Here’s Your One Chance Fancy Don’t Let Me Down

Okay, so the title of this post is a lyric to a Reba McEntire song that my mother used to play all the time when I was a kid, and it pops into my head every time I think about anything “fancy.”

And fancy is what I felt last night when a friend invited me to have a drink at the sort of place that forbids jeans and sneakers—the sort of place that’s “jacket required” for men, preferably with a tie.

Normally, I’m all about going to the dive-iest bar in the neighborhood and ordering cheap liquor, but it’s sometimes nice to remember that we can also experience nice places and things without having to spend a lot of money.

You can get dressed up, go to a nice place and order one nice, strong cocktail (around $15) and enjoy it for the evening. More often than not, the nice place will have a quiet corner for you to sit in so you can have a conversation with whomever you’re with without have to raise your voice over loud music or crowds.

The staff at the nice place will get to know your name and call you Mr. or Ms followed by your last name. At the nice place I was at last night, I heard the staff address a distinguished-looking man as Mr. Merrill, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was that Mr. Merrill and hope that I would overhear some sort of insider financial gossip I could blog about later. Instead, we had our nice cocktail, in our nice, quiet corner, had our nice conversation, and then left after an hour—thinking about what a lovely time we had, and feeling just a tiny bit fancy.


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highjump (#39)

I love craft cocktails I’m too lazy to make at home like anything with purees or infusions. In fact, I’m going to such a place for dinner with some friends tonight and we’re each going to order one ~$10 fancy drink and then split a bottle of wine with dinner because you can only enjoy so many flavors at once.

wearitcounts (#772)

i have a fancy upscale bartender friend who likes to do fancy friend-dates with me. because to her, money is fluid and she has it and i do not, she treats me to half the drink and food menu at a fancy place to have good company while she develops her palate for her own career. because she knows i appreciate The Fancy.

madrassoup (#929)

@wearitcounts Is that friend accepting New Friend applications?

kellyography (#250)

That song used to make me SO SAD, and I heard it all the time because my mom only listened to country stations. Hilarious aside: I used to tell my mom I wanted to be a backup singer for Reba when I was older, and she laughed and said Reba probably wouldn’t still be a famous singer when I was older. Point: me.

On topic: I went to that weirdly fancy mixology place in LIC where the waiters all wear suspenders and waxed mustaches and had a wonderful (drunken) time.

thatgirl (#1,965)

@kellyography Where is this place? I have plans for a drink in LIC with a friend who would ADORE waitstaff in suspenders and waxed mustaches.

kellyography (#250)

@thatgirl I believe it is called Dutch Kills. They have booths that fill up fast, but also a regular bar if you can’t get a table. The best way to order is to just tell the waiter what you want to taste and they will make you a thing. Like, I said, “I would like something that tastes like boozy lemonade,” and the waiter said, “Do you like gin?” And I said, “Anything but gin.” And then I got an amazing whiskey drink that made me very tipsy indeed.

jasmined (#685)

You know that song is actually by Bobbie Gentry, right?

selenana (#673)

Oh you fancy now.

wearitcounts (#772)

@selenana hahaha this totally put that song in my head. i don’t actually know the reba one.

bazbaz (#1,953)

i love you FOREVER for referencing that song, mike.

hellohello (#382)

Real talk, that song was once my ring tone. It was Fancy!

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