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Monday Check-In: Right on Target

Good morning!

I did exactly what I said I was going to do, and spent money on a haircut ($60, including tip), and made a single trip to the grocery store ($47.43), for a weekend total of $107.43. I’ll be in Texas next weekend, so I’ll have much more to report back next Monday.

In other news, today is the last day to vote for in Nerdwallet’s online contest. There are two people clearly in the lead, and Billfold pal Jia Tolentino is one of them. There’s a little debate going down in the comments section about how the contestants plan on using the money, and whether or not that matters. That’s for you to decide!

Also, two Americans won the Noble Prize in economics for their work in “market design and matching theory,” specifically, creating a program that matches new doctors to hospitals. They’re not exactly fixing the economy, but at least they’re applying their theories to something that actually works in real life.

And how were your weekends?


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wearitcounts (#772)

i was pretty on-target too. shocking, actually. i estimated $160:

friday: groceries $15
saturday: wine and dinner with a friend $35, bottle of seltzer from 7-eleven $2
sunday: in-between weather jacket $80, but had $13 in store credit from too-short pants so actually $67, groceries $40

total – $159

breakfast (#633)

Friday: tons of delicious food at a ‘look at my finally finished house party’ in a home I worked on for a while: Freeeeee; Beers for later on $7.
Saturday: Farmers market veggies and coffee $26; Another coffee during a walk with a friend: $2;
Sunday: Dog treats and food: $53
Total: $88. I got really excited about pulling off a super cheap weekend, but then I remembered the dog food.

PrettyNicola (#692)

Under budget!
I only spent $69 at the vet with a basic diagnosis of “You’re a crazy lady, there is nothing wrong with your dog” with subtext in my mind of THIS TIME–the last time I was on the fence about taking my dog in he had HOOK WORMS, so I am theoretically ok with wasting a vet visit once in a while. Practically, it means sometimes I can’t pay my other bills?
But I recieved a very convenient and unexpected windfall this weekend in the form of a $60 refund check from my health insurance!
I spent $3.50 at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and Boston Scream donut, and put the rest of that bad boy in the bank.
I estimated I would spend $100 this weekend, and while I wish I had spent only $3, I am ok with it!

ThatJenn (#916)

My weekend was mostly OK and lazy. I did not have to buy gas as I feared (I hope to stretch ’til my paycheck on Thursday and don’t anticipate that being a problem since I’m at half a tank).

My prepaid massage Friday got cancelled at the last minute (boo!) so I didn’t spend the $12 on tip that I expected… I’m bummed because it was my first ever massage and it took a lot of psyching up (I’m a little afraid of strangers touching me) and I have no idea how I’m going to psych myself up AGAIN to schedule and go. I was also already gone from work, having taken a few hours of vacation to go for the massage, and I’m just irritated about the whole thing.

I spent $20 from my supply of cash on the pizza Friday night, but then 3/4 attendees forgot to come and didn’t bother to call us back until we’d all been sitting around for 90 minutes texting/calling them, so my partner and I just ate the pizza ourselves. Boo. Friday really was a day of disappointments.

Saturday my partner and I went to the arts festival and didn’t spend any money. I had budgeted $25 but we walked instead of bussing and ate lunch at home afterwards, so we saved money.

Saturday evening I went grocery shopping and spent $58, which was under my target of $60, even though I bought an $8 candy bar and some other overpriced things. The candy bar would have been worth it even if I’d gone over. It’s a local, amazing candy company and I love it (I still have 1/3 of it left).

So my total was $78, of which only $58 came from my bank account directly (the other $20 was cash and thus already “gone” for budget purposes). I had anticipated at least $132, so that’s awesome, even if the weekend was a bit disappointing.

Friday: $5.25 on a set of keys for my new tenant.
Saturday: $26 on groceries/housewares, plus $40 cash back…half of which I promptly spent at a neighborhood block party ($5 suggested donation, $10 for two beers, $5 for fried Oreos). Then my friend paid for lunch since she owed me money.
Didn’t leave the house Sunday… so my grand total was $51, which is only a dollar more than my prediction. Alright!

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

Through a combination of luck and laziness I came in WAY under budget this weekend. I’m a crazy hermit so I made plans to do zero things this weekend. I was then invited to 2 impromptu dinner parties on Friday and Saturday. Both were very last minute so I brought nothing. This is rude but also understandable due to short notice. Also it is FREE (pro tip for saving $: rudeness) anyway the rest of the weekend was devoted to being a shut in and watching netflix. I did go to the store and buy a frozen pizza and some crab selects (ew, this is my life?) so I basically spent like $5.50 this weekend all by forsaking human contact and/or common courtesy. Today I am feeling intense shame/pride.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@EvanDeSimone I am amused by your protip. On our way to a wedding this weekend I told my husband we should stop at CVS for a pack of gum so we could have some change for the tip jar, and instead he stopped at the ATM and I yelled at him that we didn’t have time to stop at the bank AND CVS, so my husband was for once not rude, and tipped $20! Normally my husband follows your protip of rudeness and just tells me I have to drink water all night.

LizF (#1,399)

I had a pretty low-key weekend but I did replace a few dresses that had died in my fall wardrobe and buy craft supplies.

Friday: 32$ at the craft store and 7$ on a sandwich to split with my boyfriend while he worked. 3$ to replace the bottle of wine I brought to my arts and crafts evening.

Saturday: 0$ because I skipped my plans to have an “off” day where I mostly watched Netflix and then went for a long walk. (my job is driving me insane and I’ve found that while it is shit for my mental health, it is good for my wallet to never feel in the mood to see anyone.

Sunday: 4$ on a week video rental and 80$ on three dresses and one pair of tights. I also started work on a quilt so I’m anticipating an expensive trip to the fabric store.

About $125 for the weekend and some very important wardrobe replenishing which could have been MUCH more expensive.

eagerber (#1,958)

Friday: $0. Baked banana bread and had a friend over.

Friday early AM/Saturday: biked to Union Station at 2:30 am to catch a train up to new england to visit my boyfriend for the weeekend. Bought bagel & coffee at au bon pain ($5). Car rental & hotel were already paid for. BF took me out to both breakfast and dinner, so really my total that day was $5.

Sunday: went to a museum ($5) and bought gift shop sale items for my Christmas list ($18). Bought Subway meal for the train ride back ($7). Biked home when I finally got back to DC. $15 extra transferred to ImpulseSave account.

Total: $45. It definitely helped that the hotel/train/car rental were already paid for, and that my BF was willing to pay for so much while I was up there.

helloimgreen (#998)

$3.58 for a pretzel dog
$10 to see argo. amazingly awesome.
$5.82 at panera for dinner. i saved $2 for being a mypanera member, which was a nice surprise.
$44 on gas

$0.93 on a bagel for breakfast
$25.81 because i decided to make ribs. they turned out great!

nothing! i got called into work so i actually made money instead of spending it!

total: $46.14
i need to go to target today though, so we’ll see how well i can stick to my list. i’m hoping for under $100, but that almost never happens.

helloimgreen (#998)

@noelle wow clearly it is monday morning and i don’t know how to add. total this weekend was $90.14

Pumpkin (#2,153)

I didn’t post a budget for this weekend. Oops.

Spent $15 for drinks on Thursday (three day weekend), $40 for my half of a wedding gift. Friday spent nothing, Saturday spent nothing, Sunday spent $20 on lunch, $33 on Halloween supplies, and $8 on a cool bottle of beer. Soo…$116? Not bad.

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Fajitas and a margarita with boyfriend at our favorite Tex-Mex place ($19)

Saturday: Went bike riding for the first time in probably five years, courtesy of Capital Bikeshare — turns out the expression “like riding a bike” really does exist for a reason! ($9); sodas at a bodega ($2); ticket to see Looper with boyfriend after biking down to Chinatown ($12); dinner at Vapiano’s ($13); a round of skee ball for me and the boyfriend at Rocket Bar ($1 — I won!); water bottle from CVS ($2)

Sunday: Groceries ($36); replacement DVD for one I rented from the video store and lost ($12)

Total = $106 — Not bad!

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Friday: $15 on delivery pizza for watching the Nationals blow a 6-0 lead. Terrible game. Good pizza though, first time ordering from there. Post game, cancelling the Amtrak tickets I had booked as possible return trips after Sunday’s game that didn’t happen, refunded for $220. Only about half of that counts, because I was going to return one ticket regardless (purchased before I knew the game time).

Saturday: Shul, free. Commiserating about baseball after shul, free. The scotch club giving us scotch to toast to next season, still free. Thank goodness for all the free stuff, since I couldn’t get a refund on the $22 I spent on the BoltBus ticket for Saturday to DC for Sunday’s baseball game that didn’t happen.

Sunday: $18.50 at the farmer’s market on produce and fancy goat cheese (delicious). $68.50 on a last minute orchestra seat to ‘Peter and the Starcatcher,’ which was a decent substitute for not having a baseball game to attend. $14 on a glass of wine and snacks at the game, and $21 on a new tube of my favorite Clinique face scrub. $12 on Thai delivery when I didn’t feel like cooking.

Total: just about $150 (I had already paid for the bus ticket, doesn’t count as weekend). I would have spent at this much if not more for baseball, between the train ticket and gear and food/drink at the game.

j-i-a (#746)

One cool thing about my weekend spending was Saturday night when I spent $90 cabbing myself around the West Village, scanning alleys for my boyfriend, who was (at 6 PM) blacked-out and stumbling blindly across intersections because he spent all day doing licorice shots with Guy Fieri at Daddy-O. Best, I’m sorry, ABSOLUTELY WORST, $90 ever.

Thanks for the shout-out Mike. And thank you to anyone who has voted for me!

wearitcounts (#772)

@j-i-a blackout by licorice shots with guy fieri? i seriously hope you have reprimanded your boyfriend on all counts.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@j-i-a At least this story stands a chance of becoming totally hilarious with time. Think if it as an investment in polite chuckles at some future party.

j-i-a (#746)

@EvanDeSimone nOoOoOo I can never think about Sat night again @wearitcounts I did, that night, and then he said sorry so many times, so sincerely, that he sat down on the floor of the L train and repeated “sorrysorrysorrysorry” as tears filled his eyes

mishaps (#65)

I was super-sick this weekend, so I slept most of it away. Both brunches I had planned were cancelled. Total spending, $9 on takeout on Sunday.

I was planning on $0, since I was having oral surgery on Thursday and already stocked up on gas, food, etc etc but I ended up spending
$50 for my sister’s birthday present
$30 on my Girl Scout magazine order (I owed my troop the check; should have paid it weeks ago)
$75 at Trader Joe’s, but in my defense we don’t live near one any more so I was doing some stocking up
$40 to repay my boyfriend for misc things he bought me over the weekend
$20 at Office Max
$9 on beer I can’t drink until next week, but BevMo was getting rid of its summer seasonals and those are my favorite.

I am not adding this up because it’s depressing me. On the plus side, I haven’t charged anything during my no-charge October so far!

Megano! (#124)

Hahah, I did not, wound up spending $45 at the bookstore! >.> (worth it)

thenotestaken (#542)

I estimated $80 on Friday–I had two friends visiting from out of town this weekend and staying with me, so I had estimated high because I knew we would be eating out/going out more than I usually do, but they ended up covering a lot of my meals and stuff as a thank you for hosting them, which was nice! But I had a couple big expenses come in over the weekend so my spending ended up going way up.

Friday: $10 at grocery store
$16 at bars
My friend’s cousin brought us on a day trip to Quebec City–$12 for gondola tickets, then $12 for a poutine once we got back.
$some unremembered amount at the farmer’s market and on fresh pasta–gonna say $30?
$4 for lunch (the restaurant gave me 50% off after bringing me the wrong dish initially)
Here’s where I go over budget–ended up spending $60 on a birthday gift for my sister which I hadn’t factored in, and also $100 on upgrading my homebrewing setup + ingredients for a new batch last night. These were all things I would have had to buy sooner or later but they just happened to come in over the weekend. So without those two things my spending would have been $84, which is right on target, but it ended up being $244. EEEEEEK.

aetataureate (#1,310)

My weekend spending was okay, but I did a new 1 Thing, which was to send a letter to a sick family friend.

sintaxis (#2,363)

I estimated $80 for a sushi date (15), Saturday night bar adventure(40), groceries and costume gear(25) from the thrift shop.
I ended up spending $5 more on sushi than expected, due to happy hour ending and getting an extra beer. Saturday I spent $25 more than expected because my friend forgot her cash at home so I just covered her drinks all night. That night resulted in needing to spend Sunday in bed, so I didn’t buy groceries or costume stuff.

Estimated: $80
Actual: $85

Blondsak (#2,299)

Friday: I was exhausted from a looong week of work/school and collapsed in bed at 7:30. So, $0.
Saturday: Got up at 10, spent the afternoon at my university library doing homework, bought a Panda Express bowl for $5.50. Got home at 4, left to go grocery shopping, spent $49. Also stopped to grab a bottle of wine, $8.50.
Sunday: Spent most of the day cleaning. Went to see “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” in the evening, $11.50 (worth every penny – I thought the film was better than the book).

Total: $74.50. Not too shabby.

joyballz (#2,000)

My friend got in a bit later than expected on Friday and was hungry so we ordered Thai food, $12. I met up with a different friend for his surprise birthday party at a bar after dinner. He refused my offer to buy him a drink because so many others had already bought him drinks and he was taken care of. $7 for my favorite beer, Green Line, including tip. A friend bought my next beer.

Saturday we went to brunch, but it was raining so we took a cab, $8. Then $30 for brunch, drinks and tip. Friend paid for the cab back because it never stopped raining. $8 at the little market next to my building for fancy cocktail stuff before the wedding. I spent about $10 on tips for the bartenders at the wedding and then $16 on a cab to a bar after the wedding. Friend bought me a drink at the bar and the cab ride home.

Sunday we went to dinner after the beer+pretzel+cheese thing and I spent $26 on dinner, beer tastes and tip.

Estimated: $90
Actual: $117

I’m going to be giving up booze for 30 days in November and I can’t wait to see what that does to my weekend spending. I didn’t realize how much I was spending on beer + tips until I started doing these estimates and recaps.

Hi Billfold! It’s been a few weeks since I checked in, pre-move. Since then I’ve spent a week faffing around in New York and two unemployed in my new town of Pittsburgh, so I’ve spent several hundred dollars that I don’t really want to think about, but I’ve also had one job interview and lined up another for this week! Yesterday I spent five dollars to go swimming and one buck to break my twenty, buy a baked good for charity, and get the five. Life, am I right???

TARDIStime (#1,633)

Est: ~$650.

Ebayed vacuum cleaner: $210.
Ebayed washing machine: $380
groceries: ~$18.

Total: $608 – well under! :-D

selenana (#673)

Spent most of my weekend on a plane, so the damage was light. Friday, my sister paid for Ethiopian food. Saturday morning, my mom paid for brunch before the flight. At the airport, about $18 on candy that is not available where I live. Once landed (the next day), 3500 yen on a bus ticket home.

3500 yen (around $40) +$18, around $48.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

This weekend was indulgent; both me and the bf have been working a lot lately and we spent plenty of money on our laziness.

Friday night: $40 for a smorgasbord of Thai food to eat while we got into our Halloween costumes for an early party;
$0 for my share of the booze (bf’s turn)
$20 on cabs in direct relation to aforementioned booze.

Saturday: I didn’t spend anything. We cooked breakfast at home, his dad bought us lunch, and he bought our dinner. Free day!

Sunday: $0 brunch (thanks, man!)
$30 bookstore, in a blur of post-corn-cakes glory
$30 take-out tacos and guac from our fave hole-in-the-wall for a glorious finish to a nice weekend.

Total= $120; not as much as I’d imagined! But probably more than I would have budgeted for, did my daily life currently leave time for such trifles. *le sigh*

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