A Little House of My Own

I was flipping through a book about tiny houses last night—A Little House of My Own: 47 Grand Designs for 37 Tiny Houses by Lester Walker—and this design by Christopher Egan was really exciting to me. It was part of a 1986 exibit called “The Homeless at Home” at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC.

In the book, Walker quotes Egan as approaching the project thus: “Assuming a person must live temporarily on the sidewalk, how can we provide shelter that begins to offer the dignity that each member of society deserves?” 

The cart design was inspired by “the basic concerns defined by the homeless themselves: shelter from climate extremes, safe storage of personal belongings, personal hygiene facilities, and privacy.” The idea is that the carts would be used when permanent shelters were full—though, based on this post on Picture the Homeless’ blog, “What is one thing everyone should know about NYC’s homeless shelters?,”1 these carts seem infinitely preferable.

Egan pictured the carts stored in a warehouse and then “driven in small caravans to parks, vacant lots, and urban plazas. Some might be clustered in small cart villages around city-owned pavilions that have been convereted to clinics or bathhouses where the carts are hooked up to central utilities. Others could be set alone on wide sidewalks, where they rely on their own storage tanks and generators.”

I can’t find any evidence of anyone ever building these, but I do wish someone would.

1 A choice quote: “The security guards treat you like an inmate, as if you are in jail.” (Salaam Ellis)


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chic noir (#713)

I think tiny homes may become the wave of the future. Certainly for the indebted creative class.

Now the home shown above is to small for almost anyone but I think 400 sq feet for two people is certainly doable. Apartment Therapy does the best small apartment features.

Off topic: @logan @mike

Can we get another post on Sephora , sort of like “my bread secret posts”. Sephora makes major money of the 15-40 set . Different women could write about their relationship with the store, the free gifts, the emails for free stuff with a twenty-five dollar purchase. the things they buy, how many of the things they brought do what the marketers claim they do and how just going in “to look around” will often have you walking out with a small bag of “stuff.”

@chic noir ive been working on a sephora TAKEDOWN/LOVE LETTER for awhile! this is a reminder to dust it off and finish it (a self-imposed ban on entering retail establishments made reconnaissance tricky, but i might be ready to resume). thx!

dotcommie (#662)

@chic noir ugh this is so appropriate in the aftermath of the 20% off VIB sale. my relationship with sephora is COMPLEX, yo. i think i’m fairly savvy and if my urge to acquire is really high, i can walk out with just a fistful of samples (they are so good with samples). but, my apartment also just burned down, so i had to legit buy a bunch of stuff there.

chic noir (#713)

@dotcommie OMG man I had to fight the urge to let it all hang out at the 20% sale. I spent 53 bucks when I really wanted to spend 300.

@Logan- Oh gosh I can’t wait for that essay. I just can’t explain the hold Sephora has on young women. We buy things because of the pretty packaging, we buy thing because they promise to make us look like supermodels,, we buy things because a youtube beauty guru gave it the thumbs up,we actually manage to come across a few things that really improve our looks but after spending how much money that could be better spent else wear

chic noir (#713)

@dotcommie aw sorry about your place burning down. Thank God you made it out. I hope your pet, if you have any, made it out too.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

How did this not get cross-posted on The Hairpin?

fictitious (#1,961)

Something similar was constructed during the OccupyBoston encampment of Sept-Dec 2011. The designer called it an Occubago, and it could serve as a mobile encampment.

Article on it: http://www.good.is/posts/our-valley-forge-moment-engineers-seek-to-keep-occupy-protesters-warm

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