Get Naked While the Getting’s Good (And Free)

Quick! Right now if you want to go hang out in the Castro in San Francisco and wear no clothes in public, it will cost you $0. But after a vote today (assuming lawmakers decide to ban public nudity, which it is thought they will!), it will cost $100 the first time you wear no clothes in public and another $100 the second time you wear no clothes in public. The third time you wear no clothes in public, you’ll get charged $500 and spend a year in jail.  We are all never nudes now.


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hellonheels (#1,407)

Unfortunately today is literally the last day you’d want to be naked in San Francisco. It’s so cold and rainy! That said, I’m sure there are many, many nudists in Castro Plaza today in protest of the ban.

Marissa (#467)

@hellonheels There are always bad weather nudists out there. I guess the joy of exposing yourself outweighs comfort? I foolishly left the house today with my umbrella but only a light sweater rather than a coat and I’m already regretting it.

hellonheels (#1,407)

@Marissa Truth. I’m always impressed by their dedication to nudity in the face of inclement weather. Meanwhile, I was annoyed at having to cross the street in the rain this morning to get to my car.

jfruh (#161)

I love that the ban is on anyone who “exposes his or her genitals, perineum or anal region”, the perineum being the “taint” for those of you not up on your naughty-bit terms. Imagine someone who goes through the trouble of somehow covering their junk and their butthold but not the space in between! Sorry, the long arm of the law is still gonna get you, taint-flasher!

Fig. 1 (#632)

@jfruh “But Officer, I just ripped my pants!” “Tell it to the judge!”
**”Mock Trial with Judge Reinholt” music plays**

faustbanana (#2,376)

Imagine all the amusing scenarios of where the cop could stash the ticket (my current favorite is armpit.)

TARDIStime (#1,633)

<3 the image, Logan. So much.

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