ended up not going to the bar so that was a savings of probably 15$. This savings will not last, as you’ll see.

Saturday my boyfriend paid for groceries but then I decided to go dancing with a few friends at a club. I’m not really the club type. I rarely cross the river at night into Boston to go out. It is pricey. But I hadn’t seen these friends in a while so I took out 60$ from the bank and set that as my limit. I spent 45$ because a friend picked us up at the end of the night instead of getting a cab.
Sunday I spent $67 at Goodwill buying various well-patterned items to make into various projects. Then a friend who has a membership took me to an art museum AND after that my boyfriend let me use like 90$ in store credit that he earns at the comic shop he works at. So that was absolutely lovely on both their parts. Great weekend, great times. Ten dollars over my max projected budget. Hopefully I can sell some crafts at open studios in a couple weeks an recoup some of that!

faustbanana (#2,376)


Friday: Fell asleep with the lights on at 8pm. Free (but at what cost to my ego/social life/electric bill?)

Saturday: Trader Joe’s for party snax and Thanksgiving wine: $75
Thai food for lunch: $12
Picked up cat’s medication: $70 (though this goes in a separate budget called “cat stuff”)
Had a clothing swap on Saturday in which I acquired many nice new-to-me items of clothing for free!

Sunday: Hungover, required McDonald’s – $7. Required further snacks for Real Housewives of Atlanta viewing: $7.

Total: $101 out of a predicted $120. Not too bad.

selenana (#673)

Stayed in on Friday so $0.
Saturday, went to Roppongi to the vegetarian Taiwanese restaurant and ate alll the spring rolls and pot stickers (how do you call gyoza in Mandarin/Taiwanese?). 1000 yen. Ice cream after, 500 yen. Train fare for the night, 900 yen.
Sunday morning lazy ass coffee and pastries (for 2) 1600 yen. After that I had to take a practice language test, for which I was paid an honorarium of +2000 yen, which just about covers train fare and a snack. From there to Shinjuku where I got a quick dinner (channa masala, naan, and salad 900 yen) and then went to a show, 2300 yen for admission and drink. Train fare for the day around 1300 yen.
Total was 8500 minus honorarium so 6500 yen, or about 80USD.

Annifest Destiny (#2,700)

Friday night dinner: $20.
Saturday I spent $37 on music and some good pens for writing birthday letters to a couple of friends and my sister: a very worthwhile purchase. Less worthwhile was the $26 I overspent getting food supplies for my derby team’s bout and $3 on a pretzel at the game. I ended up taking some of the leftovers home, so I guess it works out. I also did my own grocery shopping: $28, so under budget there.
Sunday I went to lunch with a new friend ($10) and it was excellent and to the farmer’s market to get some Christmas gifts for my mom and aunt ($82- a little more than I expected). I didn’t end up getting my notary stamp until today when I paid $27 for the stamp and $10 to park for five minutes. Hate paying for parking.
Total: $240

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