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Cost of Speeding in NYC: Up to $600 And Someone’s LIFE, Maybe (Don’t Speed)

Some REAL INTERESTING FACTS in Robert Kolker’s NY Mag piece on New York pedestrian deaths:

” …. a pedestrian struck at 40 miles per hour is four times more likely to die than one struck at 30 miles per hour, who in turn is six times more likely to die than one struck at 20 miles per hour.” 


“… most police precincts in New York only hand out about two speeding tickets per week.”


“In 2011, cops gave out more tickets for drivers with cars with tinted windows (4,967) than they did for drivers who were speeding (3,779).”


According to Matthew J. Weiss, ESQ., a traffic lawyer with the motto “Traffic ticket? It’s no big deal!,” NYC speeding ticket fines start at $45 and go up to $600, plus an additional $70 surcharge from the state, fees based on the points on your drivers licence, and jail time if the judge doesn’t like the look of you. Good thing the odds are EVER IN THE FAVOR of speeding drivers getting away with it. Please everyone let’s look both ways before we cross the street and beware of turning trucks that can’t see us and also let’s all hold hands and also probably stay in our houses, forever.



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ThatJenn (#916)

Yeah. I had two friends die after being hit in the crosswalk by someone speeding around a stopped bus (one died immediately, the other after months in a coma). Don’t freakin’ speed, especially in the city where there are likely to be pedestrians, especially when you can’t see where you’re going. Those extra seconds when you get where you’re going definitely aren’t worth it.

aetataureate (#1,310)

How about everyone crosses in the crosswalk with the walk signal, wouldn’t that be nice? People walk directly in front of my car and count on me to slam on the brakes virtually every day. Talk about trusting people you have no reason to trust: Strangers in full-size automobiles.

Speeding tickets are impractical in cities for multiple reasons, and you can give out a tinted-window ticket without ever having to pull someone over or even interact with the driver. See also: Reams and reams of parking tickets.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

Wouldn’t it be pretty impossible to speed in NYC?
There was an outcry in Sydney when they changed the speed limit to 40Km/h around the CBD, but then everyone realised that nothing actually changed, because it’s not like the traffic ever moves beyond a crawl anyway…

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