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Friday Estimate

Let’s do our estimates for the weekend.

After a not-so-great time volunteering with the Red Cross last weekend, I’ve decided to volunteer with another group heading out to the Rockaways to dig out cars out of the mud, and clean up homes devastated by Sandy. I have to bring my own supplies, so I’ll be making a trip to The Home Depot after work today to buy things like that shovel pictured to the left that retails for $15. I’ll also need a face mask, and other things—my Home Depot budget is $50. Otherwise, I’m not planning on buying much else this weekend, except maybe some coffees and food when I do my grocery store run.

What are your estimates? Staying in in preparation for Thanksgiving the following week? Spending a ton of money because of Thanksgiving next week? Let’s have a good weekend.


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wearitcounts (#772)

i’ve been told by my roommate and best friend that i don’t have a choice about going out with them this weekend; they are kind of like having two devils on my shoulder. so, i’ll likely spend around $40 on outings and hopefully not more than $30 on groceries (i figure thanksgiving weekend factors heavily into spending less on food for next week). maybe another $25 on liquor to bring to TG dinner? i’ll round up to $100.

ugh, also i might need to get my car checked out and that could be an Expensive Proposition. or i could ignore the problem and hope it goes away? yes, that usually works.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

i’m throwing a dinner party for some friends as a thank you and i’m going all out. so probably $180 total on that? spent $83 on booze yesterday (nice small-batch rye, vermouth, three bottles of wine)… another 75 or 100 on groceries (i’m making chicken and risotto)… the two people i’m thanking helped get me in the door at a new company that resulted in a new job! so this is an investment in saying thanks. also invited best friend and boyfriend to join and make it a party. should be fun, to boot!

sunday i will probably spend recovering and hanging with the dudefriend. so, maybe, 20 on breakfast?

eagerber (#1,958)

I’m working at my part-time job this weekend and I’m also recovering from a cold, so I’m not sure how many opportunities I’ll have to spend money.

BUT my friend now living in NYC is coming to visit, and Anna Karenina opens this weekend, so I’ll probably go to brunch once ($25) and most definitely see the movie ($9).

I’m also working on my Christmas gift list, and was just recently sent a membership renewal to the Smithsonian, and their offer was, renew now, get two gift memberships for free. So I’m thinking of renewing that by check ($34) and giving the two memberships to family members for Christmas. I’m also planning to bookmark some other gifts and wait til black Friday to officially order them.

Groceries, too, so maybe $60. My boyfriend and I are thinking of making some tapas dishes this weekend, though we’re not sure just yet what ingredients we’ll need.

Prediction total: $128

Tonight I’m babysitting for my little cousins, and hopefully working on my paper & presentation for class once they go to bed. I’ll probably spend $10 on dinner to eat at their house (I’m thinking pizza, pineapple, and a Dr. Pepper).

Tomorrow I start my new second job, which I got hired for last night. I’ll have a few hours of training for that, then I’m going to see Twilight at the CineBistro, which is apparently a very fancy movie experience–it’s 21+ only, and you can have dinner/drinks during the movie. I owe my friend $14 for the ticket, and I’ve been scoping out the menu and I think I’ll spend about $25 on dinner (which is really just going to be an appetizer and a cocktail). This is WAY more than I usually spend on movies, but it’s a one-time splurge so I don’t feel too bad. So $40 there.

Sunday I shouldn’t spend anything, unless I decide to do some Christmas shopping. I know what I’m getting everyone, so it’s just a matter of finding the best prices. I don’t count that in my normal spending because I have a separate Christmas budget, so I’m estimating nothing for Sunday.

So weekend total $50, and I expect to make almost that much babysitting tonight. Not too shabby.

LizF (#1,399)

I will be getting my Thanksgiving assignment on Saturday and my budget for ingredients is 40$. (I’ll probably make one side dish and one or two pies)
I also have a new craft that I want to get going on so I have given myself a 30$ Goodwill budget for supplies (old sweatshirts).
Tonight I’m getting sushi and then going to the bar which I have budgeted 20$ (But anticipate not spending the whole 20. Probably just one beer and then I’ll go home)
Tomorrow I’m having a monster movie marathon which will be sunk cost for me because I already have what I want to drink in the fridge (birthday gift cider!) and have already bought whatever food we’ll consume. Tomorrow night my boyfriend and I will be going to see Jaws(one of my faves and it is at the Brattle today and tomorrow!!) which we haven’t discussed who is paying so I’ll say 12$ will be my share.
Sunday I’m going to see a museum exhibit but my friend has a free ticket so I may buy her a beer or something afterwards. (15$)

So, overall kind of expensive this weekend and lots to do- $120 absolute maximum spending. Hopefully I stay below $100

@LizF Ohhh what are you crafting??

LizF (#1,399)

@polka dots vs stripes Right now the plan is to get some sweatshirts and ugly Christmas sweaters and turn them into tote bags. But who knows what kind of inspiration could hit?

megsy (#1,565)

I desperately need to study but I’m going to go to a craft show thing in Ottawa… so that means I will probably get breakfast out…. so $30 in food and small craft item expenses.
Groceries, $50 ish?
Maybe dinner for my friend’s birthday but I’m busy and she has cancelled on me twice already so I’m kind of like “whatever”… but if that happens, $35.

thenotestaken (#542)

Tonight I’ll probably just hang out at my friend’s place for wine and cheese, so maybe $20?
Saturday I’ll try and put in time at a cafe working on grad apps so I’ll say $15 for drinks and snacks to justify my long hours there. I’m going to a house party and possibly a bar later so $10 for booze.
I’ll also add in $20 for groceries/miscellaneous expenses though I’m pretty stocked in general.

So $65 for the weekend. we’ll see!!

annecara (#1,914)

We’re taking the cat to the vet tomorrow, so I won’t even bother with a budget this weekend. It’s gonna be a lot.

amirite (#2,677)

Grocery store: $30
Farmer’s market: $25 (I don’t need to buy ingredients for my weekly soup because I have a bunch of stuff to use up, so really all I need are apples, squash, breakfast and juice.)
Going out dancing Saturday night: $5 (no drinking, just dancing)
Laundry: $8
Mailing a package that I was supposed to mail weeks ago, oh god: $16
Coffee/cookie outing on Sunday: $7

This is my first public estimate your weekend! I’ve been playing along at home for the past few weeks though, I find it really helps me plan my whole week because I spend most of my money on the weekend.

grog (#2,222)

Mike, was that shovel picture just for an example? Because I wouldn’t recommend that flat edge spade to dig out cars. I would use a round tip shovel. The Home Depot folks would have good suggestions.

I envy your commitment to volunteerism. Very cool.

Mike Dang (#2)

@grog I was told to bring a “flat edge shovel” so that’s what I was planning on buying? I’ll definitely ask at the store.

I’m heading to my parents for Thanksgiving tonight, so $20 at the airport for water/dinner and then ALL THE MONEY because they have lower sales tax and more convenient stores. My mother does owe me $60 which should help a bit.

I’ll report on Monday how my bank account/credit card fared.

My parents live in NJ – my one coworker told me to “Enjoy the storm damage!” Thank you Mike Dang for having a better response to Superstorm Sandy than he did.

Marzipan (#1,194)

Let’s see: $15 on tennis tonight, $25 on a 10k tomorrow, $45 or so on an organic turkey from a guy at work who raises them. I would like to see a movie, maybe Skyfall or Wreck-it Ralph – $10. Maybe languorously and desultorily going out Sunday – $20. $50 on gas, probably.

I’m heading out of town for the weekend, so I anticipate it being an expensive one. My car’s full of gas, and we’re splitting it, so hopefully I won’t be spending more than $30 on that. And then I’ll guess around $60 in personal spending, touristy type stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it under $100 total.

lemons! (#384)

Party in Hyde Park tonight which is an affluent island and at prime commuting time is a pain to get to. 1/2 of beer and taxi home $20
Lunch with BFF $10 – $30 depending on where
Art supplies $30
Grocery shopping (my turn BF and I trade turns) $50
Meeting friends likely going to bar $20

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

My first Friday estimate too!

Have multiple mall-wide coupons to the outlet mall and a planned trip there this weekend with a friend to pick out some holiday gifts: $100

Re-order dog’s heartworm prevention: $46 for 6 month supply

Might go see “Lincoln”: $9

So, $155. Yikes!

inspector_tiger (#2,651)

my first one too, very exiting!

I’ll be going to my mothers garden for some maintenance so that will be gas & maybe a snack on the way: 10 €, then I’ll bake a cake for my boyfriends moms birthday on sunday and cook risotto for an evening of bordgames on saturday both split with my boyfriend, so I estimate another 10, or let’s say 15 € for that. Oh and of course some booze for the guests, another 8 € split. Sunday I’ll be invited for the birthday dinner.

So my estimate is 33 €. lets see.

ghechr (#596)

This weekend I’m expecting relatively light action on my bank account. I have a happy hour this evening (expected expense $20), a toddler’s birthday party (presents already bought – cost $17), and I need to buy some baby supplies and Thanksgiving groceries (estimate $70). So, $100 total. Wait, that’s more than I thought! Curses.

joyballz (#2,000)

Tonight I’m staying in to do some work and laundry: $10. I’ll also probably get groceries: $25.

Tomorrow I’m celebrating my brother’s birthday with my family and I still haven’t gotten a gift: $25.

Sunday I’m doing dinner with friends in the ‘burbs and I’m not sure yet what I’ll be bringing but I’ll budget $20 for that.

I also might purchase my train tickets for a Friday in December that a friend and I are headed to Milwaukee for a brewery tour and dinner. That will be about $50.

Total: $130

faustbanana (#2,376)

Nothing too expensive planned for the weekend, but Thanksgiving dinner responsibilities seem to have fallen to me this year, so I need to plan a menu and get groceries. It’s actually an interesting situation and I’d love to hear people’s ideas for maxing out on food for minimum dollaz. There will be four of us – me, my friend, my sister, and sister’s boyfriend. I am on a budget, friend is temping, sister is currently underemployed and boyfriend is unemployed. So no lavish feast for us. I would love to be generous and pay for everything, but it just ain’t in the budget. I also recently learned from a wise blogger that it’s OK to say NO sometimes.

So I’m thinking of cooking a small bird (chicken, prob) and two or three nice sides. My friend will probably make dessert, and I’ll ask that each of us bring a bottle of wine (just cause we’re poor doesn’t mean we can’t tie one on!)

In addition to that, I’m hosting a clothing swap on Saturday, for which I’ll be providing lite snax and drinks. Estimate for those, the Thanksgiving food, and a few other edible bits and bobs – $75?

Also have to go pick up some meds for my elderly cat, though I don’t think these are her expensive ones. $30?

Hopefully I’ll keep it under $120 for the weekend, all told.

ghechr (#596)

@faustbanana The biggest tip is not to overdo it with the food. It’s easy to make way too much for Thanksgiving. For 4 people a chicken or a turkey breast will be enough, along with 2-3 side dishes. Salad is cheap, as are mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes. Maybe ask someone to bring or make a pumpkin pie?

dotcommie (#662)

Tonight–bar, around $20
Tomorrow–Two parties: $20 for booze, at least one meal out-$15
Sunday–$10 for cafe studying
No groceries since I’m going out of town this week. Need to get a birthday gift for my dad at some point ($50).
Total: $142

kellyography (#250)

Tonight, I’m going to a show that costs $8, and I may get dinner there beforehand or a couple drinks, or possibly some merch. Let’s say $30 on the high side – big spender!

Saturday or Sunday I will hopefully see Skyfall ($6), and I need a new mop ($15) so I can CLEAN THE CRAP OUT OF MY HOUSE ($0).

So, around $51, perhaps?

Probably about $200 for the week’s groceries and petrol (2pp household).

Brunch tomorrow with people in the tech/media sphere I should probably get to know. $15? $20?

Maladydee (#909)

Othernthan my regularly bills, I’m planning to spend between $80-$150 on groceries, and maybe $20-30 on beer and/or wine, and then $4 for coffee, since I’m working all weekend. Also $50-$100 on clothes, to replace some sweaters I have worn to death, and I am buying a used dishwasher from an acquaintance, assuming my buddy with a car ever gets back to me, so there’s another $60.

So if I stay on track, $214-$344. Or it could be as low as $154 but then that would mean I had not gotten the dishwasher this week and I would be very sad.

Annifest Destiny (#2,700)

Another first…
Going to a movie and dinner with the bf tonight: $20 (one will pay for dinner & one will pay for movie. I’ll probably pick & pay for the movie and he can pick & pay for dinner).
Grocery shopping: $40 (maybe a little more, but I have about $20 extra in my grocery fund from underspending earlier this month)
Notary stamp: $20-30. Actually, I have no idea what this costs. I am a newbie notary and my boss is on me to get my stamp so I can notarize everything.
Christmas shopping: $80-100 on 2-3 presents for family members.
Total: $160-200

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