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Friday Estimate

Let’s do our weekend spending estimates.

I’ll be flying off to head to a wedding this afternoon, and will buy what I usually buy at airport terminals: nothing. I buy nothing at airports. Okay, fine, sometimes I will buy a cup of coffee, but otherwise, I’m pretty set with my own snacks and reading material.

I’ll also be sharing a car rental and hotel room with friends at this wedding. There will be dinner and drinks tonight, and lunch before tomorrow’s wedding. We might be in charge of the after party when the reception is done. I’ll spending a million dollars this weekend! (Or, around $500). We shall see. What are your estimates?


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probs (#296)

Depends on whether I can be good and keep myself away from SPX and going out. I’m hoping to spend $75 or less, including groceries. If I go to SPX, that number will be much bigger.

Sarah H. (#408)

@probs SPX!! I’ll be (probably unsuccessfully) restraining myself there this weekend, too.

probs (#296)

@Sarah H. Best of luck! I’m gonna try to avoid it altogether, even though I wanna meet comics people.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Maybe- maybe- $20. Max. And that’s with my weekend extending through Tuesday because of Rosh HaShanah.

I have a train ticket to DC this afternoon to spend the holiday with my parents. I will buy snacks and maybe a magazine at Penn Station. And then once I’m with my parents they will insist on paying for everything and I plan to let them, because this week has been rough.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

I plan on spending $2 on flash cards, $10 on coffee, $20 on crappy convenience food that I won’t enjoy, and $30 on Parliaments.

You are all so jealous of my sexy grad student life.

wearitcounts (#772)

i am still trying to spend as little as possible. just got through my online bills (did a few in advance–go me) and i’m hoping to limit my weekend spending to $30 entertainment fees (hanging out with my friend and her visiting friend from london) and $30 in groceries (i’m going home for the jewidays and don’t anticipate neeeding to pay for a few days’ worth of food next week — yay jewish moms and overcooking for everything). so, $60 total.

albatross (#2,020)

Running a race on Saturday! So, $20ish dinner tonight; $30ish train ticket out; another $20 or so for grilling supplies; $5 for cab ride to train station home. Let’s see how this goes. Less than $100 would be nice.

megsy@twitter (#2,192)

$30 in gas to drive to the river, $25 for a post scuba dive drink and food, $11 for IMAX ticket (but free admission to the museum since it’s student day) plus I will say $25 in unanticipated expenses.

madrassoup (#929)

I think I can get away with spending $30 tonight. I may go upstate, in which case that’ll run me $45. So I think this could be a $50-$100 weekend. We’ll see.

As it happens, I notice that I use “I think” and “I may” and “we’ll see” a lot when it comes to spending. That’s probably indicative of something deeper?

Mrs. Beeton (#320)

My hope is $80.

$30 for gas on the way home from work today
$50 (think I might take cash so I’m stuck with this number) for Saturday funtimes that include the state fair and a rock show
$0 Sunday (recovery @ home)

kellyography (#250)

I spent like half my usual weekend budget this morning on fancy hot chocolate and a croissant – eight bucks! Even for New York, that is ridiculous. It was good, but I don’t know if it was eight bucks good.

I have to work tomorrow night so I won’t even go out or anything. Hopefully I spend zero dollars on Saturday and Sunday, but might be coerced into going out or getting delivery tonight after band practice. So maybe $25?

blueblazes (#1,798)

I was planning on traveling this weekend (let’s call it $300 worth), but got a bad case of laziness yesterday and decided not to bother. So I will reinvest half that money into a quest for a new pair of trousers for work… and maybe shoes? :)

AllisonLouise (#2,194)

$60.00 winter tire change over (I live in Alaska and Saturday marks the first day that we can put winter tires on without getting a ticket.)
$30.00 or so at the grocery store
$20-30 at hardware store (We have our second hurricane force wind storm arriving this weekend and i need some new flashlights and batteries)
$20.00 at used book store (and books for when the power goes out for another 4-5 days)
Goal Total: less that $150. If you take out the stupid tire changeover, that isn’t too bad.

Megano! (#124)

Well I’ve got like $40 to spend at sushi with Toronto ‘Pin ladies tonight (I doubt I will spend that much tho), and I have to get like $30 worth of prescriptions. I’m gonna try not to spend that much after that, because I STILL didn’t get paid for working last month, and then when I emailed about it, they’re like, “Oh you were supposed to fill out a timecard and lunch isn’t included” and I can’t remember which days I didn’t take a full lunch (pretty sure most) BECAUSE IT WAS A MONTH AGO AND WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST TELL ME A MONTH AGO.

aetataureate (#1,310)

I have to buy spendy medicine ($40) and want to look at clothes at Target, so I’m going to give myself permission to spend $60 on clothes there if I want. With groceries and everything I’m going to round up and say $200 and hope to stay under that. And being tall means I might not find anything I want or that fits so that would be a $60 savings!*

* don’t question this illogic

Pumpkin (#2,153)

As little as possible.

I have $40 budgeted for my friend’s birthday dinner (hibachi and sushi place). Hopefully it’ll be less than that. :/ I’m opting out of after dinner festivities (which will upset the birthday girl but I can’t afford $10 cover, $25 parking and then drinks, jeez.)

Probably another $40 for groceries to make lunch next week.

wearitcounts (#772)

@Pumpkin i hear you on this one. i opted out of a birthday dinner tomorrow night because i can’t afford to go out as a big group to an expensive place and split the bill with everyone regardless of what was ordered (which is the expectation at birthday dinners, since you all split the meal/drinks of the birthday person). i offered to take her out for a drink on a different night. life events are such spendy obligations!

Pumpkin (#2,153)


I plan on being a little tacky and asking for an individual bill. I’ll put money towards my friend’s meal (she doesn’t drink) but I’m so not into evenly splitting the bill as a group. Particularly since this group likes to order copious amounts and then be short money/stuff the waitress.

I made some yummy cupcakes to make up for it though.

Blackbird (#2,196)

Hoping for less than this, but this is probably what’s going to happen:
$15.00 on eating out with friends tonight and possible incidental snacks.
$20 for coffee/pastries/donuts for breakfast Saturday and Sunday.
$50 in groceries for the rest of the week. (Although this might be reduced because of leftovers from this week. Or it could go up if I finally manage to figure out a way to eat that’s low-carb, high protein, *and* vegetarian. But the chance that will happen is like 0.1%.)

So…$85 all told. Hoping for less! But we shall see.

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

$25 | gas for trip to Shenandoah National Forest to hike Old Rag Mountain
$10 | snacks for hike
$10 | Roller Derby tailgating party (includes 2 drinks and ticket to the bout)
$5 | snack to take to bonfire
$50 – total. I have to pay $550 for car repairs to pass state inspection on Monday. :(

selenana (#673)

Friday: movie. 1200 yen tix + 500 yen snax.
Saturday: dentist. First time visit so X-rays are necessary. 5000 yen. Later, shopping with a friend and dinner. 500 yen for a coffee/snack and 2000 yen for dinner. 800 yen train fare.
Sunday: 1000 yen in gas, probably some kind of cafe situation. 1000 yen.
Monday (national holiday here): booze cruise 2500 yen. Train fare 1000 yen.
15500 yenish. Dentist and long weekend puts it over the top.

Megano! (#124)

@selenana That’s not so bad for the dentist though! I think it costs 2 to 4 times as much here.

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