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Tuesday Check-In: The Long Weekend

Who doesn’t love a long holiday weekend? It’s like Monday never happened, except it did, but you didn’t have to be at work—you slept in and then stayed in bed and had coffee while reading magazines, and then walked in the park with your friend and her dog, showed her how to get to the river, and then ate fried chicken and wilted spinach ($15) for dinner. That’s how I spent my Monday, and I hope you had one that was just as … undemanding.

This weekend was also spent having fancy pizzas with friends after our trivia night plans were squashed ($21), eating everything bagels with cream cheese and baguettes with gorgonzola and honey with tall glasses of milk ($17), late night drinks with friends in bars and on rooftops ($21). I also got a haircut this weekend in preparation for a wedding in two weeks, because two weeks is usually enough time for haircuts to adjust to my head (whether the cut is good or bad—$60, including tip).

Total: $134, but it should be more because I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.

It’s your turn to check in. How was your long weekend?

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ThatJenn (#916)

I spent way too much money this weekend. On Friday I ordered pizza for date night with my dude (we played and won Arkham Horror with pizza, I regret nothing): $20. Saturday we went to brunch and he paid; then I bought us milkshakes ($6); then we went to dinner with our friends for their anniversary and I got to hang out with their baby on my lap the whole time, which was awesome: $20 (my share). Then I went to brunch with my friends again in the morning: $14. On Sunday I bought some shoes for work: $105. Also, we went grocery shopping: $100 (too many impulse buys – it could have been $75). So the total is $265.

Now that we have food for the week I should only have to spend a very little bit of money this week, which is good.

I do have to figure out what I’m doing for my birthday, which is in a week, if anything… that will probably cost money, and then I fly to Portland for a week right afterwards which will be EXPENSIVE but wonderful and worth it.

mbmargarita (#781)

More than expected, as always.

$30 – dinner, movie, and a $2 frozen yogurt from the cheap knock-off place 2 doors down from Pinkberry

$20 – dinner and a beer. Managed to make the dinner last for lunch the next 2 days, so it was $20 well spent.

$6 – Starbucks
$70 – haircut
$5 Pinkberry
$37 sundries at Bed Bath and Beyond
$22 groceries
$8 Papa John’s
DAMN YOU, SUNDAY. You threw off the curve.

$2 on a replacement bouncy ball for the dog I was sitting. I left one at the dog park and wanted to make sure I returned the dog with (the equivalent of) everything it came with!

$200 even
MINUS $50 for getting paid to dog sit, which was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. :) So I netted out at $150.

thatgirl (#1,965)

I moved this weekend. From Manhattan to Queens.

That’s all you need to know about how much money I spent. I want to throw up every time I look at my Mint account, even though I had plenty saved up and I’m not hurting especially badly. I just hate spending large amounts of money.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Friday: $12, sushi at Whole Foods after work and tomatoes at the farmer’s market.

Saturday: $20 on dinner. Thai food, delivered, app and entree and tax and tip.

Sunday: $41. $5 on peaches at the farmers’ market to bring to my cousins’ in CT, whose home is the family country club. $9 on a taxi to Harlem-125th because I was running late and didn’t want to risk the bus when the trains are only once an hour. $22.50 for the round trip train ticket out to their place. $5 on snacks at the grocery store in the evening.

Monday: $44. $2.75 at my favorite bakery for breakfast. $18 at the farmer’s market on produce for the week, $12 at Whole Foods for small items I needed to go with the produce. $2 on dish soap at Duane Reade, and $9 on a Kindle book.

Total: $117 for a long weekend? Not bad! And, the family country club visit was super relaxing- they have a pool, and they bought sushi for dinner!

selenana (#673)

It wasn’t a long weekend here, so mine was just Friday-Sunday.
Friday: nothing. Had had to take a sick foster cat to the night clinic the night before and was there until 1 a.m., then had to go to work as normal the next day. Exhausted and canceled plans. 0 yens.
Saturday: I went to my side job as an exchange student mentor, showed him around Tokyo. That was paid for by the exchange student organization, so 0 yen. Then went to a movie after; the gentleman friend chose a cheesy action flick so I let him pay; I paid for the popcorn, 420 yen.
Sunday: Went to do a study on handwriting; got paid 8000 yen. Then went to lunch at a vegan cafe: 1000 yen. Bought a belated birthday present for a friend; 800 yen for my share (a pound of coffee and some little cakes). Book club meeting: 2000 yen for not very much food and drink at a crappy Aladdin themed restaurant. Train fare all day; about 1200 yen.

Total: 6420 yen spent, but 8000 yen earned at the study, so I came out ahead 1580 yen.

LizF (#1,399)

I spent WAY too much because it was my boyfriend’s birthday on Saturday and we threw a party.

Friday night bottle of wine (one of the organic, local bottles I buy at the farmer’s market and keep in my wine rack, roughly $15 but bought months in advance so really $0 in regards to this weekend) to a friend’s party and a sandwich and some sodas (20$) for my boyfriend who had his sister’s car and was designated driver.

Then Saturday morning was the real killer- groceries ($120) and bug repellants (20$) and probably another $40 that I’m not even remembering right now. The party was fantastic. I made Dr. Who Dalek cupcakes which took a lot of time but were very cute and the birthday nerd really liked them.

Sunday I dogsat and spent 12$ on frozen yogurt and ice tea for ladies afternoon fun.

Monday was birthday date day for my boyfriend and I and we went to the Harbor Islands ($30, two round trip tickets) and the restaurant we were going to go to for dinner was closed because of the holiday (oops) so we got Thai takeout instead ($20).

About $272. Ouch.

$245.50, total.
This involved: groceries from farmers market, two beers, smoothie and a burger at the beach, bottle of wine for a friend, Indian dinner, beer for a dinner party on Sunday, a round of drinks for friends, brunch, movie ticket.
I’ll try and make myself feel better considering it was a three day weekend…

nerd alert (#436)

i spent roughly 200 dollars on food and water, due to the fact that i live in new orleans and basically the entire city was out of power and shut down for the past week. crappiest labor day weekend ever.

jane lane (#281)

$26.41 for tapas and bottomless sangria + $3.05 for some risotto at Trader Joes. I didn’t get out much.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

I can’t think about it. All I know is I transferred money from my savings to my checking. Twice. The hardest expense of the weekend was my $178 power bill (two month’s worth, but still – really fucking painful). The happiest was my new $275 Ann Taylor suit (thank you, student discount!).

wallrock (#1,003)

I did pretty well excepting for one large purchase. On Friday I went out to see a play with a couple of friends who had an extra ticket at the last minute and gave it to me. I bought them dinner in gratitude ($39 total) and a beer before the play began ($12).

Saturday I woke early to run errands before the Badger football home opener. I bought a card for my mother’s birthday ($5) and beer for the pre-game party ($35) and went over to my friend’s place. At the cookout I paid for my season tickets ($400) though I will get a bit of that back when he pays me for the hockey season tickets. We then went to the game and I bought a beer for us outside the stadium ($12). After the game I went down to my folks’ for a canoe and taco party.

Sunday I went with my father to drop off canoes and pick up supplies for my mother’s birthday party later that afternoon. I bought bulk coffee and a replacement CFL bulb but my dad insisted on paying. Later that afternoon we played a round of disc golf at local park then went to a local festival where I bought one beer ($3) for me and a glass of wine for my sister ($4). After dinner I went to see Sleepwalk With Me with my friends ($33 pre-ordered) and let them buy me a drink.

Monday I did absolutely nothing other than eat leftover tacos and drink a few leftover beers from Saturday while sitting out on the deck soaking up the sun. It was glorious.

@wallrock WAIT a canoe and taco party?!? I need to be your friend. I can even be a Badger fan, I own lots of red thanks to my pretends-to-be-big-time-football undergrad.

OhMarie (#299)

I threw a party/BBQ on Sunday so I spent about a jillion dollars buying food and drinks for that.

helloimgreen (#998)

$76 to change my return flight a week earlier than originally planned. spending new year’s eve with my friends sounds much more exciting than with my parents who have spent the last 8 already asleep.
-$14.76 returned a cardigan at target
$77.34 at target on groceries, a can opener, a bookcase, the lucky one on dvd, and this month’s book club book, gone girl

$10.28 on 2 pints of ben & jerry’s (buy one, get one free!) and 2 boxes of lady stuff (i had a coupon!)

$4.04 at starbucks for a sandwich

$16.26 on chicken salad ingredients, which will probably last me until the end of the week (yay!)

total: $169.16

worstkase (#1,000)

As it turns out, forgetting to fill out your timecard, and therefore not getting paid for the week (grumble grumble) does wonders for weekend spending!

Friday: “Helped friend pack apartment” (read: played with her cat, accidentally let it escape once, while she packed) Leftovers for lunch, plus I helped finish several bottles of wine, a bag of croutons, some sun chips, Easter candy, etc. at her apartment. Oh, and I came away with an Ikea bag full of booze, house plants and various doodads. $0!

Saturday: $9.25 for coffees and breakfast treats for me and boyfriend before heading to the beach. Boyfriend bought tacos for both lunch and dinner (holidays mean tacos for two meals!), then I paid $11.50 for double scoops for both of us at Ample Hills Creamery.

Sunday: $52.50 for my half of our Trader Joe’s trip. So much food! Cookie butter! What I mean to say is I’m never buying lunch again because all of my meals are cookie butter, straight out of the jar!

Monday: Brought fruit for breakfast and leftovers for lunch to my desolate and non-air conditioned office, $0. Used two full punchcards for lobster rolls for me and boyfriend at traditional Luke’s Lobster Labor Day dinner. $5.50 (plus another full punchcard, thanks for being a fatty, past self!) for fancy cones at Big Gay Ice Cream.

@worstkase I just got that speculous cookie butter from trader joes too! it’s so amazing. I’ve put it on cereal, bread, finger, and yogurt so far.

zamboni (#2,096)

Friday got away from me a little. After work, co-worker invited me for drinks. Had a pint and a bottle ($13). Then left for a baseball game (“free” – have season pass), got a sausage and bottle of water outside the stadium ($6) for dinner, and had one “premium” Rolling Rock inside ($12). After the game, the friends I was there with decided to go to a bar nearby with a sketchy reputation. It ended up being really fun, but involved a split pitcher and 3ish bottles of beer (around $26). Everyone else decided to go home, but the only other single friend in the group wanted to go out in another neighbourhood but stop off at her place to change out of her jersey first (my reduced share of cab: $12). The first bar we walked into was awful, so we went to a nearby pub I love that was still playing good music and had another drink ($6). $75 isn’t as bad as I thought, and it was the best night out I’ve had in ages, but that’s twice as much as I’d usually shell out.

Saturday: local brewery tasting for my best friend’s birthday ($28 for both of us including tip that resulted in more beer), delicious vegan dinner ($15), trip to beer store for reasons unknown ($12), still too drunk from beer tasting to do/spend anything in the evening (priceless).

Sunday: shirt for bachelorette party costume ($14), six-pack of my friend’s favourite beer from the tasting for her birthday barbeque that evening ($13).

Monday: had to work from home all day, picked up eggs, bananas and tortilla chips at the corner store ($7).

$164 before having to buy monthly Metropass this weekend ($126) = $290. Now have budget of $78 to last me until payday on Friday.

wearitcounts (#772)

i started the weekend with $64 in my wallet in cash, and wanted to limit my weekend spending to exactly that (not including grocery shopping for the week ahead, for which i had another specific amount in my checking). and i did! PROUD.

only because i used all cash, i have no idea how much i spent on what. but it was only $64! :D

probs (#296)

$30.00, Rocket Bar

$1.50, DC parking meter for my parents/sister who popped into town to take my girlfriend and me out to lunch.
$29.97, Backbay Liquor Warehouse (~Oak Orchard, DE), 750 of Gosling’s and 8 bottles ginger beer

Sunday- nada

$12.67, Wawa, two subs, two sodas, large bag of chips

Total: ~$75, which is quite low for me (sadly) for weekend spending, especially since it was a long weekend. A meal from my parents, free food and drinks at my girlfriend’s grandma’s house, and my girlfriend covering gas and some meals kept costs down. I also saw I have a pending charge for Rocket Bar from Saturday for $25, and I didn’t go there on Saturday, so hopefully I can dispute that successfully.

Megano! (#124)

I only spent like $30 on snacks, because I did not go out and do anything this weekend. Well I also spent $40 ordering a dress from a labour day sale.

thenotestaken (#542)

No long weekend for me, but still ended up a bit spendy–I try and keep a really low budget.
Friday: $12 for bouldering pass + shoe rental. Ate sad leftovers for dinner and went to a friend’s party where she supplied the gin and tonic so no more spending there.
Saturday: $10 for breakfast, $10 on cake supplies for my friend’s birthday and $14 for her birthday dinner–saved on dessert by bringing the cake, though! Went for fancy beers after but her wonderful boyfriend paid. I went to another bar later that night but didn’t get anything, which is a skill I’m trying to cultivate. Also, $5 on public transit since my bike was stolen last weekend.
Sunday: volunteered at a cooperative kitchen for the morning and got fed vegan breakfast burritos! Went to buy a bike, which was $60 for a beater but it rides fine and fixing it up should be a fun project. That trip involved a bus fare and the purchase of sunscreen for about $7.50. No other spending the rest of the day though, between riding my bike home and making nachos with ingredients I had on hand.

Total: About $120, driven up from my normal budget by the bike.

But my family is visiting this week which means they pay for fun eating-out experiences! Excited!

Thanks to smart grocery shopping earlier in the week, the library, the start of college football, and My Man’s parents’ HBO Go access, I only spent money on some misc apartment items we needed. And some beer.

$18 at Bed Bath and Beyond, would have been more except for their never-expiring-despite-the-expiration-date 20% off coupons.
$30 for my share of the groceries
$18 at Target
-$9 at Target, returned a frame we bought
$12.75 for my share of the BevMo run
$500 because I budgeted my 6 weeks wrong and forgot that 6 weeks includes TWO student loan payments, so I overdrafted my account, which triggered a cash advance from my credit card. I paid back my CC on Friday, when I realized it.
Technically not frivolous weekend spending, but I thought I should mention it in the interest of full Billfold-disclosure.

So, total, $51.75 in weekend spending (very happy with that), $551.75 overall :/

kellyography (#250)

I was in St. Louis this weekend, so things were weirdly cheap and also my mom bought me a ton of stuff so the activity-to-spendy ratio is way off:

Sandwich in the airport: $9 (totally worth it, even if my stepdad did throw the other half away)
Two drinks at Blueberry Hill: $10 (INCLUDING TIPS. WHY DO I LIVE IN NEW YORK?)
Courtesy 1/4 tank of gas for my parents, for letting me borrow their van: $10

And my parents paid for pretty much everything else: Dinners, Fritz’s, far too much clothing on a shopping day that was supposed to be for my little sisters, etc.

$29 for a four-day, action-packed weekend, not including the plane trip to get there? Not bad.

Kate (#1,408)

I spent very little this weekend, mostly by virtue of not leaving the house all that much. Which was amazing — the not-leaving, I mean. On Saturday the Cat Van came for grooming (this is the finest service in the world — a gigantic mobile grooming studio that comes to my house and bathes/trims my cat) and that was $105 after tax + tip. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Sunday I spent $6 on transit to get to brunch (my friend paid) and then spent $3 on raspberries. Monday I watched TV, did laundry and laid around. Total for the weekend was $114 and the vast majority of that was for the cat!

selenana (#673)

@Kate Do you have a long-haired cat?

breakfast (#633)

Friday: $19 for a 12 pack of tasty beer and snack at the liquor store which was later shared with neighbors who gave us VENISON TACOS. $3 on a new ball which puppy promptly destroyed.
Saturday: $20 farmers market produce and coffee, $11 lunch with the girls, $6 thrift store scarf and paperbacks, was that it for saturday?
Sunday: $4 car snacks
Monday: $4 coffee and pastry for breakfast, $15 lazy labor day lunch out, shared a breakfast burrito with the boyfriend and drank a bloody mary, $18 birthday present for my mom.

This weekend was cheaper because: a) I forgot to pay rent! b) I decided not to spend $30 on amazon until I get my first paycheck of the semester sooooo: $100 exactly!

breakfast (#633)

@breakfast I knew it wasn’t that cheap! + $53 bolt bus tickets to go to NY next weekend. Also, now that the Chinatown bus has been run out of town here, Bolt bus is expensive.

Jay Green (#2,099)

$104, a new metrocard (it’s a necessity, but ughhhhhhhhh THREE DIGITS)
$39, cleanser and moisturizer at Lush
$2.50, bread and tea from a Chinese bakery

$33, utensils and a dish rack for my new apartment
$5, pizza for dinner
$15, of the $80 I owe my friend for a split hotel room in July for a wedding

$1, bread from a Chinese bakery

$25, a trash can, aluminum foil, and other misc. junk from Target

Total: $224.5 jfc that seemed like way less money when I was spending it. D:

Surprisingly little given the kind of weekend it was. The best night of the Arrested Development-but-less-funny living situation I’m in came up on Friday: Mom’s book club dinner party, which means me, my sister, and our dad take a field trip to my favorite tavern to pig out and get mildly drunk, Dad’s treat. Plus hella fancy book club leftovers in the fridge when we come home.

Saturday I was tempted to break my spending freeze for a pedicure, but luckily for my bank account that didn’t work out. A friend and I have an annual get together with lots of food and booze and I was expecting her in the afternoon, but because she got extremely lost she arrived too late and tired for us to go out, which meant I only spent $48 in grocery preparation.

Sunday was the cutest and goofiest parade ever – for my hometown heroes and “third best in the world!”, the Petaluma National Little League team – during which I did spring for a $2 ice cream cone, and afterwards picked up some more groceries for probably not more than $16.

And I don’t think I spent anything on Monday, preferring to spend my days off in pajamas watching baseball, so under $75 isn’t too bad I guess. (I am a couple days late on rent and my monthly IRS installment, however.)

honey cowl (#1,510)

I am moving. Can’t even talk about how much I spent. Don’t even want to know.

ennaenirehtac (#199)

$15 on a ticket for a comedy improv show.
$21.69 for a ticket to see (in the future) an orchestra that plays exclusively tango music.
$175.19 on a Target run for kitty litter, cat food, different types of sponges, dish soap, contact solution, bathing suit, running shorts, fun cat scratching post…and so on…
$21.99 at Walgreens for some extra-sticky extra-SPF-y sport sunblock (horrible) and a book of stamps.
$79.12 on groceries.
$9.00 on a movie ticket (Robot & Frank. Clearly worth it because I cried.)

Total: $321.99. Ugh. The good news is that I now know I am not allowed to go to Target again next weekend.

Rent/utilities ($575) and the repair bill for my scooter ($390) notwithstanding, this weekend I spent:

$170 – plane ticket to visit Some Boy
$33 – 9/1 groceries for dinner with said Boy
$31 – 9/2 lunch in the park with said Boy, followed by sushi that evening
$13 – 9/3 lunch with said Boy and a Shirley Jackson anthology purchased at the used book store nextdoor

and a total of $32 spent at various coffee shops over the course of the weekend. I don’t think $289 is too terrible for a 3-day vacation. I definitely could’ve resisted buying a cup of coffee every what, 4 hours? but other than that I have no regrets.

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