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Friday Estimate

It’s time to estimate our weekends.

After last weekend’s wedding in Dallas, I’m taking it easy this weekend. I want to sit in a café and read, and possibly write a piece for a friend’s publication he’s starting in London. I want to catch up on episodes of Louie and Mad Men, and eat tons of Honeycrisp apples. Basically, this is going to be a low-cost weekend. I’m guessing I’m spending no more than $50—possibly more if I decide I need to stock up (“stock up”) for Frakenstorm or Snor’eastercane Sandy or whatever we’re calling this thing that’s coming in next week.

What are your estimates?

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wearitcounts (#772)

i’m going to spend more money this weekend than i really want to, because one of my friends made my weekend plans awkward and instead of dinner for three people i had to turn it into a dinner party for nine people. so, probably like $50 on ingredients for that, $50 on other groceries, $30 for going out after the dinner party, and $30 for miscellaneous extras? so, $160. hopefully…

MelNotMissy (#968)

@wearitcounts One of my friends did that to me on my birthday dinner! Fortunately, I wasn’t covering people’s food (we were at a restaurant), but it was pretty rude. Plus, the extra person has been rude to other acquaintances at parties we’ve attended, which is why I specifically did not invite her. (Fortunately, there were no issues this time.)

wearitcounts (#772)

@MelNotMissy yeah the friend who made it awkward is the one i didn’t want to invite…so i had to invite a bunch of other people as buffer so the ratio of cool-to-potentially-not-cool would be more favorable. she just kinda…invited herself over? and then when i said i had plans, got really offended about it? who does that?

probs (#296)

I will most likely do Halloween stuff this weekend, so that could wind up costing a bit. Oh shoot, and I need to renew my registration. Plus a grocery run to Aldi…

I’m guessing about $350. This weekend if you see a cowboy stumbling around DC cursing about the cost of his car’s registration, say hello.

ThatJenn (#916)

I have a little bit of grocery shopping to do, including some snacks to bring to a party tomorrow ($60?), I’m going out for lunch today ($20 on the high end), and I plan to buy the parts to build a real compost bin at Lowe’s ($30, I’m just going to drill holes in a plastic container). So $110 at the highest. It’s my main goal to spend $0 on my Halloween costume for Saturday… I hate spending time and money on costumes because I am literally no fun at all.

ThatJenn (#916)

@ThatJenn My grocery bill may be lower, actually. My first CSA box came in this week (yay!) and I have lots of protein already in the freezer (yay!), so all I need are a few little piddling ingredients and milk/cereal. Oh, and honeycrisp apples, duh.

aetataureate (#1,310)

In a dream world I’ll spend about $50 on groceries and then whatever the mechanic needs to fix my coolant leak. So, $1,050. Just kidding, I HOPE AND PRAY.

orangezest (#317)

Finally a cheap weekend for me! I don’t enjoy the whole drunken Halloween scene, so I’m visiting friends an hour or so away. I’ll need enough gas to get me home, a few drinks, and, on Sunday, some groceries. Hoping to keep it under $60.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I have no major plans for the weekend but I do need to grocery shop which means facing the hordes stocking up for the snowpocalypseicaine. Side note, can we stop with the wonky weather portmanteaus? I expect to spend about $60. I also want to rent a carpet cleaner to run over the carpets in my new apartment but that probably costs ??? and i have no clue whwre to get one, so I probably won’t do it this weekend. I’m going to a corn maze tonight $12 and probably drinking overpriced mulled cider $5. Also probably drinks after ago let’s say $100 for the weekend. I’m spending the rest of it writing cover letters and watching Mad Men.

wearitcounts (#772)

@EvanDeSimone wait, should we be budgeting in our moving costs for relocation to ikaria or do you wanna do that next weekend?

MelNotMissy (#968)

@EvanDeSimone I’ve seen carpet cleaners for rent at a Giant supermarket before. Maybe check your local (larger) supermarkets? Possibly also a hardware/home improvement store (i.e. Ace, Lowes, Home Depot).

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@wearitcounts We should probably put that off at least until the new season of Downton Abbey airs.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@MelNotMissy My local super market let me down but I hadn’t thought of the hardware store. Thanks for the tip!

wearitcounts (#772)

@EvanDeSimone or until the second one is on netflix NOPE STILL NOT OVER IT NEVER GETTING OVER IT

endofherleash (#201)

No major plans except work, so it’ll probably be a pretty cheap weekend. I have to do some mild grocery shopping if I can work up the energy to brave the Sunday Trader Joe’s crowds, so I expect about $60 and a piece of my soul.

megsy (#1,565)

Zombies at the Diefenbunker – already paid for, so a sunk cost – but will probably eat around there so $20
Bus to a kid’s Hallowe’en thing (and back) – $5.60
Laundry – $3.50
Drinks, bus, food tonight at a networking social – $30

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I don’t know. Tonight will be low key for sure. I’ll probably go out to dinner with my boyfriend or get takeout chinese or something.

Tomorrow I’m going to a costumed pumpkin beer festival. I have most of the pieces of my costume already but I do plan to run to Target to get a few small things. And the entry fee for the fest is $10 plus $5 a beer. I’ll also eat at it, so I would imagine I spend $80-$100 tomorrow.

Sunday is my Nonna’s 95th bday but I’m baking her cookies as a gift and then going to carve pumpkins with the Little Sisters. I don’t know how much pumpkins cost but maybe $30-$40 on 3 big ones?

I’ll estimate my weekend spending at $150 then. Should honestly be fairly accurate to a bit high. I’m not a big enough beer drinker to spend tons on beer but the food could be spendy, so we’ll see.

sunflowernut (#1,638)

Today I’m probably going to a Halloween show, so $5 cover and then maybe $12 on drinks and tips? I’m going to try and pregame as much as possible.

Tomorrow I’m going to a Halloween dance party, with a $1 cover. They have the worst bartenders ever at this place, so I’m solely going to pregame. So I’ll have to buy some beer but it will maybe end up being a 40.

Overall I’m going to try and spend less than $30 bucks, which should be doable as long as I don’t end up getting lured to brunch.

sintaxis (#2,363)

@Hey Ash Less than $30 for two halloween things? I wish I could pull that off. I’m only doing saturday and estimating $40.

Megano! (#124)

I have to buy some new “brassieres” so I’m going for like $150.

annecara (#1,914)

It should be a pretty low-cost weekend for me – I’m doing dinner and the ballet with my mom tomorrow, but the tickets are already paid for, and I believe she’ll be covering dinner. Tonight I’ll probably pick up some groceries and a bottle of wine; Sunday I’ll be too busy to buy anything except maybe some coffee at Starbucks. Call it $50-60 for the weekend.

I’m visiting my dad in Houston so probably
$20 various airport sundries
and then nothing. Because my dad is great. I’ll probably spring for a dinner or something for us because I’m adult and don’t want to completely take advantage of my dad, but sometimes a girl’s gotta accept a little parental charity, you know?

We’ll say $60 total.

joyballz (#2,000)

Tonight is a possibly work happy hour and then a coworker’s birthday later in the evening. Probably $30 total if I don’t take cabs everywhere.

Tomorrow I’m planning on cleaning and cooking and baking during the day. I also need some costume finishing touches before a Halloween party at my friend’s apartment: $20.

Sunday is a mimosa brunch with a friend: $30.

Total: $80. Maybe I can go under budget for once!

sintaxis (#2,363)

Still need to pick up some costume extras that I’ve been putting off for two weeks, so $10. Maybe grab a beer when my friend gets off work today. Tomorrow for halloween, I’m guessing $40 but I might try to get a date to go cava and dessert tasting in the early evening, so that’d be another $20. Also going boot shopping, so there’s no way I can really get a good estimate because I’m willing to drop a hefty penny if I find something I want.

I guess I’m throwing the towel in on this weekend’s estimate. It’s a “holiday” and I’m getting some budget burnout. I’ll consider it a free weekend and reboot my budget next month.

lhorntx (#2,302)

going to Lubbock to visit my friend at Texas Tech. Limiting myself to $1000 (stopped at the bank ATM this morning). Here’s hoping.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I’m going to Boston for the weekend! Bus tickets already paid for, so it’s just what I spend while I’m there. I’m contemplating just buying a one-week T pass to use for Fri-Sun so that I don’t spend all my time worrying about getting on the T or not. It’s $18 and not having to think about my transit for the weekend. Possibly worth it.

I’m not sure if my friend is cooking me brunch or we’re going out Saturday morning. I’m going to pay for a couple of commuter rail tickets on Saturday, to visit people in the suburbs. And I’m sure to eat out and buy drinks and whatnot.

If I can get out of the weekend for under $100 I will be thrilled, but I visit these people so rarely that I am not really concerned about the money.

charmcity (#1,091)

Probably $50 on stuff for a family member’s birthday dinner in a flurry of don’t-know-what-to-get-oh-god-get-everything, $35 for road trip gas, $20 for dinner/drinks tonight, and maybe $10 for lunch tomorrow with a friend I’m meeting up with during her airport layover. $125! That added up fast.

helloimgreen (#998)

i’m hoping that this weekend is going to be cheap… i have an urge to go shopping and i must resist! i do have a lot of tv shows to catch up on, which usually results in me hermiting all weekend. if that means no spending, then i’m all for it!

tonight: $10 for dinner with the roommate, $45 on gas
tomorrow: grocery shopping possibly? i’m going to limit myself to $40
sunday: $0

total estimate: $95

faustbanana (#2,376)

Staying in tonight to clean and lounge; tentative Halloween plans tomorrow, but going to try to keep it in the neighborhood so I don’t have to take cabs anywhere. Sunday supposed to have a coffee date with a friend. I’m going to say $50 again and try not to go $120 over budget this weekend!

Worker Parasite (#2,292)

Ordinarily a flu would cause me to spend nothing this weekend, but thanks to a quarterly bonus that’s burning a hole in my bank account and a desire to deal with some future expenses now:

- $33 for tickets to a junior all star hockey game next month
- $60 for cat food (they’ve got a 2 week supply still, but would rather buy now when I have extra cash)
- $30ish for gas (same as cat food)
- $20ish on Chinese takeout tonight?
- $20ish to pick up drycleaning tomorrow
- $100ish to restock an alarmingly empty liquor shelf
- get $200 in US cash for an upcoming business trip to America

So $463ish? Damn that’s a lot to spend for few tangible benefits this weekend. Oh well, means less to spend on future weekends.

Blackbird (#2,196)

I’m desperately hoping for a cheap weekend, as I’m pretty much broke until the 1st, maybe a few days earlier.

- $10 tonight for getting dinner with friends
- $5 tomorrow for morning coffee
- $10-$15 to buy some basic groceries to stretch what I have left
- $5 for entertainment or something else, if I can’t resist

So that’s $30 on the low end, $40 on the high. Aiming for lower than low, but we’ll see how the cookie crumbles.

sea ermine (#122)

I’ll probably be getting 2-4 weeks of groceries so that should be around $100-150 depending on how much stuff I buy, then I have lunch with a friend on Sunday so maybe $25 max for that. Otherwise I think I’ll stay inside and avoid the rain, maybe order takeout ($10).

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