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Monday Check-In: A Wedding in Dallas

Good morning!

Let me tell y’all about this wedding in Dallas.

Since my noon flight was cancelled, and I had to get on an earlier one, I raced out the door at 7 a.m. instead of taking my time and packing something to eat on the plane. So after I landed in Dallas, a friend from grad school and I decided to go to the Fish Shack in North Dallas, where I loaded up on catfish tacos a few hours before the rehearsal dinner ($14). (Shuttle ride to the Hilton Hotel, $25, including tip.)

The bride and groom made sure we had plenty to do this weekend.

The rehearsal dinner was held at a BBQ restaurant called Sammy’s where, starving again, I loaded up on ribs, sausage, zucchini stuffing, and bottles of Shiner.

I skipped the additional drinks at the after-dinner bar so I could rest up for the morning 5K Wedding Fun Run. The bride and groom are very good runners (the groom wrote a book about running a few years ago), and we all went at an easy pace to minimize the sweating.

After the run, we went back the hotel to shower, and then hopped on a shuttle to go to a very lovely wedding brunch hosted by a family member of the bride. We had bloody marys, salmon, steak sandwiches and roasted vegetables.

It was then back to the hotel for a quick catnap, and then suiting up for the wedding, which was held at a country club. The ceremony was beautiful (and short!), which was followed by a cocktail hour with some of the bride’s favorite appetizers: pigs in a blanket, and bacon wrapped jalapeños.

The reception was open bar, and open seating (I’m sure doing away with seating arrangements made it a lot easier on the bride and groom, who had invited, well, a lot of people), and there were 10 self-yourself food stations (including, a Tex-Mex station with build your own burritos, and mango and brie quesadillas; a chicken-fried filet mignon and biscuits and gravy station, and a really beautiful salad station to help cut down on the heavy food). The live band was fantastic, and I had a lot of fun dancing with the newlyweds. The cake was amazing, and at 10:30 p.m.—in case we didn’t have enough to eat—servers brought around bites of grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries.

The next morning, I checked out of the hotel (my share was $103 because I split the room with two other friends from grad school), and then we headed to one last gathering—a post-wedding brunch hosted by another friend of the family. There was a live mariachi band (this was, as you can tell, the most lavish wedding I’ve been to). I left early to catch my flight at the airport (cab ride $50, including tip).

Total spent this weekend: $192, but much more than that because I’m not including the cost of the flight or wedding gift. And I certainly had my fill of fried food and meat for quite a long time.

And how were your weekends?


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probs (#296)

Wow, that is lavish. I was at Homecoming for my alma mater. Had a great time, even though almost everyone I saw I see all the time. It could have been way more expensive. A lot of people bought me drinks, and drunken skip-races are free (I won). It was great.

bgprincipessa (#699)

There is a sneaky, but important, tag on that story.

shannowhamo (#845)

@bgprincipessa Yeah, I was all excited to hear about Mr. Mike Dang coming to Dallas for a wedding (I live in and got married in Dallas recently as did my best friend!) but then quickly realized these were fancy-type folks who rub elbows with Bushes and this wedding wasn’t going to be anything like the Dallas I know. I’ve never even heard of the BBQ place they went to, and I read about ALL the restaurants in Dallas (I am a compulsive Yelper!)

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Tickets for “Sleepwalk With Me” for me and my boyfriend — had its funny moments, but not actually the greatest date movie… ($26); BF paid for movie theater snacks and delivery pizza for dinner ($0)

Saturday: Bagels for me and BF for brunch ($8); Capital Bikeshare day pass to go to a local politics debate and to Union Market ($9); decided to go ahead and spring for an annual Capital Bikeshare membership because biking is fun and I want to keep doing it ($75); empanadas, ice cream and water at Union Market ($16); Refilling SmartTrip card ($20); beers with friends at 18th Amendment ($18)

Sunday: Pizza with BF at Comet Ping Pong ($14); grocery shopping ($45)

Total = $231. On the high side, but I had a lot of fun. Would’ve been $156 without the big Capital Bikeshare membership fee, but I feel like that will be a good investment.

kellyography (#250)

@KingCash I heard Sleepwalk With Me was good, but I got used to paying $6 for matinee tickets at my local theater so going into the city to pay more than twice that is just not happening.

My weekend total was negligible because I had to stay in and deal with our new mouse problem. Ugh. I think I paid $2 for a pack of two range hood lights at the local hardware store (only one of which I needed), and a 9V battery and popcorn at Duane Reade ($13 – batteries are expensive).

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

My weekend wound up being cheaper than expected. I had friends in from out of town and I had planned on $250 for a variety of eating out and drinking adventures.

But I took $150 out of the ATM on Friday and I still have $39 of that in my wallet. I know I spent $17 on an eyebrow wax after work Friday and $40 on dinner (my lovely boyfriend paid for my 2 pre-dinner drinks).

Saturday we did not go to Troy (that is apparently next weekend) but I still spent $5 or so at Dunks for breakfast. Then $20 for dinner (wasn’t very hungry so I just got an app and a beer) and then $15 or so for two more beers at a different bar.

Then Sunday I spent $40ish on supplies for a 6th grade social studies project (long, irritating story behind that and that went on my debt card) and $7 on some sodas and pringles for an impromptu road trip to my boyfriend’s childhood town.

I’m sure I’m forgetting little bits here and there but all in all, I only spent around $150 for the weekend. Much better than I thought.

jfruh (#161)

Sooo, what are people’s opinions on “assigned seats at weddings” vs. “everyone sit wherever at weddings”? I prefer the former, mostly because the latter brings up terrifying flashbacks of nobody wanting to sit with me at lunch in high school (I got voted out of my lunch table sophmore year, true story).

@jfruh The last couple weddings I attended were assigned seats, and I was okay with that, for the same reason (but I never got voted out of my lunch table, ouch).

professionalmess (#1,478)

@jfruh I’ve never been to a wedding with assigned seats (other than this is the wedding part table or something), but I see positives in both. Mainly, I don’t want to have to find my assigned seat and what if the people at my table suck but if I don’t know anyone besides the people getting married, it’d be nice to have people who are somewhat obligated to speak to me.

readyornot (#816)

@jfruh I’m from the south where open-seating was always done until the last fifteen years or so. According to my mother, giving people an assigned seat was thought to encourage staying planted in it for longer and not mingling or dancing. But when I got married, we assigned seats. Mostly it was to assuage my husband’s mother, who was worried about her relatives who didn’t get along, and also isn’t from the south. But it was also because we had some groups of friends that were just one or two people bigger than there were seats at the tables, and we wanted to ensure none of them had to sit with only strangers.

shannowhamo (#845)

@jfruh I believe in assigned tables- you can sit where you want at the table but you HAVE a seat and aren’t squished in next to some randos (this is especially important if you are in the wedding and taking pictures or doing whatever before the reception, you might not even get a seat next to your date if it’s really tightly packed!) Also, you can try your damnest but someone’s seat is going to suck no matter what, there are too many variables! At my wedding we weren’t able to sit at the table we assigned ourselves! Someone stole the bride and groom’s seats!

selenana (#673)

But did any of them accept the invitation?

Friday: zero. Saturday: couldn’t get the cat to come out after she escaped her carrier once, so the vet trip was eschewed. Bought a few groceries (500 yen), including a big bag of basil for 200 yen. Sunday: Performance art festival: 500 yen in snacks. Vegetarian festival: 800 yen in food. Book club meeting: 1100 more on food/drink. Plus around 1000 train fare. Total 3900 yen.

maebyfunke (#292)

I went a little higher than expected but still had a very cheap weekend. Spent $6 on some groceries on Friday so my friend could cook dinner, then $20 out on Saturday night. On Sunday I went to the store and spent $10 on groceries for the week plus $4 on coffee and pancake syrup so my friend could make french toast. $40 for the weekend, not bad at all.

thatgirl (#1,965)

Hey, I was at a wedding with the Bushes once, too!

When I was, like, five or six I was a flower girl for my next door neighbor’s daughter’s wedding. She was marrying some dude from Richmond whose family was ungodly rich and presumably powerful/well connected, and the Bushes Senior were there.

I thought for years that all weddings had guards with massive guns in attendance.

This weekend I has a $23 mani/pedi (plus $7 in tips, so $30 total), plus about $15 in groceries. The train ticket to my parents’ place was paid for by them, as was everything there. So… $3 at dunkin donuts in the morning.

$48. Not bad.

I predicted $150.

Friday, a full tank of gas cost $48–would have been more, but I got 30 cents off per gallon with grocery store rewards. Then at my high school homecoming football game, I spent $1 on a program, $1 on a bag of M&Ms, and $2 on 50/50 tickets for me and my mom (my dad won the raffle, so I was okay with the fact that I didn’t).

Saturday my parents paid for breakfast at their local diner, then we bought Brunswick stew for lunch, and came back to my city for another football game. I have season tickets, so they were already paid for, and I spent $11 on drinks for the three of us. They treated me to dinner, and I stopped at the drugstore for pita chips and mallowcreme pumpkins ($6.50).

Sunday. Oof. Bought a membership at the botanical garden ($60)–it was a beautiful day to wander around the garden. Went to see Argo ($7.50) and got popcorn and a drink ($11). Stopped at Target on the way home for new socks and undies, and some groceries ($44).

Total spent: $192. $42 over budget, but I’ve been wanting to buy the garden membership for ages, so I am okay with that.

Slutface (#53)

I spent $78 on a cell phone upgrade which was unplanned, but it’s going to allow me to shut off the cable in my apartment so I think it’s an okay expense.
$3 on coffee

$15 on gas
$2 on a soda
$3 on coffee

Total: $101 Not too bad!

helloimgreen (#998)

$5 happy hour dinner with my roommate – $0.69 oysters and $1 fish tacos! such a good deal, but next time i’m ordering more.
$32.61 on cold meds

$10.38 at mcdonald’s for breakfast for me and my co-workers

$104.54 for applecare. unplanned purchase, but with my track record, completely necessary

total: $152.53. pretty low-key weekend, as i was sick and slept for most of it.

sockhopbop (#764)

I discovered the secret to not spending money on weekends! It is just working the whole way through so I don’t do or buy anything (much). Downside: this is boring.

Anyway! $10 on 2 pairs of tights from Target, $5 on a bottle of rose wine to make being at the computer a little more festive.

ThatJenn (#916)

I spent $8 on pumpkins and snacks for the pumpkin carving party, $20 unexpectedly on groceries (some fruit and some lunch supplies for the week) and a picnic lunch on Sunday, $69 for gas on Sunday, and my $8 Hulu charge went through this weekend. So: $105, which was exactly what I predicted if I didn’t go to the fair this weekend. Win.

mczz (#569)

I didn’t have a prediction, or predicted around $0.

Didn’t spend any money Friday (wandered around IKEA because I wanted to go for a walk but it was raining, and then ran into some friends who came over to help us drink some of the massive amounts of beer we bought in Vermont last weekend) or Saturday (walked around the city to find a cobbler and dropped my boots off, went with my mom and sister to a Cupcake Camp, went rock climbing with my husband at our gym, then had dinner at his parents’ house in order to unload more beer.)

On Sunday I decided to treat myself a bit, and got my eyebrows waxed ($9.50 with tip), had a breakfast sandwich at my favorite spot ($6.80 with tip), saw a sign for $20 haircuts benefiting Susan G Komen and decided to get a trim because it’s been since March ($25 with tip), and then finished off the afternoon with the one premeditated indulgence I had planned: salted caramel frappucino from Starbucks ($5.05, but I would spend many many more dollars just for their sweetened sea salt. I have A Problem. I’ve tried and failed to make it on my own.)

$46.35, and I feel pretty good about it. A fun and busy weekend with fairly low expenditures, relative to some of our recent weekends.

professionalmess (#1,478)

@mczz Please tell me more about this “Cupcake Camp.”

@mczz I would be genuinely fascinated by a worldwide Eyebrow Grooming economic index. $9.50 for a wax seems pretty good. When I was in the States recently I paid either $8 or $10 for threading. In London threading can go from £3 to £12, and price is by no means an indicator of quality.

selenana (#673)

@Euphemistic Response I got mine done in Portland two weeks ago at a cheapo strip mall salon. It was $8, I gave her $10.

JitterBug (#1,972)

I don’t think chicken-fried fillet mignon is a thing…

qui_c (#2,226)

@JitterBug not with that attitude!

rorow (#1,665)

wow, i do not keep track. but will try to guess!

friday – dinner with the ex, he paid for all the groceries. ended up being lazy and taking a taxi home, which was $10. supposed to go to club, but friends bailed so stayed in and caught up on telly (yay!)

saturday – fancy coffee, $5.50. hair cut – $220 (ouch). going away party – $45 on dinner and drinks.

sunday – brunch with folks, they paid. friends came and picked up some furniture – gave me $150. picked up $35 from things i’d consigned.

so i guess money in – and money out. $290 spent – almost all on hair, $195 made, so $95 total.

how do people spend so little on groceries? $10 for the week? i drop $50+ every time i step into a grocery store.

t-square (#1,401)

@rorow $220 HAIRCUT? Where on earth do you live? ($10 on groceries blows my mind, too, though.)

thatgirl (#1,965)

@t-square If there’s color involved, that is not shocking at all. I used to spend $300 to get a cut and double-process color, and I have short hair.

Megano! (#124)

That sounds like it was a really fun wedding.*

*biased because of all the delcious sounding food

I only had $9 to my name this weekend, and spent it on an ice cream cone and a drink and chocolate almonds. I also owe my friend $25 because she treated me to dinner and a movie.

joyballz (#2,000)

I went wayyyy over the $100ish budget I set.

Friday: $20 at Trader Joe’s, $10 on laundry.

Saturday: Breast Cancer walk with coworkers. $5 at the farmer’s market on cheesy garlic bread. Spent $40 on brunch and another $60 throughout the day on various beers/food/beers. I did not expect this to turn into a barcrawl, but it was fun hanging out with different coworkers outside of work.

Sunday: could not get out of bed on time to make the train so spent $20 on a cab ride to Waffles to meet my friend for brunch which was $23 for delicious pumpkin waffles, tea and tip.

Total: $178

Thankfully this upcoming weekend should be fairly cheap.

sunflowernut (#1,638)

On Friday I spent $21 dollars on beer, tonic water, and limes for a little party my roommates and I threw.

Saturday was spent sleeping in, going out to lunch with my mom (which she paid for), napping and drinking beer leftover from the night before, so I spent $0.

Sunday I went to a local biergarten and spent $8 on beer and $7 on pierogies (which spell check wants me to change to Robespierre, for the record).

So $36 dollars total, which I am pretty happy about.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

$90 on odds and ends, plus extra gas (boyf’s car is out of commission, possibly forever.) I budgeted $100. Unfortunately to stay under meant declining plans all weekend. :( missed out on a whole bunch of fun things. In retrospect, I just should have spent it.

Also, weddings give me panic attacks.

Jesus Christ that looks expensive.

I went way over on only one thing I budgeted for – Joann’s, which I estimated $10 but turned out to be $25 (batting was 2 for 1 and I needed batting, what can I say) – and I haven’t bought gas yet. At the last minute my boyfriend & I ended up going to a movie and getting Chicago deep dish Saturday night, though, and while he got the movie I got the pizza and drinks ($54). We hadn’t gone out together in awhile, so while I wasn’t expecting it at all, I could afford it, and it’s a small price to pay for our sanity.

Daydreaming about this wedding kept me sane all the way home, so thank you, Mike Dang.

My weekend was great, super productive, and instead of buying a brand new frock for the Halloween ball I’m off to on Friday, I tried on my back-up dress and went: You know what, this is fine. Then spent £13ish on seamed stockings and a Batman necklace to go with it. And instead of taking my new coat somewhere to get the hole in the lining repaired, I sewed that bad boy up myself. Spent about £24 on food-groceries and £12 on a big pharmacy-type buying spree of stuff I need to replenish quarterly – band aids, aspirin, those diddly dehumidifier packs for the wardrobe, etc.
Big expense was treating a friend to afternoon tea and a fancy pants tea room, £17 each plus a couple of quid for a tip (IT’S ENGLAND, MATT LANGER), well worth it – we had like 5 types of cakes, scones, mini baguettes, meringues, plus a pot of tea each. Worth every penny.

Megano! (#124)


faustbanana (#2,376)

I was a little bit bad and went over my $50 target, but I didn’t go buck wild or anything.

Friday I worked from home. 12-hour workday necessitated trip to 7-11 for Diet Coke, chips and cigarettes. $18.

Saturday I met a friend for brunch ($10) then got bored in the evening so took the train down to Wicker Park and strolled around by myself. My “free” activity turned into one in which I bought a book for $7, a dress for $8 and dinner for $12. I also decided I needed pizza around 2AM and ordered from Chicago’s (damn you, Chicago’s Pizza!), $24. Also bought a coffee, $3.

Sunday went to brunch ($6) bought a coffee ($3), another coffee ($3), bought some groceries for the week, including new olive oil and a bottle of wine to bring to a friend’s last night ($42).

Total: $136. Doh!

wallrock (#1,003)

I did well this weekend. Friday night I worked late and instead of cooking dinner I went with a burrito ($7) before heading out to see a local band play their farewell show. Cover was $5 and I bought two beers ($10 including tip!) and at the end of the show I picked up a 7″ from the band ($5). I had to get gas on my way home ($32) and had a slightly unsettling conversation with a drugged out looking dude at 2:00 AM while pumping gas.

Saturday I went to the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game but got a late start and had to pay for parking ($15) instead of meeting up with my friends and parking for free at their place. We had free tickets to a pre-game tailgate where there was free beer and food. I was still full from the previous night’s burrito so I didn’t partake, though I did have one can of beer. After the game I stopped to pick up a few bottles of booze as requested by my parents. The total came out to $70 and about half of it was for me. Later that night I went out for dinner at a nearby restaurant with a couple other friends and my total came to $24 including tip.

Sunday I sadly realized by coffee grinder is on its last legs so I am planning on purchasing a new burr grinder. I stopped at a coffee shop that occasionally has equipment – nothing there but I did pick up bulk coffee for my mother and myself ($34) and a Sunday Tribune ($3) for my father.

sintaxis (#2,363)

Friday I went out for drinks and dancing and left spending 20 bucks. I bought one round and paid my cover only. Then Sunday I went to a book discussion with a date, where I bought the book ($22.95) and paid for parking ($4.80) but she bought me dinner. My grocery run ended up being $46.76, 15 dollars more than I budgeted. I still have not purchased the halloween costume stuff that I’ve estimated the past two weekends.

Estimated: $50 – $70
Actual: $95

Tea'nWineBeMine (#2,441)

Bonus! I found $27 on the subway on Saturday, so that gave me some hope in the universe! I ended up renting a movie online for $2 and spending stupid amounts of money on drinks at a lounge on Saturday night. Which is why I never go to lounges. The $23 on two (not very tall drinks) were practically covered by thankyouuniverse’s kind donation. Otherwise $18 on dinner with friends on Saturday and $43 on groceries for the week. No $ spent on Sunday–success!

Estimated: $90
Actual: $110 (I should aim for ranges next time).

I am pleased!

shannowhamo (#845)

I am also chiming in to say SHINER! I’m from Texas and just have to show excessive enthusasim for it. You just missed Ruby Redbird season- grapefruit giner! But regular ol’ Shiner is great, too (for a moderatly priced beer that stokes my Texas pride, that is.)

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