Monday Check-In

It’s time to check in.

Most of my social plans were scrapped this weekend due to the partially-functionally public transportation in the city, but I did end up spending $27.93 on work gloves and cleaning supplies to help clean the park I live next to, and $48.47 at the grocery store. On Sunday afternoon, with much of the subway system back into action, a good number of my friends and I met up at one of our apartments. I brought a bottle of Prosecco ($16.32). Total weekend spending: $92.72

And how were your weekends?


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nutmeg (#1,383)

I paid utilities ($132) for my old apartment; Saturday I moved in with a girl I sort-of know from high school. I spent about $40 in various things I forgot and bought replacements for because I needed them anyway (face wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste- did I mention I forgot everything I had in the bathroom?). About $20 spent on food/take-out so I wouldn’t have to cook. My dad did buy me a cheeseburger ($10 with fries and a drink) I ate in roughly 3 minutes after the move on Saturday.

zamboni (#2,096)

@nutmeg Accidentally leaving all the stuff you had in the bathroom is a time-honoured moving classic.

megsy (#1,565)

I was working this weekend, doing samplings in liquor stores. My expenses (ice, cups) will be reimbursed so really I only spent $40.43 on food and then $35 on a scarf I had ordered last year from a monthly craft show and two tubes of lip balm.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

According to my receipts I spent $7.45 on a breakfast sandwich and coffee at the diner this weekend. Other than that I’ve been camped out mooching off the food and generators of my friends. New Jersey is still a frozen powerless wasteland. Back at work today appreciating the heat, running water, and gratuitous birthday cake more than usual. Still no power for a while though. Can I stay with you???

probs (#296)

@EvanDeSimone I hadn’t considered the survivalist benefits of the office cake table.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@probs I’m currently subsisting on a life sustaining slurry of instant coffee, powdered creamer, and Duncan-Hines frosting.

wearitcounts (#772)

@EvanDeSimone ikaria here we come, for reals.

eagerber (#1,958)

I’ve been spending way too much money on lunches/snacks/lunch supplements during the work week, so after taking a depressing tour of my fridge, I decided I would take the time to thoughtfully restock it and then prepare my lunches for the week ahead.

Therefore, and in addition to holing myself in my apartment to work on my thesis, the only money I spent was on a bottle of wine Friday night ($10.90) and a mega grocery trip Sunday ($123.18–which was after over $35 in coupons and $12 in Harris Teeter VIP card savings). Most of that bill was food, but there were some big ticket items in there as well (shampoo, conditioner, cumin, cayenne pepper, cheese) and items that will last me a while (whole wheat flour, corn meal, pasta, as well as the spices).

Yesterday I made:
-vegetarian chili in my crockpot
-zucchini pie (with onions, eggs, pepper jack cheese, homemade crust)
-corn bread
-apple sauce based raisin muffins

I also de-seeded a pomegranate, to enjoy with some salads I plan to accompany my lunches this week.

All in all, a productive weekend, and for the first time in a while, my lunches will be both savory and already paid for.

Slutface (#53)

I only spent $51!
$8 on a movie (Smashed. It was great!)
$3 coffee
$25 groceries
$15 gas

RachelW (#2,605)

I spent 36.55 of gas, 103.56 on groceries, and 452.49 on a vitamix from costco. So – kind of an expensive weekend, but my boyfriend and I had been discussing and planning for the purchase of the vitamix for about 6 months.

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Got pho and egg rolls for dinner with my boyfriend ($13); finally bought plane tickets to visit BF’s family in Houston for Christmas ($568 — eeeeek. although some of this may be reimbursed thanks to BF’s parents’ generosity)

Saturday: Bagels for me and BF ($8); biked over to Union Market for lunch and to the local Humane Society to play with cats($0 — BF paid for lunch and I successfully resisted the urge to adopt all the cats); grocery trip #1 to Whole Foods ($30)

Sunday: Bagel for brunch after a bike ride downtown ($5); new pairs of tights and a new wintery nail polish from CVS ($22); shopping trip #2 to Safeway ($10); shopping trip #3, back to Safeway because I forgot milk ($2); adding money to laundry card ($10)

Total: $100 on the nose without the plane ticket (not bad!), a whopping $668 with it.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

$60 on some date night takeout and personal care items. I was supposed to start holiday shopping but got super discouraged due to everyone’s champagne tastes. :(

Kate (#1,408)

If Friday counts as the weekend (and I think it does) I dropped $180 on a facial. Which was worth every penny. And on Saturday, I spent $50 on paper towels, kleenex, cat litter and lightbulbs. That’s it, actually!

Blondsak (#2,299)

This weekend was more spendy than I anticipated (I had estimated about $230 I think), but it was all fairly necessary so I don’t feel too bad.

Veterinarian appt. and meds for sick kitty (she’ll be okay soon though!): $120.

Getting a dress tailored for an upcoming wedding: $45 (way less than I thought it would be – we’ll see how well it fits next week.)

Wedding gift for said wedding: $26, plus a $4 card.

2 new pairs of dress pants and 2 new tops for work: $118.00. I had not intended to buy these this weekend, but my favorite store was having a 1-day buy-1-get-1-free sale across the entire store, and I REALLY needed new work clothes. I saved over $100 off the original prices, which made me feel better about it.

Total: $313.00. I also paid my credit card, rent, utilities, internet, and medication bills this weekend, but I consider those monthly expenses rather than weekend ones. Also, the total would make me cry :/

Megano! (#124)

I was at a conference all weekend and spent about $19 on food, which I barely had time to eat, because there were so many people to interview. I still didn’t get to them all!

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I did pretty good- nothing on Friday, $27 on delivery sushi as a treat on Saturday night. Sunday, $7 for an early showing “Pitch Perfect,” which made me laugh about my own college’s a capella scene (for which I was sort of a groupie?) and $6 for a small popcorn. $30 on a new cookbook that I really wanted. $10 on coffee and a sandwich at a coffee shop while flipping through said cookbook. $30 on groceries, which I used to make a recipe from the cookbook. Total, $110.

I spent $11 on farmer’s market vegetables, $58 on various other groceries, $19 on drugstore stuff and $45 on nutritional supplements. So $133 overall– a little over what I’d expected, but I’d forgotten I needed more protein powder.

I also had a few close calls with online shopping, but was able to talk myself out of it each time.

$80 at Joann’s, although it will be $79 soon because they overcharged me for something
$26 for a birthday present for a friend
$23 on gas
$80 (!!!!!!!) on groceries. This was kind of a stocking up trip, but I didn’t mean to stock up thaaaat much.

So I went over my budget ($155) by about $50.

@polka dots vs stripes oh and a donation to the Community Food Bank of NJ, they’re feeding a lot of Sandy victims.

Dancercise (#94)

I spent $20 on pizza delivery because it was the only thing that sounded good to me as I lay in the throes of day 3 of the Cold From Hell. Total bill was $14 something, but I didn’t want to deal with getting change, so I tipped generously.

I predicted $100 because I’m silly.

Friday I spent $35 at Target, presumably on Halloween clearance items…and at least one housewares clearance item. I literally can remember one thing I bought, a tray, for $6.58. Dumb. But okay, $35 there, $13 on dinner, $2 on a movie, $5 for a couple beers after the movie. Friday total $55.

Saturday was low-key, wandered around while my mom shopped, then went to a football game–spent $5 on a hot dog and hot chocolate.

Sunday: $10 at World Market, $7 at the farmer’s market, $3 for a bag of mulch at Lowe’s, $10 for more Halloween clearance, and $38 on groceries. Plus my Netflix payment came out of my account, another $8. Sunday spending was about $78.

Total weekend spending came out to $138. My gas tank is on empty and I’m still trying to decide which direction to drive for a show tonight–two hours north or one hour west. Maybe I should sit at home and think about what I’ve done…

wearitcounts (#772)

i predicted $125 and i spent All Of My Money this weekend because my new roommate and i had every kind of fun and my best friend’s new girlfriend surprise-visited from seattle. no regrets. also am sick in bed today and therefore not terribly interested in doing the math to figure out how much i actually spent.

but i lost a check i wrote to my landlord and had to cancel it for $30 which is an absurd and ludicrous fee. not cool.

honey cowl (#1,510)

I didn’t do quite as well as I’d hoped, but overall it was a good weekend for me!

breakfast (#633)

This weekend I finally got paid for a portfolio review I did back in October, so I did some necessary wardrobe restocking: $93 on some new boots that I can wear to work, and that won’t have holes in the soles like my old boots (taking them to the cobbler’s soon), $80 on a new Winter coat, that is folded on my dresser, because I am getting cold feet and it might be too big.

Also: $14 dinner out on Friday,
$20 farmer’s market Saturday, $26 at the bar for two friends’ birthdays, and $6 on mall food because I am a dummy and was waiting for my boyfriend to finish his errands and get me.
Sunday: $3 coffees before hiking with the dog, $11 on gas, and $6 on beer.
Total: $259, but the shopping was planned and covered by the portfolio gig (and I didn’t even use all the money!)

calamity (#2,577)

I spent $44 going out Friday night, $4.40 at Subway the next day, and $70 on groceries, toilet paper, and socks at Target. All badly needed. Also, I donated $15 to the DCCC because they asked nicely and I felt bad about not canvassing this weekend. Total: $133.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Cheap weekend overall. Nothing on Friday (boyfriend paid for cupcakes for family bonding), $35 on lunch Sunday with the Little Sister and $44 at CVS for cold meds, deodorant, and a few other things with $15 cash back to have some cash in my wallet, and nothing on Sunday due to said cold resulting in me spending the entire day curled up on the couch.

So just ~$65 as I still have the cash in my wallet.

probs (#296)

Friday I just went to my friends’ apartment and played srinking games of our own design (Six Pack Shootout, Ziggurat of Doom), so zero dollars.

Saturday- $22 at Safeway for a fried chicken meal (sucked) and groceries. $42 at Target for cast-iron pan, whisks, egg timer, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and paper towels. ~$115 authorization for Frank and Oak’s home try on crate dealie do. If I keep the clothes, I pay, if not, I won’t.

Sunday- $16 drinks and tip for girlfriend and myself after a friend’s a capella concert.

Total: $102 if I return the clothes. Not as good as I thought, but most of the Target stuff will last a long time. $217 if I keep the clothes.

probs (#296)

@probs also, can there please be a mobile version of the site? Commenting from my phone is crazy difficult.

joyballz (#2,000)

I went over budget, but I don’t feel guilty about it this time around because there is no booze and no cabs in my spending.

$0, hung around the apartment, cooked food, watched TV.

$10 copay at the eye doctor
$76.24 for frame, lenses and the copays involved with them
$15.61 at Chicago Diner for a veggie burger and iced chai + tip
$18.55 at Unabridged Books for 2 books for me and 1 book that will be a Christmas gift
$4.07 on two cans of pumpkin for cookies for potluck and future pumpkin stuff

$5 entrance fee for French market
$6 for two croissants from Penny Pastry
$5 for butter and sugar crepe + tip
$7.25 for laundry

Total: $147.97
I think my estimated was $80. I’m so optimistic on Fridays.

Friday was date night with boyfriend and he paid, $9 for a bottle of wine to bring to a friend’s house on Saturday, $20 to make a fancy cake, $5.80 for a latte & banana at a coffee shop. $34.80 in total. Not bad for the weekend after pay day.

My only regret is the latte. Almost immediately upon finishing it I saw a cat get hit by a car on the street outside, so aside from resenting the coffee shop for being so expensive I think it might have been the latte of doom.

sockhopbop (#764)

Oof Friday night did my weekend budget in, though it was nothing too crazy: just $35 on gas, $35 on groceries, $9 on Queen of Versailles, and $27 on a round of drinks plus tip. It was a really fun night, though!

Saturday I spent $13 on warm yoga (not Bikram as I thought — much better) and $10 on contra dancing (super fun). I also paid $6 for a 2-pack of Burt’s Bees chapstick because Winter Is Here.

Sunday I donated $50 to the Red Cross and booked hostels for Ireland with my BFF (just $10 for the 10% down payments, we were splitting).

So $195, I think? Not so great, Sockhopbop. Not so great.

foxinabox (#2,611)

$11.90 Take-out for dinner with the boyfriend

$5.00 Cookie and dunking milk at new (hip) milk and cookie bar in town
$10.00 Tickets to Argo, with my student discount card
$8.00 Parking in the city to watch movie (my fault for making us late)
$9.70 Take-out for dinner, again. Blerg.
$20.00 Petrol money to dutiful boyfriend for driving around all weekend

$10.99 Wine for potluck dinner

$75.60. That seems like much more than I expected. The whole, “ten dollars isn’t a lot of money!” thing – you think each purchase is no big deal, but then you lump them together, and it’s like “I should have just picked one thing to not care about!” This was my first time doing this exercise and it is illuminating/sobering. For some reason I think that I’m only spending $30/weekend. What world am I living in?

zamboni (#2,096)

@foxinabox The world where you just started keeping track of this, so that’s pretty normal?
Please keep us updated on the business fortunes of the hip milk and cookie bar, though.

helloimgreen (#998)

$8 on 4 beers & tip. went to a new bar with some work friends and it was ladies’ night: 2-for-1 drinks all night! and one beer was $3! so really i paid $1.50 for 2 beers!
$9 on drunk food for me and my roommate

$11 for lunch
$21.73 groceries

$44.65 at target on a birthday present for a 5 year old. this is my first kid’s birthday party as an adult. i may have overdone it.

total: $94.38

theotherginger (#1,304)

good weekend, much fun was had. but how much did it cost me?
Friday: was a national holiday. I had friends over on Thursday, one of them stayed over and we had breakfast on Friday (50 pesos for both of us, including tip) then I went to see the MegaOfrenda (3 pesos on subway), 10 pesos on fresh fruit juice, then to Coyoacán (5 pesos, bus), 80 pesos taco lunch (too expensive for tacos, but they were delicious, and I knew the friends would not get sick, which is kind of important). 3 pesos subway home. then, spontaneous drinking with new friends using alcohol already purchased and maybe 20 pesos more on water because the city had shut off the water supply, and also, because drinking water from the tap is a bad idea.
Saturday. 5 pesos bus to the city centre. got off bus because of traffic and used bike share instead. 3 peso metro. 70 pesos beer and sandwich with a friend who is bringing some books of mine back with her. then, more beer and such. This time, it was all paid for by others.
Sunday. outdoor market with a friend – she paid for the tacos because i had no change – then about 270 pesos on fresh fruit and vegetables. then 15 pesos on fresh coconut milk. then, sleeping for the remainder of the day.
The weekend was a win for 519 pesos (approx 39.80).

selenana (#673)

Expensive weekend for me.
Friday: dinner at garlic restaurant 1000 yen. Movie (Argo) 1200 yen and snax 500 yen.
Saturday: Drove to Nasu for my friend’s show. Gas and tolls around 9000 yen, show cover and drink 3500 yen, miscellaneous road food 1000 yen. It was so worth it – the venue was beautiful, the musician was in fine form, the drinks were especially delicious. I’m so glad I went.
Sunday: round trip train fare to pick up my new foster dog 3300 yen. Flaky buttery kouign amann en route 270 yen.
I’m probably forgetting something, so let’s say around 20,000 yen total, or about $240.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Grocery stock-up of doom: $60
Gap trip: $0 despite a coupon + store credit because WHAT is up with their winter line?!
Fancy concert date: $0 tickets pre-bought but
sushi dinner beforehand: $30

Saturday: $0! Breakfast at home, lunch with parents, dinner out but bf’s turn.

Sunday: $0 again! All meals at home, laziness and sloth for entertainment. Easy to save money when you’re too cold/overworked to go out.

Total= $90… not bad!

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