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Monday Check In: A Wedding Upstate

Good morning! How much did you spend this weekend? I’m going to do a rundown of what it cost me to attend the wedding I went to this weekend:

• $105 airfare to upstate New York
• $5 AirTran shuttle to JFK
• $4 shake to drink on the plane because I sort of skipped lunch
• $4 tip to hotel shuttle driver for picking us up at the airport
• $154 hotel room
• $110 wedding gift
• $23 dinner and drinks catching up with friends
• $20 cab ride to rehearsal cocktail hour
• $3 tips for the bartender
• $15 cab ride back to the hotel
• $10 drinks after the wedding
• $34 on beer for the after after party
• $30 for van rental share to drive back to New York city
• $10 road stop for a salad and french fries
• $4 second road stop for ice cream
• $0 to crawl back into my own bed

Total: $531 for a weekend of wedding fun.

And how were your weekends?


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Jackie @twitter (#2,084)

Mike, did you think about renting a car? I don’t know if you drive or not, but it seems like a big chunk of this expense (beyond present and hotel room) was transportation, and I wonder if a car would have been cheaper.

Mike Dang (#2)

@Jackie @twitter The hotel shuttle was supposed to take us to all the wedding events, but unfortunately, we soon realized that there was one shuttle, and we didn’t want to wait around for it and miss any of the events, so we called for a cab (which charged a lot more than we thought they would). We did decide to rent a van to drive back to the city.

monteig (#2,100)

@Mike Dang Was the $500 budgeted? And if so, how did the changes in spending along the way come into play?

megsy@twitter (#2,192)

$7 – coffees and breakfast
$40 – gas
$7 – BBQ & raffle tickets for charity dive event I attended
$28 – beer and dinner after diving
$10 – convenience store snacks for movie night

Hmm. I thought it was way worse.

Oh wait, I forgot $24 at Walmart (Vanity Fair Magazine + DVD-Rs)

madrassoup (#929)

$20 for dinner in Flushing on Friday
$20 for a drink in Manhattan
$0 to reflect on the obsecene fact that a multi-course MEAL in Queens plus a 30% tip cost as much as an “artisinal cocktail” in my neighborhood.
$25 sushi on Saturday
$30 in cabs (one for reasons of bad planning, the other for bad timing)on Saturday
$44 for cocktails and snacks on Friday
$27 in groceries

$166 ($66 more than I assumed on the high end)

wallrock (#1,003)

My weekend spending was better than expected seeing as I coupled a football game on Saturday and a concert on Sunday. I didn’t do much on Friday as I’d spent 18 hours on the road Thursday, leaving me with just enough energy to do some laundry and watch a few Arrested Development episodes.

Saturday afternoon I met up with my fellow season ticketholders prior to the UW football game. I picked up some beer beforehand ($39) but one four-pack was for my sister. After watching the afternoon games we went down to the stadium and I bought a couple of beers at the Rotary Club beer garden ($10). The Badgers won, barely, on a missed FG at the end of the game. Afterwards on the drive home I stopped to get gas ($32) and impulsively bought a frozen pizza, gum, mints, and an iced tea ($12).

Sunday I went over to Milwaukee with my sister and my buddy to see a show. I’d gotten 2-for-1 tickets ($80 total, $40 of which was paid back by the others) but the fourth in our group backed out at the last minute. We went to dinner at a Belgian cafe in the Third Ward and my buddy’s sister-in-law (a former coworker of mine) ended up as our server. I picked up the tab and left her a big tip ($110 total) then we drove to the venue. I eschewed the $25 parking and spent fifteen minutes driving around until finding a spot which led to us missing a good amount of the opening band’s set, a big disappointment for me as they’re a favorite of mine. Beers were crazy expensive ($8.50 for a bottle of Stella) and I had to chip in $5.50 to cover my buddy as he only had twenty bucks on him. I picked up another round before the headliners ($25.50) over the protestations of the others and skipped out on the merch table. This morning I find myself very tired with a slight buzz in the ears (I forgot my plugs again) but it was well worth it.

probs (#296)

I was set to keep things pretty cheap, because my credit card bills had gotten to the point where I was barely paying them off each month, and I wasn’t saving anything. So I ate out of my pantry, and a friend won a bunch of booze on the cheap at a work auction so I drank a ton of Hennesy for free, and my only expenses were:

$32.31, Aldi, for a fuck-ton of groceries. God bless you, Aldi.
$11.50, Safeway, just ingredients for making cheese sauce for chili cheese fries, half of which were totally consumed by the process. Damn you, Safeway!

Total: $43.71, which put me well under my projected budget of ~$70.00. I was feeling proud of myself for avoiding the temptation of going to SPX and buying a million comics.

Then while checking my accounts for this I was reminded that two Kickstarters I’d backed (Storycorps animated shorts, Planetary Annihilation vidja game) were funded this weekend, for a total of $70.00, i.e. precisely my projected budget. Damn you, Kickstarter! Haha.

Actual total: $113.71

eagerber (#1,958)

Wound up spending very little this weekend, due to the fact that we stayed in both nights to watch more Wire episodes (even though the second season is pretty stupid so far…). I also spent Sunday ironing for hours. Boyfriend bought dinner out Saturday night, which was sweet. He’s moving away for campaign work, so I should be saving my pennies each weekend moving forward so that I can travel to him 1-2 times in October.

$0 stayed in, boyfriend brought beer over, and food from his fridge, so I wound up not really having to buy new groceries this weekend

$5 spent on one beer at DC’s H St festival
$0 on dinner out to Kora, in Crystal City. pretty awesome dinner and drinks! we had cinnamon-crusted QUAIL as an appetizer! amazing!

$22.03 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a new ironing cover and small picture frame
$12.07 at neighborhood market for milk & ground coffee
$59.50 at CanvasPop (http://www.canvaspop.com/) for printing & framing picture of me and my boyfriend, to mail him while he’s away — got a 30% discount because I heard about the website from Young House Love: http://www.younghouselove.com/2012/09/fab-freebie-pop-o-matic/

Total: $98.60

Because I spent so little this weekend (outside the $60 gift for my boyfriend), I decided to transfer $20 to my ImpulseSave account.

So, revised total: $118.60

Marzipan (#1,194)

Let’s see: fancy work event Friday that I was “working”: free drinks and fancy dinner.

Sat: Ran a 5k, but I tricked the guy I went with into paying. Bought lunch for us $15 (after $10 gift certificate I won at the race). 5k came with free ticket to amusement park. $1 for bag of pb m&ms on sale. That’s right. I found a sale in an amusement park. Dinner at Wegmans: $10.

Sun: $4 banana, plum, muffin, luna bar for lunch
$85 clothes at banana republic, pants and two button-downs (this transaction went down like, cashier (apropos of nothing): “Oh, do you have an interview?” me: hey, screw you, you don’t know my life! “Haha, yeah, I do”.)

$115. ~ pretty reasonable, considering, you know, banana republic.

thenotestaken (#542)

Friday: Nothing! Had leftover nacho supplies for dinner and drank homebrew at a friend’s house.
Saturday: $10 on pharmacy supplies to treat some brutal scrapes after taking a spill off my bike.
$3 for a soda after climbing with friends, which is an awesome free activity now that I set up a work exchange with the rock gym and picked up my own shoes.
$6 for two teas while studying at a cafe.
$5 for a beer with friends later that night.
Sunday: $5 for breakfast supplies and $3 at another cafe study session, but that was it!

Total: $31!! That’s my best weekend in a long time. It helps that I had a lot of groceries in the house already and didn’t get tempted to eat out like most weekends. And I basically only drink my homebrew these days so that cuts down on booze costs unless I’m at a bar. But I’ve also been proactive about finding free activities like setting up the work exchange at the rock gym, or free swim at the local Y which I did on Sunday.

$25 for birth control
$21 for wings and beer with a friend Friday night
$5.25 for gelato dessert
$12 for manicure, plus tip
$20 for a cab ride Saturday night
$12 for cigarettes
$10 for drink and slice of pizza
$2.25 for tall boy
$8.88 for butter and other various groceries on Sunday.

$116.38, y’all

@kira fisher@twitter 12$ for cigarettes. another reason i’m glad not to live in ny anymore

KingCash (#2,095)

$14: Pizza with my boyfriend at Kavanaugh’s
$0: A friend’s birthday party (brought over some booze we already had on hand)

$12: Household stuff at Safeway
$0: Bagels for brunch (BF paid)
$20: Repaying a friend for gas and tolls for a recent road trip up to NY
$0: Went to the H St festival but didn’t buy anything except a beer at the Argonaut (covered by BF) because the lines were enormous
$14: Dinner at a Pho 14
$0: A beer at the Black Cat (which BF paid for) for Hellmouth Happy Hour — they were playing Restless, which is a really awesome Buffy episode to see on a big screen
$17: Beers for me and BF at a friend’s going away party at Angles Adam’s Morgan

$0: Bagel for brunch (BF paid again)
$10: Work week sandwich ingredients at Whole Foods
$194: A bunch of grown-up makeup at Sephora, which I’ve been meaning to buy and figure out for a while. I maybe could’ve done without a couple of the items, but I felt like it was worth it cause they gave me a really great tutorial on what to use and how to use it and the stuff should last me awhile.
$13: Groceries at Safeway
$0: Video chat reunion with high school friends rather than going to CA for our actual 5 year reunion (thank you Google!)

Total: $294. Without the giant Sephora trip it would’ve been $100, which isn’t bad at all considering how social it was.

I estimated $200 to go shopping for a fall wardrobe update. I ended up spending $265 because I found an awesome pair of shoes that I couldn’t resist for $65. And I hate buying shoes so I didn’t want it to eat into the budget I had given myself and … I dunno, more justifications.

Great things I got: beige trench coat, lacy white sweater, bright yellow sweater, two floofy scarf things, aforementioned awesome shoes, a belt, some earrings, another sweater

Best thing I got: this ridiculous thing that I am going to wear everywhere. As Becky “shopaholic” Bloomwood would say, I’m going to be known as The Girl in the Faux Leopard Cape. (important: I did not pay $80 for it, nor would I have. shockingly there were quite a few of these bad boys left at the outlet! who’d have thought?!)

msafiri (#2,202)

$0 brunch with my aunt and uncle (they paid).
$15 on gas driving to Ikea to return the terrible mattress I bought in an attempt to be cheap.
$180 on a mattress two levels up from the one I originally bought, which was 100% worth it to wake up without back pain.

$33 round trip ticket on New Jersey transit to NYC.
$1.35 on terrible coffee for the train ride.
$35 on brunch with friends. The brunch cocktail cost more than my food, but I regret nothing because we were sending off a friend deploying to Afghanistan and these things must be done in style.
$4 on a cappuccino.
$4.50 subway fare.

Total: $272.85, but only $92.85 without the mattress.

Slutface (#53)

I spent way too much money this weekend. It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was money I just didn’t have to spend, but I did anyway. I took myself out to lunch, iced coffee and dinner both Saturday and Sunday. My bf was out of town and I was lonely, the weather was nice and I figured I might as well sit outside at nice lunch, cafes and dinners to enjoy it. I went on walks too so at least I was active, but why did I spend money I don’t have?! I even used credit cards. I’m so mad at myself.

HereKitty (#1,423)

@Slutface Do you have any non-bf friends who might step in if this comes up again? Like, a “chili at his/her house on Friday and pizza at my house on Saturday” type of arrangement that would help both of you with budgeting and/or loneliness?

Slutface (#53)

@HereKitty Not in the area. I moved to a new city and the one girl I moved just moved out of state. I need to make new friends.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@Slutface I keep a list of cheap/free things to do when I’m bored (not that I don’t spend a lot of weekends like you did, but it’s not always practical). It’s stuff I actually want to do anyway, like making cookies, walking to the beach and looking at the lake, do yoga, call mom, etc. I tape it in an obvious place when I’m broke and refer as needed. Just an idea.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

$40 for my friend’s birthday dinner

I KNOW. I was hoping for this to be less. But my BF got off work early and didn’t have any cash on him, so I paid for both. The $40 includes tip though, so not so bad for two? Another guest covered my friend’s meal completely and won’t take anything from the rest of us.

The BF covered beer for me at the after party (we stayed local so free parking and no cover) and drove so its ok.

$35 for groceries at Wally World

$75? Im sure it seems luxurious to some people, but for me it’s pretty good. Next week I’m trying for $65.

PrettyNicola (#692)

$12 beer and a whiskey and soda for my friend who indignantly quit her job
$3.68 for onion rings at Ruby Tuesday’s because said friend sneakily paid for my second drink of the evening.
$12 at Publix for hot dog buns, ketchup, and charcoal for a picnic in the evening
$10 to local high school ROTC

I then gave my husband both my debit and credit cards because ALL of that money was moved from savings into checking because I am broke broke broke until my paycheck comes through on Thursday.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Cheap or spendy weekend, depending on how you count. Monies spent before the weekend were $17 on groceries to bake brownies to bring to a friend’s father’s house this weekend up in NH and a $60 ($65? I signed up eons ago) entry fee for a Warrior dash.

Then Friday I spent $30 on dinner and $16 on something else that I am completely blanking on. Whatever it was, they gave me golden dollars in change. I love getting golden dollar coins. Ohhhhhhh…….eyebrow wax and some pretzels from the pretzel stand in the mall.

Saturday I spent $6 on a beer + $1 tip and $16 on two turkey legs post-Warrior dash and I think that was it.

Sunday I spent $6 at the grocery store on some veggies for this week’s dinner.

So $152 including previous cash outlays and ~$75 directly this weekend.

novembertea (#2,203)

I went to Boston this weekend for a friend’s bday! I want to move ther e SO BAD :-(

$10 six pack of Oktoberfest
$6 bag of popcorn and frozen spinach thing for dinner
$10 sustenance at Au bon pain for bus trip home to CT (why is it sooo expensive!?)
$20 Peter Pan bus ticket (because for some reason Megabus is ridiculously expensive now?)

Definitely spent more than I had, considering that I hand made my friend a card and gave her a mix CD instead of buying. Oh, my poor unemployed little self…

wearitcounts (#772)

@novembertea heck yeah boston is the BEST

wearitcounts (#772)

i did really well this weekend! budgeted $60 and took exactly that amount out of my bank account; my plans with friends were less expensive than i anticipated. i ended the weekend with $17 left in my wallet, so i only spent $43 on groceries/funtimes.

ALSO i did a thing i NEVER do and went to the trouble of calling in and sending away for a $15 rebate from my ticket to the grouplove concert in november and my $15 check came in the mail! even though i know this is money i already spent it’s pretty great to get it back. REBATES. they are worth the effort.

breakfast (#633)

Uhhhh, pretty spendy this weekend:
Friday $35 dinner and drinks for me and boyfriend (which is actually pretty reasonable for two) in honor of I finally got paid and wanted to spend money, not that I’d been denying myself up until this point
Saturday: $10 beers to bring to a friend’s birthday $84 for having to buy dog food AND catfood. But I got the big, most economical bags, meaning catfood will last me 3 months, dogfood…1 month.
Sunday: CONVERGENCE OF (necessary) SPENDING: paid off my cell phone, utilities, health insurance and car insurance bills, AND my student loans were automatically withdrawn: about $900.
And unnecessary spending: $30 on books and bulk facewash from amazon that I’d waited on purchasing until my paycheck.

total: tons, but the majority of it was budgeted items that happened to land this weekend.

This weekend was ridiculously over my budget. I feel ashamed.

Friday: Work lunch, $15. Target, $128. To be fair, I bought a vaccuum ($70), and 9 work lunches (amy’s organic on sale for $3 a meal!!). Still, where did the other $20 go? I may never know. I stayed in, which saved me a ton of money. Oh, I forgot-$20 gas.

Saturday: Here we go…$15 for a meatball sub and tea for my very hungover boyfriend. $56 at home depot for various hooks and shelves in the apartment. And a $120 BAR TAB which almost gave me a fit. We both ate food ($20) and I had probably four drinks ($25). I have no idea where the rest went (boyfriend), and I’m pretty sure that I paid for two drinks I didn’t order. Moral of this story: NEVER GOING TO THE BAR WITH A CARD AGAIN.

Sunday: Brunch, $40 for the two of us. Horchata milkshake, $5. $15 chinese food. $60 loaned to boyfriend for, uh, ‘medication’.

Total: $469. I cannot afford that. Granted, he will be handling all expenses next weekend (waiting for a large contract to pay up), but this kind of spending is why we’re both always stressed because we’re poor. Ugh.

I also forgot to mention the paying of all mobile phone, insurance, and credit card bills. $205.

New total: $674. Feeling a little bit sick…

Megano! (#124)

$25 for Hairpin Sushi on Friday
$18 in groceries
Oh I guess I spent $36 on my CC too, though I’m not gonna say for what, except that it is awesome.

wearitcounts (#772)

@Megano! now i’m dying to know.

lemons! (#384)

I love reading about everyones weekend.
Friday: $4.50 because I took the train to work in order to help my friend drink all his beer after work and not BWI home. What a trooper I am. I gave him pickles.
Saturday: $145 to see my friend way way way out in the ‘burbs. It cost so much because my zipcar was late because I was stuck downtown and could not figure out how to get on Lake Shore Drive and a ton of other stupid mistakes because I never drive downtown. So stressful to be stuck in traffic knowing you’re accumulating late fees. I setup text messaging now so I can avoid that. Plus $18 on coffee and fast food on the trip there and back.
Sunday: $10 for a figure drawing group. $17 on a bag of fancy local coffee.
~$195 with about $50 of that in avoidable fees. Wah Wuh!

honey cowl (#1,510)

I did well this weekend — better than many previous weekends.

As predicted, I spent $20 on tequila for a college reunion of my five best girlfriends, celebrating the fact that one of them has moved back here! We didn’t drink even a third of it (because we are not in college anymore, yikes), and so I have tequila to last me for the next several months (probably).

$34.91 on groceries, which included UTI meds (wooooo hooooooo!), still under the $50 I planned on (yay!). And $9-ish, as planned, for a croissant and latte and the bakery near my new place. That latte was not worth the cash, let me tell you, it was a horrible excuse for a latte, and I LIVE IN FREAKIN SEATTLE.

Unplanned purchases included: $20 on gorgeous little prints at the Fremont Sunday Market which somehow perfectly encapsulated my boyfriend’s and my inside jokes, $5 at another booth on a vintage ring, and $13-ish at Joann’s because I got a 40% off coupon in my inbox and needed some embroidery supplies. Also $8 on gas though I’ll have to fill the whole tank sometime this week.

Total, around $115. I had planned on $100, and didn’t anticipate the $20 purchase of the prints. I feel good about this. Next weekend I will attempt to get under $100!

youvandal (#2,207)

Decided to stay in because I was heading out of town Saturday. Went shopping for a wedding gift for next weekend. I had some coupons at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so that helped keep the cost down. I’m also splitting the cost with my girlfriend.
Wedding gift: $35
Took a bus back to Wisconsin to go to the Badgers game with my parents. Had some drinks on the terrace before the game, but my dad paid for them. Met up my sister who is still in school and went to a pregame party. Enjoyed a brat, m&m’s and water during the game. After the game, headed back to my hometown and met some friends for drinks.
Bus ticket: $28
Pregame cup: $5
Concessions: $11.50
After game drinks: $13
Watched football on Sunday and then went to a wedding celebration (separate from the one I bought a gift for) for a high school friend. Then took the Amtrak back to Chicago.
Wedding card and gift card: $28
Amtrak ticket: $24
Total for the weekend: $144.50.
The transportation cost really jacked up the total.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Spent this weekend at Chicago’s Riot Fest (!!!) and as such, ’twas a spendy one.

$50 for dinner and drinks for me and my little bro, who came to town to attend the fest and celebrate the completion of his first scientific paper!

$20 on tickets for beer/water
$6 polish dog for dinner (amazing)
$20 super sick Riot Fest t-shirt
$0 cab home (manfriend paid)

$23 on more beer/water tickets (worth it)
$6 polish (mmm)
$20 Gogol Bordello slingshot tee
$45 sweatshirt (holy crap it got cold)
$0 cab home (my bro owed me money)

Total=$192, plus or minus– not bad for a fest weekend!

I’ve been in no-spending mode for what feels like months in anticipation of moving, and the week is finally upon us! I spent about $150 on luggage for my trip and will be flying to New York for a week of fun times (and SPENDING noooo) before landing in Pittsburgh to try and make a go of it.

selenana (#673)

Friday: went to an outdated blockbuster (we’re a few months behind out here). Gentleman paid for the tix, I got the snax. 940 yen.
Saturday: Xrays and root canal. 5560 yen my copay. Later into town for shopping and dinner. I helped my friend shop but didn’t buy anything. Dinner was 1600 yen. Drinks for me and a friend at a cheesy bar after was 1000 yen (Hi A!). Train fare 1260.
Sunday: Took dog to her foster home. Foster mama gave us snax. 0 yen. Bought gas on the way home. 1000 yen. Bought a dress at a thrift store. 100 yen.
Monday (national holiday): Booze cruise in Tokyo Bay. 2500 yen for two hour cruise with all you can drink. Worth it for dancing to J-pop in a yukata on a boat alone. 1000 yen for smoothies and chocolate croissants before the cruise. 960 train fare.
Weekend total 15920 yen.

LizF (#1,399)

I didn’t go out Friday night, instead I drank gin and ate steak on my front porch. 0$

Saturday I spent way too much money at the Dollar Store ($10) and then Target ($190, ten of which I got back from my boyfriend and $117 of which was my very early birthday present – my birthday is in November- a bike! My mom will reimburse me for that. So about $60 in actual terms)

Sunday I spent $10 as a donation for lunch for two at a dog festival and in return was treated to dinner.

$80! Not bad for how much I actually got this weekend (new clothes, a new bike, lots of fun times with friends and puppies).

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