The Wedding Industrial Complex Around the World

I have one more wedding to attend this year. It’s going to be in Texas next week, and will be amazing. Perhaps it’ll be even more amazing than The Big Picture’s most recent photo series of weddings from around the world. You will see: mass weddings (like the photo to the left), a same-sex comic book wedding, a Syrian rebel sniper wedding, an underwater wedding, a traditional Galicnik Wedding, an eerily calm couple getting married in front of a tornado, and yes, a monsoon wedding.


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deepomega (#22)

Hope that chandelier tent tag gets a lot of use!

(Also I’m going to a wedding in New Orleans this weekend, which is also my birthday weekend, so how much money should I blow on getting HAMMERED)

sintaxis (#2,363)

@deepomega what’s the bar situation at the wedding?

@deepomega Zero money, because it’s your birthday and your friends should pay!

Or if you’re paying, like, $20. New Orleans booze is alarmingly cheap.

RosemaryF (#345)

If you’re going to be in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, make a stop at the state fair! It’s the most concentrated version of “Texas” you will ever find, and fun! Eat so much fried food you contemplate lying on the ground and dying! It’s required!

OhMarie (#299)

So are there way more mass weddings than I ever thought possible, or are they just super photogenic?

Megano! (#124)

That couple who got married in the flood I can see not getting divorced.

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