Monday Check-In: The Double-Shop Dance

Good morning! How were your weekends?

On Friday, I estimated that I would spend around $75 this weekend, mostly on groceries, because I have a wedding I’m flying off to at the end of this week. Did I hear the siren call of dinner or drinks with friends? Was I tempted to go watch Sleepwalk with Me because I’ve planning to see it ever since it opened at the IFC Center? Thankfully, I’m pretty good at not spending money I don’t have to spend, so I ended up doing laundry ($6), and then going to the grocery store twice.

The first time I went to the grocery store, it was for things I wanted (a baguette, brie, bacon and eggs for breakfast, a slice of carrot cake, etc. — $34.47), and then I went back for things I could actually eat for lunch and make for dinner the rest of the week ($49.72). It’s the double-shop dance, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it.

Weekend total: $90.19

I went over budget a little, but have no regrets—especially about eating that slice of carrot cake, which I cut into thirds and ate throughout the weekend, as I do.

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wearitcounts (#772)

budgeted – $70
friday – $4 broth to make some awesome vegetable soup from my CSA veggies, $25 whiskey to host a get together saturday night
saturday – $0
sunday – $16 for a football-related sam adams harvest collection (GO PATS!), $37 for various face-related stuff at CVS.
total – $87, which is over budget but still way under normal. so i’m gonna go ahead and feel good about this.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I accidentally did really well this weekend by forgetting some plans I had made. I got coffee and breakfast with a friend, but used a long forgotten gift card so, free! Then I met another friend for sushi lunch,$16. I spent the evening at an outdoor jazz festival $30 (admission, food, several beers) Sunday I did some trimmed down grocery shopping $22 and went hiking all day, free! My total was a measley $68 which was offset by $45 worth of change that I cashed in from a random jer in my house. Not too shabby, but I didn’t buy any wedding presents as planned so this is a false victory.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Budgeted: $20

Friday: roughly $9 for dinner.
Saturday: $10.32 for snacks.
Sunday: a little over $200 for boots (which were on sale!), thus ending the great fall/winter shoe hunt.

Total: roughly $220, but the boots were a planned purchase so I’m going to claim that I stayed on budget.

LizF (#1,399)

I also went over budget but not by too much.
Friday night was 0$ because my boyfriend paid for my beer at the bar (we brought leftover, therefore free, beer from his birthday to the party we attended before that) and a late night ice cream cone.
Saturday was 43$ because I bought the ferry tickets (30$) to the island where the beer festival was (the tickets for the festival were only 5$ instead of the advertised 20$ and my boyfriend bought those)and then falafel at the new build-your-own falafel place in my neighborhood for dinner was 13$.

Then I spent 38$ on Chinese takeout yesterday which was lunch, dinner and the next two days of work lunches for me and lunch today for my boyfriend.

81$ and then hopefully my boyfriend will buy all of the regular groceries tonight! (we take turns and it is his turn)

selenana (#673)

I estimated 8000 yen. Friday went as planned – 1350 for pizza. Saturday, meant to go to the Latvian night market, but it was lame, so ended up going to Tokyo Fashion Night Out instead, where all the fancy shops were handing out free drinks. Sipping champagne at Prada, looking at things I will never buy! Went to dinner after. About 1000 yen train fare and 1500 on dinner. Sunday, went to my charity auction event. Spent 1000 on food and about 600 on train fare.
Total was about 6000 yen.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Budgeted: under $100
Friday, $3 on tomatoes at the farmer’s market and that’s it. Saturday, $13 on Thai food delivery.
And Sunday wasn’t so pretty. $4 at the bakery for breakfast. $6 on laundry at the laundromat. $4 on a cup of coffee at Starbucks. $45 on a bedskirt that it turns out doesn’t match, so I’ll need to exchange it. $11 on groceries. And two separate trips to Duane Reade for assorted stuff, totaling $38.

Total: $124. Definitely over the budget I set.

sockhopbop (#764)

My budget was WHO EVEN KNOWS. Reality:
Friday, $15 on a bottle of rose and a loaf of good whole-grain bread
Saturday, $17 on drinks for me and a friend
Sunday, $9 on a glass of wine at a business meeting
I promise I did things besides have drinks this weekend! But they were all free (working at the garden, a friend buying movie tickets for Celeste & Jesse Forever, going for a hike).

eagerber (#1,958)

budgeted: $100

Friday: $0 (boyfriend bought beer and we stayed in catching up on old Wire episodes)

Saturday: $17.85 brunch, that doubled as dinner, since I took leftovers home, and $9 ticket plus $8 “economy combo” popcorn/soda at movies. $55.42 for groceries (I had budgeted $40, but forgot I had to buy an $11 can of carpet cleaner, and then impulse-bought this cute $5 ladybug cooking timer)

Sunday: $20 added to my SmarTrip card, $24.59 my portion of dinner out in Georgetown, and impulse-bought a bracelet at Madewell ($25.44)

TOTAL: $160.30. Really could have done without eating out and that new bracelet… Regret regret regret.

charmcity (#1,091)

Budgeted $100ish but came in around $80 because I ended up not going out Saturday night; and also because I never did that second, for-real-groceries grocery shopping that I needed to …

helloimgreen (#998)

budget: didn’t have one, maybe for the best?

$0 happy hour – 2 margaritas, 1 dos equis, chorizo queso fundido. was totally ready to pay when my coworker so generously picked up the tab
$8.50 for margarita + tip hanging out with my roommate

$4.89 dry cleaning
$20 pad thai and crab rangoon for dinner, leftovers eaten sunday night

$2 at starbucks for a tip, since the barista is a good friend and gave me my coffee for free

total: $35.39, which is AWESOME, but my best friend will be in town tomorrow night until friday, so i’m expecting to drop a good amount of cash this week.

breakfast (#633)

Planned on spending alot because I visited friends in NY…
Friday $20 subway card (which I didn’t use all of and will forget about in my wallet and not use next time) $20 on thanks for letting me sleep in your house wine and snacks for my hosts, $7 tacos
Saturday: $6 coffee and breakfast sandwiches, $10 ice creams (treating my host) $6 pizza dinner
Sunday: The spendy day. $20 brunch with another friend, $18 museum admission, $28 birthday gift and card for my sister, $10 dinner before the bus in Koreatown, $15 kindle reading for the trip home.
Total $150ish, but I’m probably forgetting something…
Also, bad eating habits this weekend!

ThatJenn (#916)

Predicted: $73: $8 at CVS, $65 on gas. I actually spent $13 at CVS and $60 on gas, so I actually came out at the same total number. :) It was a lovely birthday weekend… I didn’t have to pay for the nice dinner I had or the delicious cupcakes my dude made. Today is my actual birthday, so I think my coworkers will probably pay for my lunch when we go out, and then I’m off on my adventure to Portland tomorrow morning!

Mike Dang (#2)

Happy Birthday!

ThatJenn (#916)

@Mike Dang
Thanks! Getting birthday wishes from you wins the day.

KingCash (#2,095)

Very couple-y weekend. Didn’t really have a budget in mind, which shows…

Friday: Fajitas and margaritas with boyfriend — my treat since he’d been picking up the tab a lot this past week ($55)

Saturday: Ordered a necklace on Ebay ($12); bagels for me and BF ($8); my share of the basset rental fee and dog treats at a “Basset Ramble” event ($11 — BF grew up with bassets and is pretty obsessed with them, so seeing him surrounded by more than a hundred of them was pretty incredible); water bottles after the Basset Ramble ($2); apartment stuff — light bulbs, extension cord, scrubbing bubbles — from CVS ($24); adding money to laundry card ($10); breakfast taco ingredients ($8); nail files and nail polish ($8)

Sunday: Helping BF with bus fare because he lost his SmartTrip card ($1); Adam’s Morgan Day festival, which turned into a trip to our favorite bar because it was hot ($0 — BF paid); beers at Busboys & Poets with BF during a local politics forum ($31); groceries at Whole Food’s ($19)

Total: $189. Sort of high, but I had a good time and looking back over it there aren’t any purchases that I can really say I regret.

friday night: $3 on a rockstar vodka, $10 on deep dish pizza (that’s what i call a good cheap friday night)

saturday: $20 on breakfast (ugh – had to cover a guy who didn’t bring enough money to tip the waitress – lame), $4 vaccuuming the interior of my car

sunday: $5 mcdonald’s breakfast, $5 bbq fixings for my baseball team

i consider that a well-done weekend, expense-wise. $47 total.

gna207 (#988)

Mike- You should totally see Sleepwalk With Me! It’s worth the $13.

As for weekend expenditures, this weekend was pretty good.

Saturday: $20 on a going away dinner at Pulino’s for a friend
Sunday: $3.50 for my Sunday latte (La Colombe, I Love You), $7.75 at Duane Reade for odds and ends

Total: $31.25, friendship (and lattes): priceless

wallrock (#1,003)

I had a crazy weekend that was mostly subsidized by my parents. I bought my mother tickets to see Bruce Springsteen at Wrigley Field for her birthday ($350) and I went along. The Friday before I took it easy, just getting takeout falafel ($13) and getting a movie from Redbox ($1.25). Saturday morning I got a haircut ($18) and bulk coffee ($35) and then drove down to Chicago with my folks. I set up my I-Pass for their car ($7.90 round trip) and ended up paying for parking ($45) at the hotel. Otherwise my father picked up everything else including dinner, drinks, taxi fare and breakfast. I did put $20 on my CTA card and paid for four fares on the Red Line after the show, and I also bought a pack of AA batteries for my sister’s camera.

mbmargarita (#781)

I’d be proud of myself for not eating out at all this weekend– not so much as a Pinkberry or bagel!– but then I went shopping instead.

Friday – $0, not a red cent! Work-sponsored happy hour then home to lie in bed and watch the “Mildred Pierce” mini series.

Saturday – Failed to make plans, so I ended up going shopping just to get out of the house, and spent $100 at LOFT. I’m justifying it based on the fact that it’s all work clothes, and was 30% off. And that I look AWESOME in those pants, which is not a way I usually feel about pants.
Also spent $31 at the grocery store, for ingredients to make enchiladas for dinner/lunch the next day/dinner tonight, and also bake pumpkin bread and bring cheese for a Sunday picnic.

Sunday I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold, so I did a $20 CVS trip for Emergen-C and some other household necessities.
Also spent $2 on a fresh-baked loaf of bread to contribute to the picnic, totally worth it.

Also bought $23 Fall for Dance tickets for a few weeks from now. They advertise them as $15 but of course once you add in the ridiculous fees… And $31 for bus tickets to Boston for a wedding next weekend… I’m going to count those under their respective weekends instead.

Total: $153. That would have been really impressive if I hadn’t gone clothes shopping…! At least I spent almost $0 all week, considering I was on a work trip.

Marzipan (#1,194)

I budgeted $170, $100 for gas & groceries, $70 for various extras, and it came out to be about $100 for gas and groceries, $20 for extras. I managed to go under-budget at Vegfest, mostly because I forgot to bring cash, and didn’t do the trail race I was planning on, saving a good $30.

Friday – $10 dinner, dude paid for movie/movie snacks. Sat. – cycling, Vegfest ($2 for kombucha) groceries – $30 and $12 to eat lunch at Wegmans. Sunday – nothing, spent all day watching the US Open and running and feeling generally melancholy for no reason.

zamboni (#2,096)

Ikea trip: estimated $360-$450 depending on bookcase, reality $440 (with said bookcase), but forgot I’d want to tip delivery guys, so $460.
Friday bachelorette party: estimated $16, reality $16. Even took long walk in pouring rain to take public transit home for “free” (metropass) instead of paying for a cab.
Groceries and coffee: estimated $35, reality $29
Other weekend going out: estimated $6, reality $17 (friend invited me to newish neighbourhood bar I wanted to check out, it ruled)
Didn’t get around to buying wedding gift ($55) and store with vintage boots I wanted ($95) was mysteriously closed when the sign said it was supposed to be open. But the boots were still there.
Estimated $452-657, reality $522, but basically only “saved” money on stuff I still have to buy. Making it through the Ikea self-serve section on my own without crying or sustaining a major injury: priceless.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Let’s see. I only spent cash this weekend. I started with $65 in my wallet and I have $4 remaining. I know I spent some money at the Red Sox game Friday night on food (diet coke, pretzel, and sausage). And I spent $20 yesterday on dinner. But $20 was spent elsewhere and I can not for the life of me figure it out as I spent no cash on Saturday. I am going to double check all my pockets when I get home.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

I just registered so I could play. :)

Got paid on Friday (yay!) but have bills (boo!) so planned for this to be a cheaper weekend. Kind of failed on that regard because I had a ton of happy social stuff that was worth it! Making up for it by buying only gas until next weekend.

$30 on craft supplies to finish a friend’s birthday present
$19 on some seasonal craft brews

$30 on a baby shower gift
$23 ice skating for my boyfriend and myself (we went with another couple)

While we were ice skating our friends got engaged! He got down on one knee in skates! I am so happy for them. :)

$30 dinner & tip to celebrate

(hadn’t planned on spending money going out but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. So worth it.)

$0 :)

I have my car payment, phone bill, car insurance, and some medical stuff to pay back so this week upcoming is going to be cheap cheap cheap.

Dancercise (#94)

My Friday plans fell through, so I bought myself pizza and beer. ($19.87)

On Saturday, I bought a new DSLR camera that I’ve been craving for months ($780.19). Then my friends took me out to dinner for my birthday at a fancy-schmancy fondue place. (Soooooo good! And my friends paid for me!)

On Sunday, I spent $0. Woo!

Maladydee (#909)

I spent less than I thought I would, woohoo! I thought I would end up spending $230 and ended up spending $180. This was partly accomplished by my original plans for Saturday night completely sucking, though.

Friday, renewing my drivers license only cost $50, instead of $65 like I’d estimated. My therapist cost the same as she always does, $80. Dinner at my friend’s birthday party cost me $30, instead of the $35 I’d estimated. Friday was pretty awesome.

Saturday I only spent $10 instead of $40 because it turns out me + my sister + a nightclub = party fail. I bailed early, before I spent much. Went to my buddy’s house and spent all night playing megaman and street fighter with the guys, which was free. (and they let me drink their booze, thanks guys, I’ll catch you back some time). Waaaaaay more fun.

Sunday I didn’t even want to look at alcohol, so I spent $10 on takeout noodles instead of beer, for watching the Godfather with friends.

All in all, a pretty good weekend, and I also learned how not to have fun at a night club (pro tip: make sure you have more friends, also clubbing with your sister = super awkward)

Megano! (#124)

I only spent like $40, and it was all on food. I even went to the burger place and only spent $6 because I had a coupon for a free poutine and drink.

lemons! (#384)

I didn’t budget and I read the Friday and wrap up and thought, “I should budget”
My weekend centered around food.
Friday night $0 Came home and started bread.
Saturday $40 Baked bread. Went and dropped off pants for tailoring ($28 doesn’t count till next week though!) Friends came over and I bought cheese ($10) to go with the homemade mead, pickles, bread and kimchi spread. Then I went for BBQ for friend’s birthday ($30).
Sunday $94 – Made brunch with friends, but they bought the supplies we didn’t have. Walked 3 miles to Trader Joes and bought a lot of cashews (pesto making) honey (mead making) plus snacks! Went to Home Depot too, but BF bought the clamps and wood for cider making. Really wanted to take the bus, but ended up walking home. Spent ~$13 at the grocery store for gazpacho supplies.
All food all the time.

Beezus (#1,007)

Oh, do go see “Sleepwalk With Me,” though. (Watch for the surprise Ira Glass cameo!)

Okay so I budgeted $225 and ended up with
$12.24 at the grocery store for things I wanted
$73.31 at the grocery store for things I needed (I also do the double-shop dance)
$1.29 at Redbox (Hunger Games!!!!)
$33.55 at Target (things I needed, sadly)
$39.51 on gas
$17.99 at Joann’s (feeling of accomplishment after making a dress: priceless)
$15 pizza on Saturday (it was gross)

$192.89! Plus I’m probably returning a $3 zipper to Joann’s, so we’ll round down and say $190. I can live with that.

kellyography (#250)

Apparently for me, “as little money as possible” includes:

$6.50 for popcorn and chocolate at Duane Reade (Friday night dinner)
$6.22 for bread + snacks at Key Food (this week’s lunches)
$3 for hot chocolate on the way home from Key Food (because I saw a cute guy in the place while I was walking by, I kid you not. He did not even look at me.)
$3.75 for pizza and a chocolate chip cookie at Two Boots (instead of eating ANOTHER peanut butter sandwich or cereal for the third day in a row)
= 19.47. Probably too much considering what I spent it on and the fact that I really didn’t leave the house much.

cherrispryte (#19)

I had budgeted $50 for the weekend, which I was both correct and very wrong about:
$33.43 at Safeway for cleaning supplies and lunch for the week
$11.00 at Chipotle for Saturday night dinner
all well and good, except
$126 for shoes for a wedding I’ll be in in two weeks. I should have held off til payday, but I wanted to have time to break ’em in a little bit. (And yes, I legitimately needed shoes at that price point, because they are comfortable heels I can apparently walk around in all day , which means they are miracle shoes, and not something I currently own, and will be useful come job interviews and fancy times. BUT STILL. MONEY.)
Wedding season needs to end. That shit’s expensive!

wearitcounts (#772)

@cherrispryte ARGH you just reminded me that i need wedding shoes for the wedding that i’m in at the end of the month. BLAAAHHHHH.

AlliNYC (#1,725)

On Friday I estimated $150. Actuals:
$37.01 Groupon watch deal
$57.85 H&M (oops… but I got an awesome sweater, amazing pants, and a cute top which are all very versatile for work)
$5.00 Eyebrow wax
$5.00 MTA (so mad at myself for forgetting my metrocard at home!)
$30.50 drinks at a comedy show my friend had tickets for
$36.90 groceries, important things such as rainbow sherbert, canned tuna, beer.

TOTAL: $172.26… ugh, even more than expected, and I skipped Brother Jimmy’s because of all that shopping I did. Sigh.

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