Friday Estimate

It’s time to estimate our weekends.

I’ve been putting off working on a big project that I owe someone, and am committing to sitting down this weekend and putting a few solid hours to getting it done. This is more about earning future money, than spending money (hustling on the side, as we say). I also want to do some more Sandy volunteer stuff this weekend—which is something I’ve also committed to doing in the coming weeks and months as the holidays approach and volunteer efforts begin to fall off a little.

There’s also a new Bond film out, which I’d love to see, and groceries to buy and laundry to do. My estimate is $80 for the weekend. What are your estimations?


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wearitcounts (#772)

trying to stay out of trouble this weekend. attempting to limit myself to a $50 grocery run and a $30 miscellaneous fun budget. so, $80. hopefully.

annecara (#1,914)

It’s going to be a weekend mostly of staying in and cleaning; my only foreseeable expenditures are cat food, light bulbs, and wine. Depending how lazy I feel on Saturday, I might order pizza. $50 or less, I hope.

sockhopbop (#764)

I would love to keep it under $100. But who knows if that’ll happen?? $32 RT Metro-North ticket; $35 on groceries; $30 on miscellaneous: I’ll do my best.

Blondsak (#2,299)

I have a long weekend at one of my jobs, due to Veteran’s Day. Of course, this means that I will just go in to job #2 on Monday.

Friday: $10 on a bottle of wine to enjoy my night in alone, as my boyfriend is going out with work buddies.

Saturday: Going to the tailor to pick up the dress I dropped off last week! Already paid for that, but I do need to get heels (est. $25) still, and a gift bag/bow for the wedding gift (est. $6). Afterward, going into work to get some extra hours in, but I will probably buy lunch there, so add on $8.

Sunday: Grocery shopping: $60. Laundry: $3.50. Will probably spend much of the day cleaning and working on my 30-page essay that’s due in 2 weeks which I haven’t started yet. (I have an outline… that counts for something, right?)

Monday: Picking up extra hours at job #2. Probably buy lunch again, so $8.

Total: $120.50. But I expect to volunteer-work a total of 10 hours or so, plus get paid a half-day for the holiday, so barring any emergencies my entire “weekend” should be covered with some cash to spare!

wearitcounts (#772)

@LO ugh, i have to work on veteran’s day too, which is supposed to be sunny and 66 degrees and that makes me sad but i’m getting paid double plus a half for the day so I GUESS FINE OKAY WHATEVER.

are we talking about THE dress??? (i may or may not have a portion of yesterday evening on eshakti. i may never have money again.)

Blondsak (#2,299)

@wearitcounts OHHH so jealous you get paid double! I get the half-day holiday pay at job #1, but I will just get paid regular at job #2, which doesn’t acknowledge Vet’s Day in any way.

And yes, we are talking about THE dress. Between buying, shipping and tailoring, I have sunk about $150 into that sucker. But I am determined to look DAMN FINE. And, of course, to use it again and again for every wedding/special event I ever attend again ever.

theotherginger (#1,304)

@LO @wearitcounts yes. I bought a dress like that for my birthday in 2008. It is versatile – wedding-funeral-formal dinner-date-going to the grocery store over leggings. actually happened once. I think it is time for a new one.

OhMarie (#299)

I am using up a pair of Groupons tomorrow and going to my in-law’s on Sunday, so theoretically it should just be a RedBox rental and Rifftrax purchase tonight. $5? Is that possible? Probably not. Let’s go $10 so I can at least get a coffee.

megsy (#1,565)

I’m going to have a cheap weekend. I need bus fare for three days ($2.60 each way, so $5.20 total per day so $15.80 all in) but I have already bought the bus tickets… so technically there’s no expenditure there.
I’m doing Startup Weekend and I’ve already paid my $49 registration fee and it includes 7 meals and unlimited snacks for the weekend. Plus my time will be full with Startup things… so no time to spend extra money there.
If Monday counts as a weekend I plan on more bus fare ($5.20) and then a book ($32.99) by a Canadian businessman I really admire who will be doing a signing at the big bookstore downtown. Plus since I’m downtown I might hit up the market for fresh veggies and/or a snack of some sort, so let’s estimate $20 for ancillary snack related expenses.
I may also buy winter boots (~$120 with a coupon) but I may also decide to wait until my Sorel’s have really fallen apart. I might just duct tape the inside. In fact, now that I write that, I will do that in the interest of frugality. Thanks, Billfold.

probs (#296)

My girlfriend and I are running a half marathon in Richmond tomorrow. That’s all paid for, but my share of gas and a meal or two out has to be factored in. I’ll probably be too wiped to do anything Saturday night, but if I’m wrong, maybe drinks with Richmond people. Sunday back in DC for brunch with bottomless mimosas and bloodies. I have to work Monday as it is not a holiday at my company, but I can work from home as it is for my clients, hence the Sunday boozing. Maybe a grocery run. I’m guessing $120.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@probs Ohhh, where do you like to go for bottomless mimosa brunch in DC? I go to James Hoban’s sometimes but is there anywhere even cheaper?

probs (#296)

@LO I like Local 16 on U st. It’s ~15 for a brunch entree and bottomless mimosas and/or bloodies. I also like the building a lot, and the staff have been super nice when I’ve been. After a while they were just pouring us carafes of champ with a hint of orange juice. The pizzas are good, I like the breakfast and the butternut squash.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@probs Excellent, thanks for the rec!

KingCash (#2,095)

@LO They’ve also got a good deal at the Argonaut on H St (I think it’s like $9 for bottomless mimosas or bloody marys)

mishaps (#65)

I have a birthday party tonight, so I am going to buy my friend a gift certificate to a local bookstore, and probably get a few drinks and a cab home if I can.

Saturday I’ll do some grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking. Sunday, some Sandy volunteering locally, and then probably dinner out.

Let’s say $200-300 total. An expensive weekend, but I spent so little during Sandy it evens out.

My younger sister is coming to visit, so tonight I’m taking her to a fancy restaurant ($60 including tip) and tomorrow we’re going to to the farmers market ($0, it’s my boyfriend’s turn to pay for groceries) and then for fun, we’ll go try on evening gowns department stores (free, $5 for Starbucks afterwards).

faustbanana (#2,376)

@cuminafterall I love that that’s what you and your sister do for fun. It does sound fun!

thenotestaken (#542)

I haven’t done this for a few weeks!

Tonight: possibly drinks, hopefully leftovers for dinner but if not I’ll need groceries. I’ll say $20.
Saturday: No plans during the day so hopefully I’ll be going to a cafe and working on grad school apps–I’ll say $10 in case I want to get lunch at the cafe as well. Going to a $20 burlesque show Saturday night and need to allow for drinks for that so another $15.
Sunday: Hopefully free, going to my friend’s crafternoon and showing people how to make beer!

thenotestaken (#542)

@thenotestaken So hoping for $65 total. We’ll see!

calamity (#2,577)

I’m going down to Florida to visit my mom this weekend, so most of my meals will be paid for. Honestly, the bulk of my spending is going to happen loading up on souvenirs, gifts, and butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Let’s guess $40 for that (my ticket’s already paid for), and $20 for various incidentals along the way. Money well spent, I hope!

Tonight I’m going to a community Christmas kickoff (open houses & special sales & free cider & a tree lighting), and we’ll probably head to the bar for a drink or two after. $30.

Tomorrow I am hopefully getting a free brow wax, but I will tip ($5? Is that enough?). Then in the afternoon I’m going to a football game and will probably spend $5 on food there. $10.

Sunday I am going to clean house because my roommate decided to stick around for a while, so I want to make space for her stuff. I also have to buckle down and work on a paper and some readings for class. And I’ll probably go see Skyfall, but I have a voucher for a free ticket, so maybe just $15 for popcorn and a drink. $15.

I have a well-stocked pantry, so I’m going to try to avoid the grocery store till after Thanksgiving. I’ll be eating a lot of pasta and frozen veggies. That’s ok.

So total prediction: $55.

I went to a financial fitness seminar yesterday that my work sponsored, and it got me motivated to dig in a little harder and make some changes. Let’s hope it lasts.

selenana (#673)

@backstagebethy I think $5 is enough – they take like 10 minutes right? My last one did. Even with all the fussing and trimming.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Taking the two girls I”m a Big Sister for to NYC for the weekend with both my sister-in-laws and my niece. Hotel, train tickets, and Annie tickets already paid for. Tickets to the Empire State Building and Central Park Zoo, possibly NBC studios tour, souvenirs (for the children) and food not yet paid for. My estimate is $400.

Honestly I’m not sure. We have a friend visiting, but we’re all on tight budgets so I’m thinking

$20 for beer at the basketball game we’re going to (tickets already paid for)
$50 groceries for the week ahead
$40 misc?

We’ll say around $100.

KingCash (#2,095)

This weekend marks the return of college basketball season and I am PUMPED. Tonight I’m staying in to watch the Georgetown v. Florida game, which is ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER. What! Can’t wait.

Saturday I’m going to Crafty Bastards — got a free ticket but not sure how much I’ll spend there. Let’s say probably $15 on food and drinks, maybe $20 on crafts. Although I find stuff that would make good presents, it might be more. Then getting drinks with friends Saturday night, probably about $30.

Sunday I’ll probably get brunch out ($10) and do grocery shopping ($40) and then going to the first Hoyas home game. It was $25 for two tickets (dragging along my boyfriend) but I already paid for that earlier this week, so not counting that. So total I’m guessing about $115.

sunflowernut (#1,638)

Hopefully less than $15 dollars, cause that’s all I’ve got left to spend, according to my budget. I’m thinking $5 on chocolate chips so I can spend tonight baking, and maybe $10 on going to the bar one night?

charmcity (#1,091)

Dinner and drinks tonight with a pal ($40?); day drinking and bad TV tomorrow with another friend (maybe $20); then a date whose expenses I can’t predict followed by a lazy Sunday that will hopefully be pretty close to free. $75, unless I go grocery shopping.

evilbetty (#2,639)

Munchies / tiny bottle of wine for the train home tonight – £7. Then when I arrive I’ll probably have noodles and beer out with my boyfriend – £15.

Tomorrow I’ll buy food for the weekend, maybe for baking. Including beer. My share – £20. There’ll probably also be some kind of lunch / daytime drinking/ cinema trip on Saturday – £25. Paying for parking (like all good passengers do) – £10, or £10 will be my share of the taxi.

I’ll probably go for a walk on Sunday – free! But with a glass of wine / beer in the pub afterwards – approx £10.

Overall – 87 Great British Pounds.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

Deciding if I want to go pay for a haircut or cut my bangs over the sink again. Pro: saving money, practice. Con: I haven’t had a professional haircut since May and my length is starting to look real raggedy. Compromise? Trim bangs, wear hair up for another month (boring but practical.) Sigh.

No haircut: hopefully under $50 for me, $150 on actual Xmas gifts so $200 total.

Haircut: Hopefully I can find somewhere nice to do something for under $50. I refuse to go back to Hair Cuttery/Great Clips. So $250.

theotherginger (#1,304)

@Pumpkin some places do complimentary or really cheap bang cuts – you could use that as a way to test. If you lived in my city I can totally recommend, but fellow people on the billfold (or the hairpin) can help from their cities.

Maladydee (#909)

I’m getting dress alterations for my bridesmaid dress today, so I have no idea how much that will cost. Then, maybe $10-20 on drinks with a buddy – might go as high as $30 on that if we end up going out instead of hanging out in his basement. Other than that, I work all weekend. So, $2 each day for coffee, and I will probably be buying lunch on saturday since I might not make it home tonight.
So…. as low as $20, plus dress alterations, as high as $40, plus dress alterations.

terrific (#1,532)

I only have $80ish and a mandatory happy hour (WOE IS ME) next Tuesday, so let’s say I’ve only got $60. $30 bare bones shopping trip; $30 to spend at a friend’s birthday party Saturday. Aughhhh this will not go well.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I’ve been SO bad with my budget this week. I’d like to spend nothing this weekend, but tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and I must attend festivities. I’m hoping not to go over $75 for the weekend.

Ugh, seriously, so bad with the budget this week. Look away… I’m ashamed.

I loved Skyfall, it’s worth going to see.

This weekend should be fairly low-impact, I need to do stuff like repair clothes and clean my room. But I am going out to see The Shining tonight, and have a couple of drinks. £25? Tomorrow I better go and do grocery shopping, so about £30. Last night I got drunk and ordered Lisa Crystal Carver zines online, oops – £15.

selenana (#673)

Friday pizza: 1000 yen. Saturday Costco run: 3000 yen. Gas 2000 yen. Sunday show in Kamakura: 4000 yen plus food and coffees and tolls around 3000 yen. Total around 11000 yen.

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