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Ready to estimate your weekend?

At this very moment, I am getting ready to board a flight to fly to Dallas, Texas for the last wedding I’ll have to attend this year. I’m anticipating that it’s going to be very fun, and I’m looking forward to telling you all about it on Monday. Since my flight and gift is already paid for, the only things I’m paying for this weekend is the cost of the hotel room, which I’m splitting with two friends, and transportation. Perhaps I’ll get a pair of cowboy boots! Or a wide-brimmed cowboy hat! (Unlikely.)

What are your estimations?


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ThatJenn (#916)

I will need to buy two pumpkins for a pumpkin-carving party (I dunno, $30? I have no sense of what pumpkins cost). I’ll also be getting $100-200 out of the ATM (haven’t decided yet), but that’s not exactly spending money until it’s, well, spent. I will also be buying gas ($70), most likely, unless we really don’t go anywhere but that party this weekend. However, there’s a chance we’ll go to the county fair ($10 for tickets, $15 for ridiculous fair food). I don’t anticipate grocery shopping until the beginning of the week. So anywhere from $30 to $125, depending on which of those things actually happen.

@ThatJenn hey are you also doing a no-charge October? How’s it going for you?

ThatJenn (#916)

@polka dots vs stripes I am doing a no-charge October! It’s been mostly good. I have still had my automatic charges go through to the card but I’ve paid them off right away. My one cheat: I had to book and pre-pay for a $400 hotel stay that I’m going to split the cost of with three other people, and it was right before my paycheck came in/right after I paid all my bills for the month. I decided to charge that and then paid it off today, my payday (so it was on my card less than a week), instead of letting my checking balance get lower than I’d like. I don’t feel too bad about that, as I think it will be my only real use of the card this month (other than the aforementioned recurring charges), and nothing has stayed on the card for more than a couple of days, which rules. All in all, it’s made me REALLY conscious of how much I often spend on food and entertainment and I’ve been really thrifty, which was necessary after a spring and summer of Too Much Spending (for good causes, but that doesn’t make me any less low on money).

How’s it going for you?

@ThatJenn Yeah I’d probably do the same thing; I might end up having to charge my holiday flight home if I can’t find anything cheap enough to pay 100% with cash. I’ll pay off what I DO have in cash right away.

Overall though, I haven’t bought anything on credit, so so far, so good.

Um but Mike what about the airport bloody mary’s and the airport People Magazines and the airport Snickers bars???!!!!

probs (#296)

@Logan Sachon I dunno what it is, but I just can’t drink in airports or planes. Something about it feels super weird to me. Snickers, on the other hand, well.

@Logan Sachon I always pack food for the airport. The grim memory of a $12 (or something ridiculous) dry chicken sandwich in that gallery of horrors, LAX, drives me to it. If I’m travelling from my parent’s house my mum bakes me special treats.

probs (#296)

I’m going to homecoming at my alma mater (University of Mary Washington) this weekend, so I’ll spend more than usual. Splitting a hotel room with my girlfriend, so one night of that is $180 or something similarly ridiculous; I’ll eat all my meals out, plus drinks and all that, plus probably buy my girlfriend some meals and drinks since she’ll get the gas… I’m thinking three hundo or so. I’m excited for the weekend!

eagerber (#1,958)

@probs I went to UMW, too!

probs (#296)

@eagerber Neat! I had a blast at homecoming. Love UMW, and Fred Vegas.

A tank of gas to get to and from my parents’ house for my high school reunion ($50? I never buy full tanks, I usually just get $20 worth at a time). I’m only going to the Homecoming game tonight, not to the official party tomorrow, so maybe $5 on a hot dog and hot chocolate at the game.

Tomorrow’s another football game, but tickets are paid for and parking is free. Probably $50 on various house-fixing stuff, as my parents are coming up to work on fencing, painting, etc.

Sunday my calendar is empty but I hope to go see Brave at the second run theater, so $2 plus $8 for snacks and tip ($10 total). $30 for groceries.

Looking at a weekend total of $150 or so.

maebyfunke (#292)

I’m crossing my fingers to not go over $30 this weekend, although I don’t know how realistic that is. I’m staying with friends, so I figure $10 to bring them a bottle of wine, another $10 for groceries on Sunday and maybe $10 in unforeseen costs. Here’s hoping.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Oh, I have no idea. Probably a lot as I have a really good friend and her husband in town for the weekend. So they will be using my apartment and I will be at my boyfriends all weekend. And well. The man has no food in his place. Like at all. So it will be a weekend of eating out for every damn meal.

So dinner tonight at fancier pizza place. I estimate that I’ll spend $60 or so with drinks. It’s been a loooooooooooong week, so I plan to have eleventy drinks.

Tomorrow I drive out to RPI with the boyfriend for a thing at his fraternity. So breakfast will be from a fast food joint on the Mass Pike. That should be cheap. Lunch I would imagine in cheap as well. Dinner will be out at a nicer place yet again, so I’ll again estimate $60 or so for that.

Sunday is brunch probably. So $45 for that. Then not sure about the rest of the day at all.

I’ll say $250 for the weekend.

probs (#296)

@ATF@twitter eleventy is a good number of drinks

selenana (#673)

Lazy takeout 1000 yen my portion. Vet trip 3000 ish. Book club dinner meeting 2500 yen. Train fare, gas, incidentals, another 3000. Around 10000?

charmcity (#1,091)

I like that Mike Dang and I will both be attending our final weddings of 2012 this weekend! (Not the same one, but still.) Mine is fortunately close enough to the town where I live that I can drive. I’m also repurposing a dress and shoes I bought for previous weddings this year. Tomorrow pre-wedding, I will probably get coffee before a volunteer thing and a drink waiting to meet people before the wedding – maybe $15. Then $5 for tips at the bar at the wedding. Sunday will hopefully be low-key and involve some groceries ($50-75) since I haven’t been in like 3 weeks.

PrettyNicola (#692)

Pay day lunch out: $12
Hostess gift: $15
Meds for dog: $59

Total: $86

I’m buying a snazzy handbag that I’ve had my eye on for over a year – $120. I’m going to a party tonight but its fancy and catered so I’m just bringing my hot self. Getting myself there means a taxi ride – about $15. I’ll probably sleep at a friends’ and we’ll go to brunch – $20. I’ll also probably hit the grocery store that’s another $35, tops. So total for the weekend = $180, skewed by my big purchase.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

Hopefully under $100. It’s bill time (budgeted for but still) and then I have to pay monthly parking on this paycheck too. I usually comes off the last paycheck before the end of the month but with the way it’s split up this month, ugh. I feel like I’ve only gotten one.

Megano! (#124)

I still haven’t been paaaaiiiid!
So $20, which I had to take out of my emergency fund because I am running super low on groceries.

Slutface (#53)

@Megano! I’m in the same boat. Good luck to you!

terrific (#1,532)

This weekend will be bad. I FINALLY hit $1000 in my savings account, so I am going to celebrate by blowing all of my spending money.

$10 for lunch, because I didn’t buy groceries last week so I have no lunches.
$35 for groceries
$6 for laundry
$40? tonight to celebrate a friend being in town
$20? for apples at a PYO orchard

total: $105, leaving $45 for fun next week. There is a significant chance I will actually have $0 at the end of the weekend, but that’s okay, as long as I have groceries.

joyballz (#2,000)

Tonight my roommates are out of town so I’m planning on making a big huge mess in the kitchen and cooking a ton. Probably $30 on cheap wine and some recipe fill in ingredients.

Tomorrow I’m walking in a Breast Cancer Awareness walk for work and they’re buying coffee and donuts, but a co-worker and I have plans for brunch afterwards: $20. Tomorrow night I have no plans, but will likely meet friends at a bar: $20.

Sunday I’m meeting a friend for brunch and it will be boozier than the brunch with the co-worker: $30.

Total: $100

$10 at Joann’s for some thread
$30 gas
$50 groceries

My October has been pretty boring, but also pretty spendthrift, which I needed.

Maladydee (#909)

I have to buy groceries, so probably $50-70 there, then I’m going out with a friend tonight so likely another $20-30. After that I work all weekend so aside from $2 each day for my coffee+muffin fix, and maaaaaybe another $5-10 on lunch if I get lazy it will be a cheap weekend. So, somewhere between $75 and $115.

AlliNYC (#1,725)

I need to be on (relative) lockdown this weekend, since my best friend is coming into town next weekend, and I hear paying to rebuild a city after you BURN IT DOWN can get a little pricey.

Tonight – nothing. Staying in. I have two giant beers and ingredients for a quesadilla in my fridge. I plan on passing out around 9pm.
Saturday – I was GOING to go apple-picking, but I decided not to go because it’s kinda pricey and it’d be with a bunch of strangers. So instead I have a friend coming over and we’re going to get drunk and heckle strangers from my roof deck. $20 for booze/snacks?
Sunday – I bought a groupon for a haircut & color, but obvs I still need to tip… so about $45 I think.

Let’s see if I can spend $75 or less. Might need to get groceries or something but I still have leftovers from this week that I can re-heat.

eagerber (#1,958)

I have no idea what this weekend entails! It’s my birthday but have procrastinated on making plans to celebrate! Groceries for sure, though, so at least $60.


@eagerber Happy birthday! I’m sure whatever you do will be fun.

sintaxis (#2,363)

Hoping to make it out of tonight’s adventures under $30. Last weekend’s drinks were on me, so hopefully I recoup some of that in money or booze. Other than that, groceries for $30 and maybe another 10 for costume stuff that I didn’t get last weekend.
So, estimating somewhere between $50 – $70.

jacqueline (#653)

Spoiler alert: Dallas has no cowboy hats and/or boots. I went there in August thinking the same as you and was sorely disappointed. Not even any funny accents!

Blondsak (#2,299)

Seeing a tailor for a dress: $100

Groceries: $65

Visiting a records festival: $15, though really no idea

Total: $180, though I did purposely over-budget for the dress, so hopefully less?

Pay day! I already bought a Nathanel West book for £6. My big entertainment expenses are taking a friend out for high tea, £17 each, and purchasing something to wear at a Halloween ball on Friday – am going to a massive vintage store on Saturday, nice and early, and budgeting myself £35, which should be plenty. My hope is to get something I can wear quite a bit (black dress), but if not it’ll be on ebay the week after. The only other big expense is groceries, ugh , probably £40ish. Plus, library re-hire charge £1 for a pilates DVD that I’ve used twice (my local classes are £12 a pop, so feeling more than averagely smug about that one).

hellonheels (#1,407)

I was inspired by yesterday’s menu planning post and made a grocery list for meals through Monday night. My goal is to buy just those groceries and nothing else – I’m going to estimate $75 because while there is no meat involved, there are some fancy vegetables the likes of which require a trip to Whole Foods, and wine and beer, of course. If I succeed this will be my cheapest weekend in months.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I FINALLY put together a budget a few days ago, which has brought into depressing relief how little disposable income I have until I pay off my credit cards. With a smidge of discipline and a hopefully fat tax return early next year, I should be able to pay them off in six months. Woo!

So for my first low-budget weekend, I have nothing planned. Stay in, get some groceries, cook, maybe go out to breakfast Sunday morning. I’m hoping to keep the entire weekend under $50.

Tea'nWineBeMine (#2,441)

Friday= $0 spent on food! (Woohoo making use of the $60 I spent on groceries at the start of the week!)
Ah, forgot, I picked up dry cleaning (including hemmed pants) = $20
Saturday= 1 cup coffee to accompany me as I watch dogs parade in halloween costumes (Free) = $3
Also dinner out with friends and a meetup event with maybe a drink or two = max out at $45
Sunday= No plans, yay! But maybe some grocery reinforcements like salad greens/fruits/milk = $20
Otherwise, have ingredients for many a delectable and greasy meal over the weekend + Netflix. Weekend total estimate = $90 (rounding up)
Happy weekend all!

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