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Monday Check-In: Check Fights

Good morning! Let’s check in.

I spent much of this weekend recovering from my cold, and am nearly 100 percent in working order again. My friend from New Zealand and I met for lunch at a Korean restaurant in midtown, and when I offered to pay, he made a big fuss. I made a bigger fuss, and he threw a $20 bill at me—tried to shove it down my shirt, even. I threw it back at him, motioned to our waiter to take my credit card and told my friend that I’d like to meet up for a drink again before he leaves town, and that I’d let him buy me a drink then. ($34.66.)

In the evening, I met two of my friends for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village (this one), and since I showed up early, I ordered a glass of pinot noir at the bar and read on my phone ($9, plus $2 tip). After dinner, I reached for my wallet, but my friends insisted on paying. “Don’t be silly,” they said. “You bought a plane ticket to come to our wedding, and we have a gift card.” ($0.) We decided to have a cocktail at The Jane before heading home, and again my friends insisted on paying for my drink. “Please, let me pay for my drink,” I said. “We got this one,” they said ($0). We shared a cab uptown, and I said, “I’ve got this one,” and they said, “Let us tip the driver,” and we hugged goodbye ($15).

Add in a Sunday grocery store run ($49.56), and a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond for toiletries ($27.97), and my weekend total was: $138.19. This is a few dollars more than I had projected, and if I had won some more check battles, I would have spent much more than anticipated. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and it all sort of even outs.

And how were your weekends?

Edit: I forgot I spent $5 on Tig Notaro’s live audio show. IMPORTANT.


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cliuless (#36)

“one some more”! i had to reread that many times.

Mike Dang (#2)

@cliuless Ugh, autocorrect!

ennaenirehtac (#199)

@Mike Dang It cost you $15 to hug your friends goodbye!

ThatJenn (#916)

Very glad you took some downtime to recover!

Friday night I was itching to eat something other than the leftovers we’d been eating for most of the week, but instead of ordering in or going out, we were good and heated up the delicious frozen pizza we had in the chest freezer, which was effectively free for my weekend since I’d already paid for it.

I spent $9 at the grocery store on lunch for me and my dude pre-shopping on Saturday. (We ate in the car, let it settle so we weren’t shopping hungry, and then he paid for groceries. It was an expensive run, too, as we stocked up on meats, proteins, etc., in preparation for our CSA share starting in a couple of weeks.)

I also spent $13 on lunch at Moe’s on Sunday; my dude bought our movie tickets right afterwards (we went to see Looper).

So, all told I spent $22. I do still need to get my brakes serviced and an oil change this week (I planned to do it on Saturday but didn’t), and pay the electrician for the visit he paid my tenant a couple of weeks ago, both of which will be steep and will challenge my no-charge October vow…

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I spent what I estimated on Friday but largely on totally different activities than planned.

I spent $35 out Friday night at dinner with my boyfriend as planned.

Then Saturday I was supposed to go to the pumpkin spectacular at the Roger Williams zoo but one of the Little Sisters was super sick, so that got canceled. I took the non-sick one to see Looper (FYI – good but needlessly gory IMHO). So that was $20.50 for 2 tickets, $12.50 for popcorn and soda, and $4 to park ($37 total). I also spent $101 at the Loft – it was 60% off some full price stuff and an extra 50% off sale, which let me get five shirts for my money. Which is good because I desperately need fall clothes that fit – I’ve lost a lot of weight due to illness in the past 18mths or so. And I spent $66 on new makeup at Clinque but it was bonus weekend so I got some extra makeup with my purchase and a cute makeup bag.

Then Sunday I started to come down with a cold, so after lunch with my boyfriend’s parents (they paid), I just spent the afternoon in with him watching Myth Busters and playoff baseball.

So $239 in total, which is fine.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Grocery run: $60
Friday night cab: $20
Incense at the cigar store: $12
Friend’s birthday out: $45 (we ended up having dinner along with the planned drinks)
Chicago flag: $11 (been looking forever!)
Clip-on piercings for my Halloween costume: $5

Total= $153. I had estimated $180, so all told, not bad! My boyfriend was overly good to me re: whose turn was whose, so next weekend I should make it up to him.

msafiri (#2,202)

Friday: $10 on my share of wine and pizza with a group of coworkers.

Saturday: $13 Sushi, $3 on tea and $3.50 my share of snacks ahead of the Bill O’Reilly/Jon Stewart debate, which was amazing, despite only catching about half because of tech issues.

Sunday: $49 on groceries, and supplies for chicken/black bean soup, which I will eat all week.

Total: $78.50. Not bad! I didn’t get around to the shopping I’d intended to do, but I cooked for the week, which will save me money.

breakfast (#633)

This weekend I was out of town doing portfolio reviews for one of the schools I work at, so in some ways, it was an exhausting, sort-of free vacation (because hotels, flights, and dinners were paid for) but I did manage to spend money.
Friday: $80 payment to the dog sitter ( I think this was really cheap of me, but I also left a ton of beer, which I was sad he didn’t take)
$3 pretzels at the philly airport
$0 pizza at the hotel because it was the start of comped food!
Saturday: $0 breakfast at the event
$14 at a gigantic, famous for being huge grocery store for car snacks, etc
$0 fried chicken dinner paid for by school
Sunday: $0 food and stuff, $10 buying a book on my kindle for the flight $36 paying for parking leaving the airport, which I WON’T be getting comped because I was confused by the parking machine and didn’t get my receipt :(.
Total, $133, which I will subtract from my (unbudgeted-for) pay for the weekend, and call $0.

PrettyNicola (#692)

$92 on doggy medication, as predicted
$42 on a new, vegan certified purse
$27 on doggy treats and a Halloween costume. UGH, I know, but it is freaking adorable and it was on sale for $10?
$3 for coffee
$27 for a book (the third in a trilogy, and the only one I didn’t own, but this book has a different style cover than the rest and that will bother me forever), a pooping Romney toy for my dad for Christmas, and notecards for a friend who is moving to Mexico.
$1 for coffee Sunday night

I spent about $60 more than I predicted. The only purchase I kind of regret is the purse–I keep waffling about it. I felt like I needed a nice large purse where the fake leather wasn’t flaking off, and I resisted the $120 baby butt soft real leather purse, but I also felt like I should have saved that $40? I probably should regret the dog costume and pooping Romney more.

charmcity (#1,091)

I spent under $25 on non-essentials (Saturday morning coffee and breakfast at a gas station; gas to get to my parents’ house that will last me through Thanksgiving, probably) and then literally the equivalent of a month’s salary on a student loan payment and a ton of car registration/insurance jank. Hate it.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@charmcity Ugh, student loans. I am trying to bring my husband around to the idea of harboring my sister after she tells my parents she does not want to go to college after high school, because I fully support her not being in as much debt as I am.

KingCash (#2,095)

$235: After six years, my iPod finally died so I had to get a new one. On the upside, though, I got a 10% discount for recycling my old one and there sure have been big advances in iPod technology since 2006!
$4: Birthday card for my brother from Papyrus

$4: Renting “The Best of Everything” from the video store (actually for an upcoming DC Hairpin book club’s movie night!)
$16: Dinner with boyfriend at Le Pain Quotidien
$30: Cab ride back from a friend’s going away party, which was pretty extortionate in retrospect but I was too drunk at the time to notice.

$3: Ordered a cute polka dot case online for the new iPod
$47: Grocery shopping
+$10: Sold an old lamp through Craigslist

Total = $329 (without the iPod, it’s $94), a bit below what I was expecting

frushka (#1,207)

-not feeling well, stayed in. got a text from a friend saying she was at a bar very close to my house so my boyfriend and I went over to keep her company. bf bought me a diet coke ($2) since I wasn’t feeling well enough to imbibe.

-picnic with family and dog. bf bought us coffees, dad brought sandwiches and drove so I didn’t spend any money.
-dad bought us dinner at DuMont, which was very expensive (thanks dad!!!)
-stayed in to watch The Philadephia Story on YouTube. paid $3 for the privilege.

-went to brunch at a friend’s house. she made a veggie frittata, so I brought mimosa supplies (OJ $4.50 + prosecco $11.50)
-stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up shampoo ($8.80)
-stayed in, recovered
TOTAL: $20.30

WEEKEND TOTAL: $23.30 (mostly thanks to dad + this terrible cold)

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Friday: $10 (roughly) on food
Saturday: $150 (roughly) on modem and other needed electronics (the modem was more expensive than I thought).

Total: $160

I am home in Nova Scotia for Canadian Thanksgiving! It has been great. Every time I go home I go crazy shopping at this amazing used clothing shop (yes, it has its own New Yorker article) where clothing runs from $1.25-$5.50.

I tend to buy a lot but I have an interesting wardrobe and though I might buy $60 worth of clothes in a weekend, that’s a full suitcase of stuff to bring back to Montreal. SO:

$40 – trip up to Frenchy’s in Truro (highlights include two really interesting dresses, a skirt/ blazer set that is very Jackie O and a suede coat with a great cut)
$20 – went on a date that kind of sucked, tried to pay for my own drinks but was rebuffed – cabbed it home.

Saturday –
$7 on a hungover breakfast
$40 on a fruit tray and veggie tray and pita to bring to a close friend’s engagement party.

Sunday –
$35 Trip down to the beautiful Annapolis Valley to have Thanksgiving dinner with the grandparents – made my mom stop at three Frenchy’s on the way (highlights: amazing Agent 99-style dress, 2 pairs of shoes, sexy velvet evening dress).

Total: $142. Not terrible! Will be going home with a full suitcase. Though it’s a long weekend and I predict I’ll spend $30-40 today to get that friend a small engagement gift and we’ll probably go for coffee.

helloimgreen (#998)

$20 at Cheesecake Factory. dinner and cheesecake, with leftovers for a big lunch the next day, plus a good tip. thank goodness for appetizer happy hour!

$21.75 for a ticket to pitch perfect ($10), a pretzel w/ cheese ($4.75 & $1.75), and a diet coke ($5.25). movie theatre food is murderously expensive. i should have eaten beforehand :(

$22.30 groceries
$2.65 scoop of tiramisu custard in a cone

total: $66.70

novembertea (#2,203)

My bank account is -4 right now. .64 cents in my savings.

I had a GREAT weekend, clearly…

At least I have a job now – if a crappy poorly paid job it is still a job (substitute teaching).

Pumpkin (#2,153)

My weekend technically isn’t over, since I have today off, but I don’t anticipate spending much of anything (I’ll revise tomorrow if needed.)

Friday I spent $20 on un-budgeted gas for the weekend (lots of driving! I usually don’t drive on the weekends since I hate it but there was no getting around it.) $25 on dinner and $20 on some special pumpkin beer to take to a friend’s house. ($65)

Saturday I took my my friends out for drinks to celebrate their upcoming marriage, plus paid for a few misc. stuff thrown in.($63)

Sunday I spent nothing.

I might make cookies today to take to a friend’s house so I’ll need to get butter ($5) but that’s it. Budgeted $200, spent $133. Hopefully won’t spend the rest over the week. :)

Dancercise (#94)

Florence and the Machine concert: $0 (My friend owed me $30, and offered to buy my ticket instead of paying me back.)
Dinner before the concert: $17
Materials to make Halloween costume: $36
Total: $53

Hm let’s see.
The ALCS tickets ended up being $330 instead of $400.
I returned the GPS I bought my sister since my dad got her one too; but my mom and I are going to split a printer for her so in a week or two I’ll be out another $75 or so anyway.

$47 at Target for post-oral-surgery food, paper towels, TP, etc
$30 for oral surgery meds
$47 on Friday for some misc weekend grocery items
$10 on Saturday tipping at a wedding and post-Wedding Safeway snack run

The boyfriend got the groceries this week.

$464 all told; $134 if the A’s continue to lose :( Either way, much less than I anticipated.

acid burn (#113)

$66 on groceries at one store
$37 on groceries at a different store (this weekend was like half my monthly grocery budget for some reason. We were out of a lot of more longterm stuff like olive oil and shampoo/conditioner)
$10 on beer and ice cream Saturday night because it was my first day off in like two weeks
$5 on the Tig Notaro thing also! I haven’t listened to it yet though because it’s on the computer that doesn’t sync with my phone.

TOTAL: $118 and I hope I don’t go food shopping for the next two weeks.

Megano! (#124)

I was at my relatives, so only spent $6 on lemon loaf at a fair we went to for a couple hours to pick up my Aunt’s entries.
Then I took home as many leftovers as possible, and also had to “borrow” some TP, because I ran out and the stores are closed until tomorrow.

selenana (#673)

I am very glad you guys are not closed/taking the day off for this terrible holiday. (Not the Canadian one. Even though there are a lot of Cdn readers here, since you guys are in New York I am referring to the other one.)

Friday, went to bingo with mom+sis. $5 buy-in, $6 dinner. Bingo food is cheap.
Saturday, hung out with a friend. Got (vegan, gluten free/Portland) root beer float, cupcakes to take home ($10) and tea later ($2), then went to dinner with the fam (southern food, I picked up the check, $60) and then a movie (they paid, but I bought candy, about $7).
Sunday, went to breakfast with fam (parents paid), then pumpkin patch and corn maze. I brought a groupon for four admissions to the maze ($4), my sister paid for most of the rest of the stuff for the passel of kids we had brought along (none of whom are our spawn, just friends).

$90, but probably forgetting incidentals, so $100ish.

zamboni (#2,096)

Friday: beer for house party, $6.80. didn’t have time to go to new bar/brewery in neighbourhood before the baseball game started.
Saturday: coffee $2.60, groceries $53.50. Way over grocery estimate because a) I ended up making a nice dinner for a friend Saturday night, b) I was out of laundry detergent and dryer sheets, c) hadn’t realized it was my turn to buy some household cleaning supplies.
Sunday: no money! amazing Thanksgiving dinner at friends’ house!
Holiday Monday: After a weekend of crappy streams, bought MLB postseason TV for $5. That will pay for itself the first time I stay in to watch a game instead of going out, but I decided to go out to watch the YOLOrioles anyway. Craft tallboy and a pint plus free Jameson’s from the gorgeous bartender: $19 including a generous tip.
Total: $86.90. Was hoping to stay under $100, so mission accomplished.

RocketSurgeon (#747)

This weekend. Sheesh. Wedding dress, $500. Short, one-shoulder, royal blue satin. I am in love with it. I will proudly wear it to City Hall in March (or whenever we mosey down there).

joyballz (#2,000)

$31.58 at Michael’s for craft stuff to use during the potluck. We made postcards to send to PostSecret. Huge hit.
$14.97 at Jewel for chili goods and stuff for caramel apple dip. Another huge hit.

$11 on beers plus tip at Goose Island after the potluck.
$10 on a cab to a bar where roommate’s boyfriend was at. He bought beers there.

Sunday-$15 on recovery food at Pitchfork (mac and cheese, french fries and fried oreos. I have no shame.)
$5 on mint chocolate latte at Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park where I met my friend who was in from out of town. Walked around for a bit before taking a cab to Big Star in Wicker Park.

$16 on round of margaritas and tip since he paid for the cab.
$13 on tacos + guac + tip

$30.63 at Urban Outfitters on two pairs of colored denim jeans just because.

$4 latte #2 of the day. PB koopatroopa something or other at Wormhole because I had to show him the delorean.

Estimated: $135
Actual: $151.18, not bad considering I bought 2 pairs of jeans.

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