This Is How Books Change Lives

A friend’s dad, retiring soon after a career sitting under fluorescent lights, sent him this excerpt from a book called SHADOW DIVERS with the note: “Slapped me in the face.  Too late for me though.” 

My friend, sitting under his own fluorescents lights, was so moved that he quit his job to become a commercial diver. Okay that didn’t happen. He just forwarded it to me, and then I quit my job to become a commercial diver. Okay that didn’t happen either. I posted it, and you read it, and then you quit your job to become a commercial diver.


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Bill Fostex (#573)

Way to saturate the market for commercial divers, LOGAN!!!

nonvolleyball (#305)

but of course, one person’s “sitting under fluorescent lights” is another person’s “constantly having to be in scuba gear & underwater all the time.” (I appreciate the point, but as I get older, I frequently realize that ostensive “dream jobs” like actor, artist, etc. come with their own burdens that aren’t necessarily outweighed by their awesomeness.)

mishaps (#65)

@nonvolleyball I actually know someone who trained in nautical archaeology. He’s – wait for it – a small business owner in New England. Goes diving on vacations, though.

Megano! (#124)

You could not pay me enough money to be a commercial diver. Love, afraid of the ocean.

selenana (#673)

@Megano! Also kind of scared of the ocean. But trying to overcome that fear. Just went snorkeling for the first time. Creepy! But also awesome! So awesome.

blair (#1,962)

Is a commercial diver like a scuba diver who gets paid? Or is it someone who plays scuba divers in TV advertisements? OR is it someone who metaphorically “dives” into commercials to extract mythic and also metaphorical pearls of…something?

plz help too dumb to google

wearitcounts (#772)

@blair from the book it looks like they dive to find/explore wreckage? specifically here, from WWII.

HereKitty (#1,423)

@blair Or work underwater construction and die horrible, horrible deaths.

tl;dr: Do NOT become a commercial diver just to get out of the fluorescent lights!

@blair I know two commercial divers. My uncle dives to do safety inspections of oil rigs. Another person I know specializes in diving to do environmental assessments of the areas around marine log storage facilities and salmon farms. She says it’s kind of boring, but my uncle loves what he does.

probs (#296)

This reminds me of how much I like Joe vs. The Volcano

deepomega (#22)

When I am the king of a company of my own, it will be on the top floor of a building and have a retractable roof so we can work in the sun.

DON (#706)

Whoa, read this as commercial DRIVER at first. I had so many questions, but never mind!

oh! valencia (#1,409)

Oh, just change out your lights! (she said as she sat working under her own awful, humming flourescent lights)

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