Gain Professional Success by Pretending to Be British (But Don’t Actually Be British, Because: Green Card)

Alex Williams writes in the New York Times that, in the U.S., “conspicuous displays of Transatlantic flourish provide a subtle professional and social benefit.”


I sign my emails with an “x” because a British boss used to do it ages ago and I decided it was posh and now I JUST CAN’T STOP (“logan x”). I mention that I have dear friends in London every chance I get. My favorite skirt is mostly my favorite skirt because I got it at some vintage shoppe in London (and when people ask, I can say, “some vintage shoppe in London”). So yes. Attempts are made at “conspicuous displays of Transatlantic flourish.” Whether they provide any kind of benefit, professional or otherwise, is debatable (actually, I think it mostly just makes me look like a poseur but I cannot—no, I shall not—stop).



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Megano! (#124)

People liked to say “cheers” a lot in Ottawa and I always assumed they were a douche (this includes my ex boyfriend, lol)

ThatJenn (#916)

@Megano! I hate “cheers” just because my British graduate advisor used it to close all his emails and so it makes me feel like I am in grad school again with an advisor who can barely remember my name.

wearitcounts (#772)

I keep forgetting that over here you call it a SAUSAGE in the mouth.

The Queen’s well common innit

skippersarah (#2,314)

@wearitcounts We just call it a sausage, Tobias.

lora.bee (#1,904)

“Bridget, we fucked up utterly!”
Possibly favorite line.

As someone who has just returned to London after a holiday to ‘Murrica (where I had a wonderful time, the sun shone, there was such a thing as ‘customer service’, and I ate enormous platefuls of good, cheap food) this makes me feel vaguely better.

Also, the NHS texted me today to remind me to come in for an appointment. That helped.

tea for all (#2,263)

logan you know you’re signing your emails with a kiss, right? love from a transplanted briton x

Nick (#1,548)

@tea for all Yeah, signing with an x isn’t posh at all really, kind of the opposite actually. I would certainly never use it in professional/business correspondence.

@tea for all Wait, is ‘x’ for kiss not used in America? MIND. BLOWN.

fake coffee snob (#2,227)

@Euphemistic Response No, it definitely is – x is kiss and o is hug everywhere, right?

ThatJenn (#916)

I used to pepper my speech with weird little Britishisms that I picked up from my anglophile ex, but now my best friend is British and so it makes me feel foolish. People mostly tease him about his weird turns of phrase, but I think that’s because we’re in the south and nobody understands what he’s saying half the time.

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