Time to Make That 1 Thing That None Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

I’ve been getting physical checks in the mail for months, and having to wait for them and then go to the bank and deposit them is ruining my life.

Yesterday I sat in the window of a greasy lunch place for two hours, staking out my block for the mailman and, hopefully, my paycheck. I had to leave before he came. I shook my fist at the sky. But I vowed that day that I would never be broke and waiting for the mailman again. Would I start budgeting more carefully? No. I would DEMAND direct deposit.

I was prepared for a fight. Research a new payroll company? Done. Have some sort of stupid direct deposit fee come out of my paycheck? Fine. I steeled myself and decided I would not take no for an answer.

ME: what needs to happen in order for direct deposit to be a thing
ME: puppies murdered?
ME: done
CHECK WRITER: um i need your bank account info
CHECK WRITER: dear finance blogger
ME: (long pause)
Me: (like, a really long pause, as I just stare, shocked, defeated)
ME: is the only reason i dont have it bc i havent asked

And then I gave myself 40 lashes for once again making my own life impossible. Actually I just tore apart my room looking for my checkbook. Then I sent him the numbers.

1. Do your 1 thing.
2. You really don’t get what you don’t ask for. APPARENTLY.


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I just called the city to request a new blue recycling bin since mine was stolen. It bugged me that the city makes you call instead of having an online form or something so I’ve been putting this off for two weeks and, judging by my phone log, it only took me 4:58 mins. Go figure.

fifteen15 (#1,589)

I still get the occasional check in the mail for freelance work, and hated going to bank to deposit. BUT mobile depositing changed my life!

@fifteen15 For serious, I still get a little “the future is now” thrill every time I take a pic of a check and it shows up in my account a few minutes later.

I had to ask someone for a work favor and I finally sat down and did it today. The problem is that if they say no then I have to ask someone else. Can I save it for next week if that happens?

iffie (#1,911)

I love these reminders! I just made a dentist appointment. Ugh. Now my one thing is to start flossing more regularly until my appointment.

corfay (#2,188)

I think someone just donated to my fundraising campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as their Thursday task!

lrodrigue (#1,315)


Megano! (#124)

Wow, what? Direct deposit is a big thing in the States? Here you just give employers a void cheque and it works like magic. I even get my tax refunds direct deposit (although that one was slightly more annoying)!

jfruh (#161)

@Megano! Direct deposit is not a big thing in the States for people with steady jobs (in fact, most payroll departments will grumble if you want paper checks rather than direct deposit). But if you have a freelance client who pays you intermittently and/or differing amounts every check, it can be a pain for them to set direct deposit up for you, unless they want to go via PayPal or some such. I actually have a couple freelancers who do work for me and I don’t even know how I’d go about doing direct deposit for them! I always send paper checks (sorry Logan).

honey cowl (#1,510)

@Megano! It’s the same here. Logan is just being Logan!

Markham (#1,862)

@jfruh I’ve been a freelance Mgt. Consultant for most of my career and a lot of companies sent paper checks or I picked it up in person rather than wait for it.

Others could do direct deposit.

I was doing some research for a non profit I’m involved with and discovered that direct deposit for everyone even occasional freelancers is easy IF you work with the right company.

The one I found is easy as pie, I just put people in the system and when they bill hours or whatever they get paid in two weeks.

Still – I think cash flow is another issue and some companies write cheeks to freelancers when they can afford to/when their clients pay them, and focus on paying their full timers first.

jfruh (#161)

I just wrote my lawyer friend who every time I see her I say “I need to get in touch with you about doing a will for us” and she says” Yes, please do,” and I never do, but I finally did!

I have to visit my Bubbe for probably the last time before I move across the country in two days, and I’m the only person in the family she likes and she doesn’t know I’m moving. This is the worst one thing.

Jellybish (#560)

Haircut = scheduled. Thanks for the reminder!

wearitcounts (#772)

confirmed with my out-of-state wedding date regarding plans to be my chauffeur/tall and handsome escort to and from EVERYTHING (i’m in the bridal party) for next weekend. he promises he’s still very happy to see me/drive me around.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

I got my first credit card AND scheduled a teeth cleaning AND followed up on a tattoo design request AND fired my shitty realtor.

So basically I am master of the universe.

megsy@twitter (#2,192)

I called my cellphone company who was charging me $17 for roaming charges in the U.S…. when really I was in Canada and their network just sucks. They called it “accidental roaming” and told me to look for some little triangle before I use my phone when I’m by the border.
Also, I removed the $20 long distance plan because my phone number is now local.

Brunhilde (#78)

Haircut day with pals booked! We all see the same lady so we just book 3 back to back appointments and sit around and yap while one gets their hairs done.

@Brunhilde I’m so jealous of this.

I love this. I called the credit cards companies that denied me, ironically, for having too much credit (I’m a pay-off-every-month kind of CC user) and convinced them to give me the damn cards. (I’m only going to use their cards once to get the free hotel nights/airline miles.)

selenana (#673)

I went to the dentist! And today I will write the school where I’m taking classes about transferring a scholarship from last term for a class that was canceled for lack of enrollment. I want my free class, dammit!

theotherginger (#1,304)

just sent one email asking for reference letter. and drafted another awkward email. thanks billfold.

theotherginger (#1,304)

@theotherginger and I have now sent the other awkward email, on the heels on a positive response to the first. I heart you billfold.

kellyography (#250)

I scheduled a hair trim today! It’s for Tuesday! Maybe then I will stop looking like a shaggy mess!

Laura Grace (#2,241)

I sat down with my boss and told her I’m really unhappy and stressed and don’t think this is the right job for me so I’m leaving. O_O

I love how half of these are about haircuts! (Which, actually, has been one of my “one things” for a few weeks now…) We are not just procrastinators, we are shaggy procrastinators.

But! I returned library books and deposited checks AND changed my name with the SSA today, so that’s 3 of my one things!

@Soozy Rios Bellenot@facebook I’m pretty sure the last time I got a haircut was December 2010.

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