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Friday Estimate

Who’s ready for the weekend?

After last weekend’s trip upstate for a wedding (and with another big wedding coming up next month), I’m trying to reel in my spending for the next coming weeks.

This weekend, a friend who works for a food magazine may be dragging me to one of those hot-for-the-moment restaurants—the kind where you can’t make a reservation, and have to wait outside in a long line. I don’t mind waiting in line for dinner (brunch is another story—I love brunch, but I’d rather go to a diner than wait in line at a trendy restaurant for eggs and coffee), and will happily pay for good food.

Weekend estimate: $125 if dinner happens, $60 if it doesn’t

What are your estimates?


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wearitcounts (#772)

i have been trending downward in my spending, and paying bills ahead of time (and a little bit extra). PROUD.

i already got a CSA box yesterday, so i’ll say $30 for groceries, and all of my friends are kinda in the same cash crunch as i am, so i’ll aim to keep it to $30 for extras. so, $60.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

@wearitcounts I’m proud of you too! :)

wearitcounts (#772)

@Pumpkin thanks! :D

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I will be spending $20-$25 on takeout Indian tonight for my hot date with my couch and my sweatpants.

Then tomorrow I plan to be a homebody and do a lot of those nagging cleaning things around the apartment that I’ve been putting off for far too long. So hopefully I will be eating leftover Indian for dinner tomorrow night and not spending any money, outside maybe a few dollars on a bagel in the morning.

Sunday is apple picking with the family. I will be spending $56.42 on a Zipcar, $12 on a hedge maze, $40 on a 20lb and a 10lb bag of apples (bringing the kids I’m a Big Sister to with me, so they’re getting the big bag, I’m getting the small bag and I already bought a groupon for their hedge maze experience, so that’s covered), and some money on either lunch or dinner out. I am estimating the day to cost $150 in total, though I am hoping for less in the end.

So, I’ll put my estimate at $200.

theotherginger (#1,304)

Mike Dang, I agree with you about brunch. I love a good brunch, but when I want something fancy, I go mid week or really early!

professionalmess (#1,478)

I agree about waiting for brunch. A couple of weeks ago I went to a restaurant about 10 minutes after they opened, waited in line to put my name on the list, then had to wait an hour to get a table. It totally wasn’t worth that.

My estimate: I’m going out with some friends tonight, so that’ll be maybe $30ish. I have to take my car to the shop; he told me he’d look at it or free, but I can’t guess at how much the actual repair could be. So I’m going to try not to spend any other money in case that sucks.

ThatJenn (#916)

I do anticipate going out to both brunch AND dinner this weekend with my friends, which will probably run around $50 if I pay for both me and Miles both times (he will likely pay one of those times if he goes to both).

I also need to go grocery shopping which usually runs me about $90.

I also also need to buy some ant spray to use around my tenant’s cottage because she’s been finding ants in her bedroom, yuck! I suspect that’ll run me about $15.

I’ll also need gas if we go anywhere fun this weekend, which is likely. $70.

So that’s $235 for the weekend. Wish me luck not going over because that is a LOT.

ccq (#1,175)

housewarming party- $5 subway fare to and back.
mostly recovering from this week. i was on a credit card moratorium, but then i needed to refill my subway card ($20) and bought a gift for a family member ($15) and got my cell phone bill ($50) all in like 2 days, so i went from Doing Very Good to You Hosed It.

probs (#296)

This one could get a little spendier for me. My girlfriend and I are bringing supper to the parents of a friend of ours; they’ve had a super hard time lately. I bought groceries for that yesterday, but still coukd br some costs associated with it. After, going for dinner and drinks with said friend and her husband and others. Getting my haircut tomorrow, the going down to Richmond for a friend’s birthday. Drinks for the birthday boy there, on Sunday I’ll get gas on my way back to DC… need an Aldi run on Sunday… I’m thinking $250.

Pumpkin (#2,153)

$30 tonight to go out, hopefully under $50 for other expenses. Plus car insurance, but that’s budgeted so I’m not counting it. :)

wearitcounts (#772)

@Pumpkin i totally do that too. i just paid my car insurance and i figure things like that and rent and other bills that are unavoidable don’t count toward the discretionary spending i’m trying to control.

dotcommie (#662)

i don’t even keep track of what i’m spending lately, my eyes just glaze over as money disappears.* i’m trying to refurnish my apartment after my old place burned down over labor day. i imagine i’ll spend about $700 on furniture, $100 on fun stuff, $50 on groceries (it’ll be my first time grocery shopping in like a month! wee!).

*i do have insurance so i will be paid back for this stuff in (hopefully) a few weeks

Pumpkin (#2,153)

@dotcommie Oh jeez, I’m sorry to hear your place burned down. :( hope you get some good deals on stuff!

joyballz (#2,000)

Friday night: Bowling. $30 for lane, shoe rental and beer(s).

Saturday: $15.00 on laundry since I procrastinate for weeks before doing it all.

Sunday: Playing in a charity softball game for work and will be bringing a six-pack and snacks. $20.00.

Adding $30 for miscellaneous coffees and a possibly meal out.

Total: $95

I’m anxious to see how this goes since this is the first time I’ve done this!

BornSecular (#2,245)

Hopefully (fingers crossed) we’ll only spend less than $50 on groceries. We are having friends over for game night tonight, but we’ll drink the alcohol we already have, so I figure that’s sunk cost!

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I was hoping for a fairly thrifty weekend but I have some unavoidable expenses. Another wedding means another gift BUT it’s local so I’m avoiding transportation and hotel costs. Outside of matrimonial gifts I’m laying low this weekend since I over did it during the week. I’m estimating $30 in miscellaneous groceries and maybe $20 in gas for a trip to visit a friend outside of Philadelphia. Once there we will hopefully do free things like go hiking in a state park. Probably that’s inaccurate and i’ll end up buying lunch somewhere so let’s say $70 for the weekend without the cost of wedding gift which I have already accounted for in my budget for next week (since that’s when the check will get cashed probably) Side comment, I debated getting them an actual gift but then just went with a check. Is this tacky or just considerate since they’re both currently unemployed and could probably use the $$$?

wearitcounts (#772)

@EvanDeSimone i think particularly for a wedding, money is a most welcomed and completely acceptable gift. most couples i know who have gotten/are getting married are afraid to insinuate that they’d prefer it for fear of being tacky, so i’m pretty sure cash is king.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@wearitcounts that was my thinking. I was torn because they’re one of the few you couples I know who aren’t living together already so they might actually need household items. I visualized them thinking of me fondly while using the slow cooker I bought them. Still, I think cash is the right call. Thanks for the moral support.

wearitcounts (#772)

@EvanDeSimone anytime! (now they can think of you fondly as the reason they could pay their bills the month after their wedding.)

Megano! (#124)

I only have like $80 to my name, cuz I still havne’t gotten paid (>.< so annoyed) so I am spending like $40 on groceries today, maybe $20 on Sunday if I go to Word on the Street.

eagerber (#1,958)

staying in tonight to cook and clean: $0

saturday: friends coming to town to visit, who have already requested that we make dinner ourselves :) — either buying wine for dinner, or going out, so, probably about $25

sunday: friends leaving, we might go out to brunch. part-time job the rest of the day and homework all night, so at most another $20

total: up to $50, hopefully no more than that!

AllisonLouise (#2,194)

$50.00:lashes (My one consistent/monthly beauty expense)
Free: Tickets to Chopin Nocturnes
$20: Drinks/App/Tip before the show
$7: Drink at intermission
$30: Food/Groceries for the weekend

TOTAL: Just over $100

thenotestaken (#542)

There’s a big music festival going on in my city right now–I’m volunteering for it so shows themselves are free, but drinks and grabbing food while out running from show to show gets pricey. I already spent $22 just on beers yesterday at the different venues, and $10 on dinner out because I was too far from home. So it’ll be a spendy weekend if this trend continues, but let’s be optimistic and say $50 for the weekend if I’m clever about eating/drinking at home between events?

Pumpkin (#2,153)

@thenotestaken Pack snacks! Peanut butter is good, as are those little packets of tuna fish. I’ve never had those confiscated from me at shows (if your bag is being searched)

I can’t believe they didn’t give you drink or food tickets if you’re working the festival though, jeez.

thenotestaken (#542)

@Pumpkin Ooh, didn’t get an email for this comment for some reason! It’s not like a big centralized outdoor festival, but more like alllll the venues in the city having a million shows and you hop around between them. So it’s not like there are food vendors. I did get beer tickets during my shifts which was nice, but I went to a lot of shows I wasn’t working at and had to pay for drinks there.

My weekend estimate is about $30 for groceries, and a night out on Saturday to a pop montreal show. Going to a potluck beforehand, bringing wine/ beer… it will probably be an expensive evening? Weekend estimate: $90

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